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Load HE! HE up! FIRE!
Primary Character
Bob Boberton [1]
The Fortress
Dark Watch

Other Characters
Snaesi's Snare [2]
Dual Nature
Artical [3]
Dual Nature

Other Other

Player Timezone
GMT-6 / GMT-5

Bob Boberton

Bob Boberton is my main character - he has preference for locations in Malton in relation to my other two characters, meaning he basically shoves them out to comply with anti-zerging policy before he enters their vicinity. He's got a long and distinguished career in The Fortress, and since starting the character (January 6th, 2008), I've logged all the significant actions he's taken.

Thus, here they are:
194 Kills, 9,709 Damage. 596 Heals, 4,632 Healed. 165 Bodies Dumped. 2,820 Barricades. 71 Revives.
129 Repairs. 89 Scans. 34 Deaths (5 PK'd) 29 Gens installed, 31 Refuels. 12,631 XP.

Here's a timeline of significant events (in MM/DD/YYYY format):
Created: 1/6/2008 - Joined The Fortress: 1/8/2008 - Graduated from Boot Camp: 2/17/2008
Conflict Trooper: 4/3/2008 - Assault Officer: 6/16/2008 - Veteran ABA: 9/16/2008
Elite ABA: 11/17/2008 - Campaign Warrior: 11/25/2008 - Campaign Master: 1/28/2009
Top-scoring Warlord ABA: 2/20/2009 - 3/6/2009 - Havoc Knight & Fortress Finest: 9/19/2009

I have several duties within The Fortress:

  • Dark Watch Squad Member - 2/17/2008 to 2/17/2009, 3/17/2009 to Present
  • PK Archiver - 11/29/2008 to 5/24/2009 (Replaced with Moderator role)
  • Apprentice of the Writer's Guild: 1/6/2009 to Present
  • TFN Newscaster - 5/7/2009 to Present
  • Forum Moderator - 5/24/2009 to Present

I also have several other honors:

  • ABAs (9 total)
    • Flare
    • Chain Kill (Mass Kill '08)
    • Assassin and Master Assassin (10 kills)
    • Veteran and Elite
    • Zen
    • Warlord, with a top score of 1,666 XP.
    • Heaven's Touch
  • Acquired all of the mini-awards and the DOA special mission award during the Fortress Party '08.
  • Solved The Pitman Enigma on 1/18/2009.
  • Received the Fortress Finest Award at Fortress Party '09

  • Lord of War (Current Top Score, 2009 Award)

Snaesi's Snare

Snaesi's Snare is, for the most part, a true dual-nature character. He has one exception, however: Snaesi PKs Combat Revivers if he's revived inside a building with other survivors still residing. I do not take kindly to Combat Revivers. Snaesi was created February 18th, 2008, and currently has 11,165 XP. He is currently active in the northwest of Malton.


Artical really likes cookies. And sandwiches. SANDWICHES ARE GOOD! YAY SANDWICHES! COOKIES! Artical was created on May 31st, 2008, and currently has 6760 XP. Artical is a Dual Nature character, with a slight bipolar streak.

Last updated January 12th, 2010