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Callous, not as stupid, but better for you

Doctorgun. His name now. A bit pathetic but he is stuck with it. Here is how this unfortunate occurrence came about.

Doctorgun (obviously not his real name) was a Necrotech employee. Low on the corporate ladder, perhaps, but vying for promotion. He was intelligent and friendly and generally an asset to Necrotech and its many projects. But there came a day when that all changed.

Doctorgun was working late on night as his research team had succeeded in mutating a polio virus as a cure for the common cold. Tested on animals, it was a complete success and he and his team were eager to give the good news the head of there division. But as they dialed the number and began to talk the power went out. The back up generators came online quickly but the phone line was down and all the mobile phone relays were evidently down too, given the fact no one could use there phones. So the team decided to use there initiative, as they prided themselves on it, and use there equipment to release the virus into the air to spread across Malton, stopping colds in there tracks. After releasing the strain, the scientists celebrated with whiskey, cheap champagne and Smirnoff. As one scientist remarked during the party "I thought we would never do it until I discovered Smirnoff!" to the amusement of all. He them passed out, fell heavily onto the floor and scared the cat, which ran out the door. Doctorgun eventually drank himself into unconsciousness and drifted off happily.

Doctorgun woke up dead. This is never a good thing and this was no exception. He stood up, groaned as his joints creaked thanks to some minor rigor mortise, and looked around for about three seconds at the total carnage being inflicted by the zombies until one of his fellow scientists jammed a syringe into the back of his spine. this was a mark I syringe, designed to recover people dead for less than 2 hours and ineffective at the best of times and it scrambled Doctorgun's drunken, zombiefied brains, which by now resembled overcooked scrambled eggs, and he collapsed to the floor.

He woke up, human once more, to a room as still and quiet as a mausoleum. In fact it rather resembled one, if said mausoleum was trashed and covered in enough gore to embarrass George Romero. After the pounding his mind had received, he was left quite unable to remember anything and decided that the best thing to do was to think up a name. He picked up a discarded, empty pistol and looked at his lab coat and decided he must be an expert on the Lumbago, Christ knows why, and named himself Doctorgun. He then brushed himself off and wandered into the night.

After a few weeks memories started to return. He remembered the mutant polio virus and quickly reached the conclusion that was the cause of the outbreak. After asking around and checking some of the files logged by the AI in the Necronet system he discovered that the Polio did not cause the zombie outbreak after all, merely giving everyone in the suburb adjacent to his old workplace severe incontinence, which was why that particular suburb fell so quickly. He was unable to remember anything else and moved on.

Walking through an abandoned side road, completely unskilled and unable to deal with the zombie menace, yet miraculously and determinedly alive since his original zombiefication, he discovered a poster. It was a well printed propaganda poster urging people to join the fortress, one of Maltons most powerful factions. So he did. In team Anaconda, he has managed to gain many skills and is now able to tackle zombies with a bit of luck, a crate load of guns and divine intervention. He is ready to forge life anew and make a stand against zombies everywhere. He hopes for diplomatic relations but failing that shooting them would work just as well.

He who is a doctor with a gun. guess how late in the evening I made this character. and he's actually a scientist. ugh.

Quick rundown.

if you are a

PKer- within 24 hours of Pking

Yuna Barba- within 24 hours of when you do any wrong whatsoever

A griefer

A counter strike player (lulz i is teh 1337! u noob! u r al gay! lololololololol)

I will kill you.


The Fortress!


Glubdub- the ZKer turned Feral undead. EAT HARMANZ BRAINZ!

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