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The Other Personae of the BlackReaper

?? [ACTIVE]: An exiled gunslinger.

Alexander Caesar Bullimore [INACTIVE]: A 24 year old college dropout, Alexander came from a once distinguished family in America. After a severe fight with his father, which resulted in the 54 year old mans hospitalization, Alex was sent by his mother to Malton in an attempt to remove him from the situation. Cut off and alone, Alexander became a homeless alcoholic and had violent outbursts where he would attack home improvement stores, steal tens of spray cans and paint horrible, and offensive images. He was incarcerated in a mental hospital for schizophrenia and as being prone to violence after his capture by police. His caretakers noted him as being quiet, yet outgoing around those that he was comfortable with. He was slow to warm to new people, yet once he was comfortable, would not 'shut up' as stated by his favored attendant, Richard. However, his underlying violence prone nature was a constant plague on new attendants or visitors. One example of his nature: A new attendant attempted to administer Alex's daily medication. After repeated attempts to insert the needle into Alex's arm, Alex grabbed the mans hand and used the syringe to stab the man repeatedly in the chest. After pulling away from Alex, the attendant yelled for help, however Alex tackled the man from behind and bit off his right ear. He was restrained and put into isolation for 6 months. Practice caution in your dealings with Alex, as he is easily provoked and known to slander or attack other survivors. He is known to be a violent alcoholic, and has split personalities that range from peaceful, to violently angry. When drunken, he has been known to stab other survivors. Alex is member of the Malton Graffiti Bombers, and enjoys to tag their name all over during his travels. He likes to feel welcome and valued over all, and has been witnessed as being 'happy' in the presence of those he cares for.

Jonathan Farson [INACTIVE]: John Farson was the leader of the Good Mans army in the fight against the Gunslingers and Gilead. The Association fell when Farson mercilessly attacked the capital destroying the remaining Gunslingers. All but one that is. Upon his failure to kill Roland Deschain, The Crimson King exiled John Farson to Malton causing him to succumb to an unknown virus, much like Captain Trips, different in the fact that he still existed and hungered for human flesh. He has what is known as "Brain Rot", and wanders Malton searching for any Maltonians related to the White. John is to be treated as hostile, and should be shot in the head upon his identification as he will only seek to mercilessly attack anyone who attempts to revive him. When, and if, he is ever revived using a new process in revivification, John will attempt to wreak as much havoc and chaos as he can. A shotgun blast to the head is sufficient to put off his scheming for at least a few hours. He has since taken up the charge of eliminating those [anyone] who hinder him in his search for Arther Eld of the White. He has also recently become a member of the dangerous horde, Batshit Insane.

Andrew "Poke" Freeman [INACTIVE]: A long dead murderer. After being dumped into a nearby landfill by the pissed off State Police, he fell through a thinny into Malton after most of his face was blown off while attempting to rob a convenience store with his friend Lloyd Henreid. His reign in the 'Captain Trips' dimension was short, and bloody. His pre-death body count was at least 4, and may have been as high as 7. If encountered, please greet him with a friendly headshot and dump his body outside. He is extremely dangerous, even in death, and has been known to kill those who revive him unwillingly.

Jonathan David Kahn [INACTIVE]: A misunderstood, and docile combat medic. His unit was charged with clearing the suburb of Vinetown. Initially a squad medic of the United States Army Infantry, Medic Kahn was quick to distinguish himself among the other medics in aptitude for improvisation when faced with a shortage of medical supplies. After a particularly violent sortie with a group of death cultists, Medic Kahn was found raiding the stockpiled medical supplies of the cultists, stating that "We should waste none". He was a particularly dedicated and intense person, remembered as being dry humored and serious. After helping clear the upper stories of a building located in the Projects, John's unit had reached the basement. By flipping the breaker, John caused the electronic locks to the storage area to turn off, releasing a mob of zombies that had been a group of the tenants who had hidden in the room to avoid the infection. Unknowingly, one of them had been bitten and infected the rest. John, having no combat training, dropped his weapon and fled the area. He hid in the ventilation area, listening to the screams, and gurgles, that came across on the radio. He has since wandered the streets feeling compelled to heal all survivors of the outbreak, even if they are known murderers. The only weapons he chooses to carry are the knives that he collected off of his fallen comrades. He has since gone absent without leave from USAI, and continues to avoid organized groups. He constantly cuts his arms using the knives he carries in an attempt to remind himself of the pain and agony he caused. John is considering becoming a vigilante, and targeting text rapists.

The Gunslinger [INACTIVE]: A Knight of Gilead. He was violently thrown into a portal by Marten the Sorcerer that led to a different level of the Dark Tower. He awoke in post-infection Malton, confused and lost. After witnessing an attack on a group of survivors by a blood soaked and ferocious creature, the Gunslinger vowed to help those that he could. He tends to keep to himself, yet is known to help out those he can. His real name is unknown, along with his true nature. He is by no means associated with the Black Reaper, as the lack Reaper is an exiled Gunslinger who helps none except those who can help achieve his goals.

Walter Joseph "Rorschach" Kovacs [INACTIVE]: A masked vigilante. Rorschach is a highly unstable and violence-prone masked 'super hero'. He hunts rapists and those he deems immoral using any means necessary. His last memory before awakening in Malton, severely wounded, is screaming at Dr. Manhattan to "DO IT!". Rorschach is plagued by his exile into an alternate dimension by Dr. Manhattan, and continues his quest to eliminate the evil that he imagines exists in all people. He is neither a hero or a villain, helping those he so chooses, and killing those he decides are worthy of death. He is to be treated with the utmost caution, as he can easily decide that you no longer suit his needs. He uses violence as a simple tool to achieve his gains. He is known to hold a serious contempt for any policing establishment, and fears nothing except the corruption of human nature. He enjoys the act of injury to others, and now kills any person who he deems to be a criminal. Beware Rorschach as he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He is a member of the Legends of Darkness.

Shaun Allen Veresmith [INACTIVE]: A citizen of Malton. He was one of the last to be evacuated from North Blythville, and when the military transport that held him and his neighbors came under fire, he was led to a nearby building. Shaun has no idea what is occuring, and cannot reach any of his family or friends on his cell phone. He has been found wandering the streets of Malton stabbing any zombies he can find. He has since scraped out an existence by raiding abandoned safe houses and hiding during the daytime.

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