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Me outside of UD:

My name is Ryan, I am 23, I live in San Francisco and am a soon-to-be graduating History Major who is planning on going to grad school then law school (I know I know I'm a glutton for punishment).

My big emphasis in class is Pre-Christian Scandinavia, Britain, and Germany as well as the Viking Age along with medieval military and political history in general.

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I am also an adherent of Asatru, short version is modern Norse Paganism, specifically of Odin. I like my beer dark, my meat bloody, my whiskey straight, my friends honest, my enemies stupid, and love my girlfriend dearly.

Garviel Loken
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Joined: 2008-01-15 04:12:44
Character class: Civilian
Favorite equipment: Fire Axe
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Current status: Leading the Imperium of Man
Character group: Imperium of Man
Character stats: Marshal, Black Templars
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Garviel Loken had a hand in the Malton Uprising and overthrew the chafing yoke of the DEM oppressors.

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I fight block by block

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+++Astartes Record BT4283.980 (Ref: EW6570.754, UD2364.908)+++

+++Thought of the Day: Death is temporary. Damnation is eternal+++

The following information is the file regarding Astartes Garviel Loken of the Black Templar Chapter. Said information is released for use by any and all Imperial forces currently operating in Hive Malton.

Personnel File

Basic Information

Name: Garviel Loken

Agency: Adeptus Astartes

Chapter: Black Templars

Rank: Marshal, Malton Crusade

Height: 2.29 Meters

Weight: 204.12 Kilograms

Hair: Black

Eyes: Grey

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Service Record


Inducted into the Black Templars in 882 M41 at the Chapter Keep in the +++Location Classified+++ system. Excelled in initial trials, accepted geneseed and implants with no difficulty noted by attending Apothecaries. Excelled in training exercises with noted expertise in CQC and Urban Pacification. Received advanced training in urban tactics and siege warfare.


Apprenticed to Battle Brother Hadrian Chalmers, attached to the Mardonius Crusade against Chaotic incursions in the Parsa Sector, Segmentum Obscurus. Served with distinction in pacification of cults in the main hives of Mardonius, Ctesiphon, and Seleucia saving the life of Brother Chalmers on four separate occasions. Recognized as full Battle Brother for his actions in Hive Shapur on Seleucia most notably in slaying a Champion of Khorne in single combat armed only with a chainsword.

Mardonius Crusade

Served for pacification of Hive Shapur and participated in year-long siege of Hive Sinar. Engaged in siege-breaking operations at Hive Sinar against Chaos cultists, served with distinction and valor in said actions. Participated in final assault on orbital station in Seleucia system at end of Mardonius Crusade. Wounded in action during said operation.

Korash Crusade

Engaged in operations against Xenos invaders, Korash Sector, Segmentum Obscurus. Served with distinction, noted for killing one enemy war chief in boarding action against Xenos space hulk. Promoted to Sergeant for his actions and valor in said boarding.

Malton Crusade

Current deployment. Deployed along with the 1st Fighting Company, entire unit scattered upon drop and all contact lost. Instated as brevet Castellan being only member of the company still known to be alive. Promotion has sense been made permanent.

Defense of the Emperor's Cathedral, Gibsonton Suburb, Hive Malton

Participating in holding the Emperor's Cathedral with valor, having been infected on three occasions during the course of the siege in defense of the Emperor's Holy Place. Currently engaging in sweeping operations to keep the immediate vicinity clear of the mutant scum. Patrols have been thus far successful in dealing with wandering mutants and keeping the area secure. Operation ended with the news of the oncoming horde from the south and the retreat to Dowdney Mall.

Operation: Vigilant Watch

Received and reported the oncoming radio traffic warning of the approach of Big Bash II to Santlerville and most likely after into Gibsonton. Engaged some mutants during evacuation of Gibsonton while en route to Dowdney Mall in preparation for oncoming mutant horde. Was heavily wounded in action and served with valor in defense of the mall in spite of the loss of the mall to the mutant horde.

Operation: Unquestioning Resolve

Commanded the defense of the Hall Building in Santlerville during the operation and successfully held off the hordes for three days accomplishing the mission objective. Was severely wounded in action.

Operation: Iron Citadel

Commanded the reclamation of key facilities in northwest Gibstonton establishing a Chapter Keep which was given to the Imperium for use as a training facility.

Decorations and Commendations

983 M41: Commended for exceptional valor, Hive Shapur, Mardonius Crusade

984 M41: Wounded in action, Hive Sinar, Mardonius Crusade

994 M41: Commended for exceptional valor, Hulk 352709, Korash Crusade

997 M41: Wounded in action, Hive Malton, Malton Crusade

997 M41: Wounded in action, Siege of the Emperor's Cathedral, Hive Malton, Malton Crusade

997 M41: Wounded in action, Siege of the Emperor's Cathedral, Hive Malton, Malton Crusade

997 M41: Wounded in action, Siege of the Emperor's Cathedral, Hive Malton, Malton Crusade

997 M41: Wounded in action, Siege of the Emperor's Cathedral, Hive Malton, Malton Crusade

Battle Honors, Malton Crusade

Operation: Vigilant Watch Purity Seal with Sword, Blood Drop, Hammer and Wrench

Operation: Unquestioning Resolve Purity Seal with Blood Drop

Operation: Iron Citadel Purity Seal

Psych Evaluation

Brother-Sergeant Loken is known for his exceptional devotion to duty and, for a Black Templar, an unusual sense of restraint in engaging the enemy preferring to lay down one prepared assault as opposed to a poorly-prepared string of attacks. Loken's sense of honor forbids him from engaging the enemy in less-than honorable means such as assassination and his extensive experience in combat with the forces of Chaos have hardened him sufficiently to be able to resist the lure of the Ruinous Powers. He has a driving desire to exceed all expectations when possible in combat making him a ferocious, if reckless, combatant.

Special Clearances

Brother-Sergeant Loken has been granted leave, assuming geneseed can be harvested and knowledgeable apothecaries found, to conduct training of new Astartes. He is also given brevet command of the 1st Fighting Company of the Malton Crusade, promotion to be made permanent if Castellan Uriel Tarit is determined to be dead and no higher-ranking Astartes found alive and active in the Hive.

+++Update Security Clearance Astartes Only+++

With the discovery of the lack of contact with other Black Templars in Hive Malton and the assumption that the rest of the unit is scattered and all senior officers dead, Garviel Loken is authorized the rank of Castellan of the Malton Crusade 1st Fighting Company, effective immediately and acting Marshal of the Malton Crusade.

+++Update Security Clearance Segmentum Command+++

By general assent of the other theater commanders Garviel Loken has been promoted to the rank of Lord General Militant in command of all Imperial forces in Hive Malton.

+++Update Security Clearance Segmentum Command+++

With the arrival of a non-Astartes to assume command Garviel Loken has stepped aside as Lord General Militant of the Imperium.

+++Update Security Clearance Astartes Only+++

Garviel Loken is granted the rank of Marshal of the Malton Crusade.

+++Astartes Record BT4283.980 (Ref: EW6570.754, UD2364.908)+++