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Character Stats

Tommy Crowbar
Joined: 2006-10-13
Character class: Police Officer
Favorite equipment: *Fryerbank PD Flak Jacket
*"Goldie" a golden inlaid Colt 45
*"Discipline" a gold crowbar
*an women's watch/locket
Character profile: Urban Dead Profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: The_Fortress
Character stats: Level:41 XP:12,317
Rank: Vigilance Overlord
ABA's: 8

Present Day

Sitting at a worn desk in sparsely furnished corner of a small dark room. A man in his early 30's uses a dim candle to illuminate a stack of papers occasionally glancing at a map of Malton. The papers appear to be operational sitrep's, some are wrinkled and damaged while others are bloodstained. The man looks tired as he reaches for a near empty bottle of Jameson's Irish Whiskey. Upon closer inspection several empty bottles of various types of alcohol litter the desk and the nearby bed stand. The room is messy, damaged wallpaper hangs from the mildew stained walls and several articles of well worn clothing and firearms lay about the room next to the unmade bed.

Reaching into his coat pocket he pulls out an old warn wristwatch and *sighs* when he sees the time. Oddly one notes that it's not a man's watch but a women's and appears to have heavy burn damage and a picture of a woman and young girl. He mumbles a curse under his breath and half heartedly tries to clean himself up in the broken mirror next to the door.

The watch-250.jpg

-- Well another day in purgatory he thinks to himself ... time to buck up again ... they are counting on you --

Wiping away any inner turmoil or visage of the real Tommy Crowbar he feels ready and unlocks the door ... -- time for work --

Seemingly a completely different person walks confidently into the Conda barracks and starts barking off orders "Alright folks zed activity is high in zones 1 and 2 ... I need Squad A and B to makes coordinated strikes here and here ... "

-- Christ these poor saps are snowed ... they think I have it together ... they think I know what I'm doing ... poor bastards ... --

The Beginning

"Daddy, daddy your home!" A young girl about 6 years old runs up to rookie police officer Tommy Crowsetta (jr) as he enters the apartment in Southern Fryerbank.

"Hi Sarah ... how was your day?" The gloating dad says as he gives her a hug.

"Good ... daddy ... mommy's making supper ... will you read to me daddy?" Sarah says while pouting.

"Give me a second baby ... daddy has to say hello to your mom ..." Tommy says as he goes into the kitchen.

Tommy's wife looks up and smiles, "Hi honey how was your first day of work ... do you want to peel the potatoes or cut the onions ... ?"

Tommy gives his wife a kiss, "Work was fine ... I'll take the potatoes ... you wouldn't want to see a big strong guy like me cry ... "

*They both laugh*

-- In the background the TV is on -- (news anchor) ... in an unusual case of attempted cannibalism, a nurse was bitten by a patient at St. Benedict's Hospital, authorities say the patient appeared to be suffering from some kind of mental illness ...

The Purge

Back during the early outbreak there was widespread chaos on the streets of Malton. Between the panic and chaos there was little law enforcement could do to stem the tide of infections and police departments did their best with what resources they had at the time. Being in the south eastern corner of Malton and semi shielded by the military forces at Fort Perryn, Fryerbank was one of the last stands from the outbreak and the suburbs police chief who oversaw the "3 PD's" was determined to keep the spread of infection out of his suburb in any and every way possible.

First came martial law, no one was allowed on the streets without special permission ... the rationing was next ... most of the food and supplies were allocated to the police department who held up inside the 3 PD's "Dohoney Grove, Hobson Place and Town Row". Then came "The Purge" ... it was an idea only one man could come up with ... Fryerbanks Police Chief Thomas Crowsetta Sr. The general premise behind "The Purge" was the only way to stop the spread of the infection was through containment and incineration of the body at the first sign of symptoms leading to zombification. Why? Well if the body is nothing but ashes a zombie cannot rise again ... a permanent and effective solution. You have to remember, at that time the Necrotech's just weren't able to keep up with the demand for syringes ... there just wasn't enough facilities nor serum to effectively control the outbreaks ... not to mention the Mark I Syringes were not very effective.

Police Chief Thomas Crowsetta Sr. realized that the purging of any individual who was infected was the only way to ensure the safety of his suburb and the people in it. When an outbeak occurred the infected were immediately rounded up by local authorities and exterminated for the well being of the community. All bodies were immediately burned in one of the many wasteland areas in giant bonfires. Fryerbank became known as Pyrebank ...

Tommy Crowsetta (jr) was in turmoil about the situation ... while he understood the tactical aspects of what his father was doing it didn't seem right to kill so many innocent people. Sure supplies were low but we were supposed to help people ... instead the Fyerbank PD was like a bunch of mobsters using extortion and theft from the weak to survive and so many people were "put down". He himself "put down" so many people ... not just men but women .... children ... there was so much death. All he really wanted to do was take care of his family ... get his wife and daughter out of this hell hole called Malton.

Am I Evil

Move aside Fryerbank PD ... " Tommy says as he and his superior officer enter the building where there is a makeshift camp for refugees from other suburbs. A woman in her late twenties is attempting to hide her arm and a young boy about 8 years old clings to her. The boy says, "Mommy's just got a scratch ... it was from a rusty nail ... its not a bite ... ". Its obvious from his nervousness that he is lying. The superior officer eyes the woman with disdain and motions for the other police officers to get her, "Mam we are going to have to question you ... ". Terror crosses the faces of the boy and his mother as she starts to scream and attempts to flee. The officers tackle her and begin to drag her off while Tommy grabs the boy ... restraining him gently but firmly ... the boy is crying and screaming for his mom. Tommy reassures the boy ... "... listen mate ... it will all be ok ... " -- He knows that's a lie ... the boys mother will be purged ...

-- A single gunshot is heard outside --

What You Reap Is What You Sow

-- Radio -- *Static* All personnel, all personnel .... CB12 has been breached I repeat CB12 has been breached ... *Static* ... infections ... control ... I repeat ... *Static* infections ... control ... *Static*

-- Tommy's face goes white ... his head races -- "CB12!?! Sarah and Molly ... oh god ... !!!

"Why" Tommy abandoned his post without word ... his commanding officer ... screaming "Get back here you traitor ... " -- A single gunshot rings out ---

-- Pain sears through him --

-- He drifts into nightmarish oblivion --

-- He awakens with a start in the hospital --

-- Fear rushes over him -- "My wife ... my daughter ... where are they? Where are they!?!?! What happened at CB12!?!"

A Cold Nurse says, "I'm sorry sir CB12 was lost ... if your family was in CB12 they've been "purged". The entire building was "purged" by orders of the Police Chief ..."

"Dead ... They are Dead? ... Why? Why would my father do that? He knew we live there ... he knew Sarah and Molly where there ... Why? --"

Apology Accepted

Nervously Tommy's commanding officer stands near Tommy's bed and says, "Listen Crowsetta, I'm sorry ... your father told me your family was in CB12. He's dropping all charges against you for leaving your post. There's not much I can do for you but the rest of the guys and I got you this ... it matches your nickname ..."

Tommy looks at the gift wrapped gold plated crowbar ... -- is this guy a fricken idiot -- Tommy looks back at his Commanding Officer.

-- WHACK ... WHACK ... WHACK ... WHACK *Blood spatters the walls of the hospital* --


-- Tommy wipes a tear away and straps on his Flak Jacket stepping over the dead body of his commanding officer and heads to the 3 PD's --

-- Tommy enter's Police Chief Thomas Crowsetta Sr. office a few hours later --

Thomas Sr looks up from his desk, "Tommy ... what are you doing ... I thought you'd still be at the hospital ... ? I know this won't do anything to change what happened but it had to be done ... I am sorry son ... ?"

Tommy looks emotionlessly at his dad and at his fathers favorite gun sitting on his desk ... a Gold Filigreed Colt 45 John Wayne Tribute, "I know dad .. I know ... and I am sorry but this needs to be done as well?" Tommy reaches for his fathers Colt 45 and points it at his dad's head.

-- BAAAMMM -- *a single shot is fired* and Thomas Crowsetta Sr. is gone ... along with "The Purge".

Goldie jwtribute Colt45-250.jpg

Over the coarse of the next 24 hours little is known exactly what happened ... some say a member of the Fryerbank PD went mad and betrayed them. All that is fact, is that at some point the barricades were breached with a crowbar in all 3 PD's and a large horde of feral zombies attacked. The Fryerbank PD was no more, along with it's widespread corruption and abuse of its populace. Every police officer that was not killed by the zombie horde is said to have taken a single shot to the head and all were "Purged" according to the doctrines that they forced upon the innocents of Fryerbank.

Salvation Comes When All Is Lost

Over the next several months Tommy "Crowbar" made a home in the Wolfendall Building and attempted to help the poor souls that were just trying to scrape up an existence within the halls of the 3 PD's. Homeless and lost Tommy was ready to end it all when one day he met a friendly kid ... who seemed to be excited about being a part of a group called The Fortress. The good thing about The Fortress was that they had values that he admired but they would need a firm hand to keep it that way. Maybe it was time for Tommy to give people a chance again ... and maybe he needed a Fortress to call home ...

Love Struck

After spending a rather impressive career with The Fortress serving as commander of two combat teams and as councilor this crusty old warrior felt he was able to handle anything again ... until she came into his life. The most beautiful red head he'd ever seen ... now he's totally hopelessly head over heels in love with her ...

My History in The Fortress

  • 05/12/06: Joined
  • 19/12/06 Assigned as Deployment Squaddie
  • 08/01/07 Promoted to Conflict Trooper
  • 28/02/07 Promoted to Battalion Ranger
  • 14/03/07 Promoted to Commander of Team Anaconda
  • 30/03/07 Voted Councilor
  • 11/05/07 Takes control as Commander of Team Dark Watch (In addition to Team Anaconda)
  • 29/07/07 Consolidated Dark Watch into Team Anaconda
  • 23/05/07 Honorably took 2nd Place in The All Time Best Commander Cup 2007
  • 06/09/07 Won "All Time Greatest Commander" FAFTA poll
  • 06/09/07 Won "Most Knowledgeable UD Mind" FAFTA poll
  • 02/05/08 Promoted to Havoc Lord
  • 04/19/08 Promoted to Vigilance Overlord


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This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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