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Adeptus Mechanicus
Abbreviation: *0*
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Magos Fabricator Scott Timewell answerable to Imperial Command.
Goals: To maintain all Imperial equipment, technology, and infrastructure within Hive Malton.
Recruitment Policy: On the Imperium forum
Contact: Forums
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May your weapon be guarded against malfunction, as your soul is guarded from impurity. The Machine God watches over you. Unleash the weapons of war. Unleash the Deathdealer.

Chant for Prevention of Malfunction

Who are the Adeptus Mechanicus?

The Servants of the Machine God, the Adeptus Mechanicus know the mysteries of the machines and technology of the Imperium that many have forgotten. The masters of the mechanical, they serve to maintain infrastructure and tools to ensure that other forces of the Imperium are free to fight on in the Emperor's Name, secure in knowing that their homes and bases of operation will remain lit, fortified, and awaiting their safe return. Though our main purpose is not martial this does not mean we do not see combat, merely that we do not actively seek it.



The Adeptus Mechanicus is an organisation that predates the Imperium itself. Though the Adeptus Mechanicus was formally integrated into the Imperium by the Treaty of Mars almost 10,000 years before the "present" of the 41st millennium, it retains an unparalleled degree of autonomy for an Imperial institution.

The birthplace of the Adeptus Mechanicus was the ancient Forge World Mars. Mars was colonised early in human history, and developed separately from Terra in both cultural and technological lines. The arid surface of Mars was terraformed, and under a man-made atmosphere the colony flourished.

During the Golden Age of Technology, the two empires of Terra and Mars co-existed, to the mutual benefit of both. At the height of its splendour during the Golden Age, and even later in the anarchic Age of Strife, Mars dispatched hundreds of colony fleets into the void. Many perished in the terrible Warp Storms that engulfed the galaxy at that time, but others survived. Those who did founded new worlds in the name of the Machine God and built on them a likeness of the great factories and temples of their distant homeworld.

The Age of Strife brought an end to the glory and peace of the human domains. Across the galaxy mankind suddenly turned upon itself as a new breed of Warp attuned humans emerged. Civil war engulfed thousands of human worlds, even the twin Empires of Terra and Mars.

On Mars many warring factions vied for power, and a brutal war was waged using arcane and unimaginably destructive weaponry. The carefully constructed atmosphere was burned away, and once more the surface was exposed to the deadly radiations of the Sun. The terraformed environment, which had teemed with life, was rendered barren again. The combatants now fought in the same red hued wastelands that the first colonists had found. Much of the population retreated underground, as any who were not equipped with a radiation suit could not long survive on the surface.

Horus Heresy

During the Horus Heresy many Adeptus Mechanicus units declared for the Warmaster Horus and fought against those still loyal to the Emperor. The Fabricator General himself sided with the Warmaster but his deputy remained loyal. Horus swayed the Fabricator with an STC from the planet of Drakonis-Three-Eleven and a senior Adept named Regulus with STC's recovered from the Auretian Technocracy and promised much to the Adeptus Mechanicus in return for their allegiance.

Present Day

With the expulsion of the Dark Mechanicus following the end of the Heresy with the other traitor forces, the loyal Adeptus Mechanicus continued their duties to the Imperium as was outlined in the Treaty of Mars. During the tumultuous Reign of Blood the Mechanicus remained neutral until the uprising of the Confederacy of Light when the Fabricator General declared for Sebastian Thor along with the Adeptus Astartes.


The Adeptus Mechanicus serve to keep the machinery and infrastructure of the Imperium running. To that end they maintain and report on barricade levels in Imperial-controlled suburbs as well as keep generators deployed, repaired, and fueled as well as Vox Casters deployed, repaired, and tuned to the appropriate frequencies. While not as obviously glorious as other Agencies in their role or activities, their service is a vital one that ensures that those who fight on the front lines need not fear of the state of their strongholds and supply lines as the Mechanicum will keep the infrastructure intact and help keep the mutants and traitors who threaten it in line. Without the Mechanicum the Imperium cannot function.

The secondary duty of the Adeptus Mechanicus is the maintenance and processing of revive points. Being the most technologically adept, the Mechanicus are full aware of the needed treatments to push back the mutations. For this reason the Adeptus Mechanicus provides direct medical aid including revivification.

Cult Mechanicus

The Cult Mechanicus believes knowledge to be the manifestation of divinity. The supreme object of devotion is therefore the omniscient Machine God, an immanent and omnipotent spirit governing machinery and knowledge. The Machine God is not to be understood in the Abrahamic tradition of a god; it is not a person, but rather a force immanent in the universe. For unspecified reasons, it has appointed humans as its favored people, and reveals its true designs and machines to them through select prophets. In order to interact with a personal world it was also prophesied to create an avatar, the Omnissiah. In the early days of the Great Crusade, the Emperor of Mankind was recognized as Omnissiah, prompting the Treaty of Mars and the alliance of the Cult with the Imperium of Man.

Machine Spirits

The Cult also believes in the existence of machine spirits, minute fragments of the Machine God descended into every machine in existence. These fragments of their deity naturally command a great deal of respect, and they are also believed to be directly in control of the machine's operation. This means that techpriests and others they instruct generally make many ritualized advances to their machinery in order to insure their spirits are compliant and respected, and thus that they operate properly. These rituals often include many operations of a potentially mechanically useful nature, such as lubricating an axle, securing a screw or similar, but also operations of no immediately visible value such as sacrifices, chants, libations and the like.

The Quest for Knowledge

The ultimate goal of the Cult Mechanicus is to understand the Omnissiah. The communal and personal attempt at this is known as the Quest for Knowledge, and followers view this endeavour as paramount and more important than any other concern. Generally, the Quest is pursued by scientific and exploratory endeavour. The Cult believes that all knowledge already exists, and it is primarily a matter of time before it can be gathered together to complete the Quest

The Sixteen Universal Laws

These Laws are the guiding beacons to all Cult Mechanicus on the Quest for Knowledge and are the central ideas and beliefs of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Mysteries

  • 01. Life is directed motion.
  • 02. The spirit is the spark of life.
  • 03. Sentience is the ability to learn the value of knowledge.
  • 04. Intellect is the understanding of knowledge.
  • 05. Sentience is the basest form of Intellect.
  • 06. Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension.
  • 07. Comprehension is the key to all things.
  • 08. The Omnissiah knows all, comprehends all.

The Warnings

  • 09. The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path.
  • 10. The soul is the conscience of sentience.
  • 11. A soul can be bestowed only by the Omnissiah.
  • 12. The Soulless sentience is the enemy of all.
  • 13. The knowledge of the ancients stands beyond question.
  • 14. The machine spirit guards the knowledge of the ancients.
  • 15. Flesh is fallible, but ritual honours the machine spirit.
  • 16. To break with ritual is to break with faith.


Magos Fabricator

The Head of the Adeptus Mechanicus and representative for the Agency on Imperial Command, the Magos Fabricator appoints all Adepts within Hive Malton and has overall command of the Adeptus Mechanicus in the entirety of the Hive.


The local commander for the Adeptus Mechanicus, they command all Adeptus in a particular suburb of the Imperium of Man. They coordinate barricading and supply efforts to ensure that barricades for vital locations remain at their optimum levels, entry points remain free for use, and generators and Vox Casters are properly allocated and powered.


More experienced and capable members, Tech-Priests often are quite capable of handling any challenge thrown at them as well as basic medical support and revival services.


A fully trained member of the Adeptus Mechanicus and recent graduate of the Collegium Mechanicus, Initiates are the main rank and file who keep the lights on, barricades up, and generators fixed.


New members of the Adeptus, these individuals are still undergoing mandatory training to prepare themselves for work in the field.


Safety Goggles or Gas Mask

Red Robes

Black Shirt

Black Trousers

Steel Toe-Capped Boots