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"In Man, madness is the rule, rationality the exception."


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It was a long hot evening in august of 2005. Chaos ruled the streets of Malton.
Me and my MC-crew were plannning on passing through this shitty town and letting it be nothing more but a vague memory while getting drunk at some local bar at the next shit stained place.

Alas, the man upstairs had different plans for me.

As soon as we came to realise army dicks were trying to shut down this town and sealing it closed, we tried to make a run for it. In all the commotion we lost track of eachother. I ran my chopper into the ground and saw how my buddies escaped through the military roadblock and left me behind in Dentonside.

I'm sure they're still trying to get me out of here....., that is, if they ain't drunk as a skunk redecorating some local bar elsewhere.

Being on the road for quite some time, made me oblivious for the development of current technology. I knew nothing of computers, let alone NecroTechnology. I even never had fired a gun before, though I did know how to work my fists. Yeah, on the road I grew balls, but nothing...absolutely nothing could prepare me for this.

The first time I encountered one of the "strange ones" was in Dentonside, a suburb far east of where we are stationed now. It tried to bite me and so I hit it as hard as I could, but how can one punch the lights out of a dead man's eyes? And so I ran, I ran half a cross the city of Malton.

That's when I saw the 116 recruitment-add. I met AgentAnderson in Havercroft. That was where he began to train me. The most important skill he learned me was how to drag my fat ass from building to building. He called it "Free Running".

The liquor must have made him a very patient man. I can still remember him shaking his head, mumbling stuff like: "...can't hit the side of a barn..." and "Shells without skills." (Sometimes I still get that twitchy eye!)

Around that time I encountered my first horde. I think that also was the point for me that I realized these "Zeds" (I never use the official word for them anymore) were more intelligent (and a lot more horrifying!) than I thought. When Ackland Mall fell, AA said it was time to move on and get behind the horde, so we could start rebuilding what the horde had ruined.

That was when we hauled up at that junkyard in Crooketon for months. It wasn't much of a HQ, but with the stack of beer we found, it made me feel a bit like home.

Later on we moved to Grigg Heights and pretty much stayed there. It wasn't long, before we noticed some Zeds appeared only in groups. Even worse, they left subtle hints about their groups! As far as we could make out there were 3 distinct groups:

- Rot From The Moors - Very stinky, but very clever kind of Zeds.

- Lebende Tote - These fellas mostly feel at home at ruined resource buildings.

- RGang - Their chef-hatted leader has a major hard-on for the St. Wolfgang's Hospital

The main goal of Breach of Peace is to rebuild and uphold what we call the 'block', a group of buildings that include twin PD, Merson NT, Langer, Wolfgang's hospital, Club Bolt (located in northern crooketon), and the adjacent buildings.
(One might wonder "Who gives a flying pig about Club Bolt?", Let's just say our leader was a San Diego Chargers Fan...)

We fought a lot, drank a lot and got our asses eaten a lot, but from time to time we were succesful. Most of our successes we owe to our alliances. Our first big succesful allianced objective was with Paradox. This declassified video will show you what happened.

People enlisted to the group and people got MIA.

Then, I met an old pal of mine, a drugrunner and weaponsupplier that goes by the name of PayNe KiLLeR. He joined the team and man I gotta say, being born and raised from the Ghetto actually pays off. The man is a mean machine!

In the summer of 2008, it came to Malton. Something so foul, so unsanitary! Like we didn't have enough on our hands with them Zeds already! Luckily, with a lot of booze, patience and discipline, we managed to get Jas0n V00rhees on the survivor's side and joining the team.

.......Things got quiet.......too quiet.......
The team stuttered in activity by the end of 2013.
By mid-2014 Breach of Peace fell into a deep slumber.

When I woke up, I found all my teammates missing in action........

Things are grimm, but with my BOP-patch on my sleeve, my big balls and a little help from friends, I know things are gonna be alright....


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