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Hive Malton Imperial Command
Imperial command2.JPG
Abbreviation: >I<
Group Numbers: Each Agency, Chapter, and Order Head
Leadership: Lord General Militant Gamelli
Goals: Lead Imperial forces to victory in Hive Malton.
Recruitment Policy: None
Contact: Imperium Group RP
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Give me but a thousand men who are crazy enough to want to conquer hell and we will do it!

Warmaster Solon

Imperial Command

Imperial Command is the body that makes all command and leadership decisions for the Imperium of Man. Each Agency is represented and certain valued allies may, at the discretion of Command, be granted a position as an observer on the Command Council. Imperial Command has one representative from each Agency with an overall commander who exercises final say over any Command deliberations.

All members of Imperial Command are denoted by the following badge:

Imperial commandSM.JPG Follow me into battle!
{{{1}}} is a part of Imperial Command

Lord General Militant

Commander in Chief of the Imperium of Man in Hive Malton. Has total command power over all Imperial Agencies and may override any lesser command decisions provided those decisions do not grossly endanger that Agency and its activities. The Lord General is a position chosen by Imperial Command as a whole.

Current Lord General Militant:


Chapter Commanders

Each Space Marine Chapter is represented on Imperial Command by the respective heads of their Chapter in Hive Malton as to ensure both the interests of the Chapters are protected and give the greatest diversity of opinions and advice for Command.

Current Representation:

Space Wolves by Wolf Lord Ragnar the Brave

Black Templars by Marshal Leo Berafort

Order Canonesses

Each Order of Sisters of Battle are similarly represented by the Canoness of their Order in Hive Malton.

Current Representation:

None at this time

Colonel of the Regiment

The Imperial Guard are represented by their commanding officer, the head of the Regiment cobbled together from other units dropped into Hive Malton for service.

Current Representation:


Magos Fabricator

The Head of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Tech-Priests are represented on Imperial Command by this august personage.

Current Representation:

Scott Timewell


The Head of the Adeptus Arbites, the highest legal authority in the Imperium

Current Representation:

None at this time.


Through any of the above listed representatives or through our forum.