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We stand at a junction, with roads leading to both abject defeat and glorious victory. In order to choose the right path to follow we need first to look back along the road that has led us to this point…

Commissar Yarrick

Medals and Commendations

The Imperium offers many medals, honors, and commendations awarded to troops who prove deserving of them. Each is posted below with the medal and the accompanying ribbon. Any merit can be received more than once, each time after is noted on the ribbon by a lightning bolt up until the fifth time awarded which is the final time a merit can be officially received which is noted with an aquila on the ribbon. Additionally each agency has their own unique merits awarded at their discretion which are also included here.

General Merits

These merits are awarded to all Imperial personnel with the exception of the Inquisition who use their own unique system of commendations. The following honors are listed from lowest to highest in eminence.

Administratum Medal

A scroll entwined around a single skull, the Administratum awards this medal to those soldiers who have fought to protect personnel or property belonging to that august body.

Recipient repaired 1 or more resource buildings during an operation

Administratum Medal.PNG


Blooded Cross

A skull emblazoned on a red Maltese Cross, the Blooded Cross is awarded often to field medics for their bravery under fire in the face of grave danger. Those who receive it are often seen as "blooded" by the troops.

Recipient revived 5 or more during an operation.

Blooded Cross.PNG


The Triple Skull

This medal is awarded to those who were badly wounded in action but still continued to fight regardless of injuries. It is considered in every way inferior to the Golden Skull, which is issued posthumously to those who fall in such engagements, although doubtless the recipients view it a little more favourably.

Recipient was revived five times during an operation

Triple Skull.PNG


Order of the Storm

A campaign badge awarded to soldiers who have been wounded in battle during campaign and have returned to their units. The Order of the Storm depicts a pair of crossed lightning bolts over an Imperial Eagle.

Recipient was revived ten times during an operation

Order of the Storm.PNG


Order of the Scarlet Wing

A lesser medal from the same group as the Order of the Eagle's Claw, the Scarlet Wing signifies that the bearer has been injured but survived a battle in which he has participated in some manner of direct assault. Injuries in such actions are commonplace, however, and hardened troops refer to receiving this medal as "getting your wings".

Recipient repaired 5 or more resource buildings during an operation

Order of the Scarlet Wing.PNG


Ruby Skull

A gold skull with a black cross fitted with a single ruby, this medal is awarded for those who risked life and limb to ensure the sanctity of the lifeblood of others in battle. Wearers of this medal are rightly respected for their selfless devotion as well as for operating under dangerous situations.

Recipient revived 10 or more during an operation

Ruby Skull.PNG


Victory Star

A commonly awarded medal, the Victory Star denotes successfully taking the fight to the enemy and laying them low in the Emperor's Name.

Recipient killed 5 enemies during an operation

Valor Star.PNG


The Crimson Skull

Most commonly seen worn by Officio Medicae personnel, this medal bears a single crimson ruby. The Crimson Skull is given to warriors who, whilst directly involved in a combat situation, have successfully administered first aid to wounded personnel. Veteran field medics are never seen without this medal, however it is not uncommon for particularly valorous soldiers to earn one by saving the lives of injured comrades.

Recipient performed 15 revives during an operation

Crimson Skull.PNG


Order of the Eagle's Claw

Awarded to warriors who have engaged in dangerous combat zones and triumphed. This award is only given to those who have proven victorious, this award denotes considerable dedication and devotion to service.

Recipient repaired ten or more resource buildings during an operation.

Order of the Eagle's Claw.PNG


Valoris Imperator

Taking the form of a soaring two-headed eagle, the Valoris Imperator is awarded only to soldiers who have served for extended periods in the Imperium. It is technically awarded in recognition of long service, but in fact it is often awarded posthumously to veterans who have died in particularly unpleasant circumstances.

Awarded for six months of service to the Imperium

Valoris Imperator.PNG


Knight of Malton

A medal and honourific title awarded to soldiers who participated in 30 or more consecutive days of active combat.

Recipient participated in an operation that lasted at least 30 days

Knight of Medua.PNG


Malton Laurete

This Laureate indicates a warrior who has effectively "won his laurels." Acts of valour leading to great victory are recognized with the Malton Laureate.

Recipient killed 10 enemies during an operation

Medusan Laurete.PNG


Merit of Terra

The Merit of Terra is awarded to soldiers who have voluntarily postponed their own demobilisation. A bittersweet award, the Merit of Terra signifies that the bearer will be required to serve much longer than expected. However, it is a well-known sign of steadfast loyalty toward the Golden Throne.

Awarded for a year of service to the Imperium, awarded thereafter once per year of service

Merit of Terra.PNG


Eagle Ordinary

Issued to Imperial military personnel for acts of valour beyond what is required (but not considered extraordinary). A common joke amongst bearers of the medal is that they are "boring heroes." However, those who do not possess the Eagle Ordinary respect it as a symbol of courage.

Recipient killed 15 enemies during an operation

Eagle Ordinary.PNG


Steel Aquila

A golden half-circle bearing a simple steel Imperial Eagle is one of the most prestigious medals awarded to combat personnel. Often referred to as the "lunatic's eagle," the Steel Aquila is awarded to warriors who, in the face of great personal danger, have triumphed over the enemy and returned in a condition fit for further active duty. This award is never issued without good cause, and only the most spectacularly violent and impressive feats of personal valour will earn it.

Recipient killed 30 enemies during an operation

Steel Aquila.PNG


Special Commendations

These medals are awarded at the discretion of the officer empowered to award them to the recipient in question, these are considered more prestigious than the General Merits but not as much as Command Merits.

Bronze Wreath

The Bronze Wreath is awarded at the end of an operation by a squad commander to the member of the squad, excluding themselves, they felt was the most valuable soldier during the course of the operation, both in terms of participation and services rendered to the Imperium, most commonly for exemplary valor in combat.

One awarded per operation per squad, awarded at the discretion of the squad's commander to the most valuable soldier in the squad during an operation.

Bronze Wreath.PNG


Silver Wreath

The Silver Wreath is the more prestigious counterpart to the Bronze Wreath. This is awarded by commanding officers to the most capable, honorable, and valorous soldiers under their command.

One awarded per operation per agency, awarded at the discretion of the recipient's agency head to the most valuable soldier in the agency during an operation.

Silver Wreath.PNG


Gold Wreath

The Gold Wreath is a special commendation, highly prestigious and considered by some to be in the same class as the highly coveted Merit of the High Lords. This merit is awarded at the discretion of the Lord General Militant.

One awarded per operation, awarded at the discretion of the Lord General Militant to the most valuable soldier in the Imperium.

Gold Wreath.PNG


Command Commendations

These merits are awarded by Command discretion unlike the General Merits and the Special Commendations and are considered the most prestigious by their nature.

Explorator Medal

A fairly simple medal consisting of a compass rose with a green and white five part ribbon, the Explorator Medal is awarded in recognition of taking part in special Command-approved expeditions. These expeditions are often special assignments vital to the success of the Imperium.

Recipient participated in a special expedition.

Explorator Medal.PNG


Ribbon Intrinsic

Taking the form of an etched brass strip with a tripartite ribbon hanging beneath, the Ribbon Intrinsic is awarded to units rather than individuals. It is given only to squads that have proven to be the linchpin for a victorious battlefront, where it the line fast and turned a defeat into a victory by determination alone. Despite its low material value, the Ribbon Intrinsic is said to forge a great bond between members of a platoon and ensure that they go from strength to strength. In practice, the Ribbon is usually awarded only to a handful of individuals, who are the tattered and desperate survivors of battles they would rather forget.

Recipients were members of a unit that performed a key service during an operation, one per operation

Ribbon Intrinsic.PNG


The Winged Skull

The Winged Skull is a traditional badge of ancient origin. Classical convention is to represent the skull with an iron device. It is usually displayed on the shoulder guards of armour and is most commonly awarded for inspirational leadership leading to righteous victory.

Recipient provided valuable leadership during an operation, one per operation

Winged Skull.PNG


Merit of the High Lords

To be awarded a Merit of the High Lords is a rare honour, bestowed upon the greatest of commanders -- those whose valour is such that his name has been mentioned in the Chamber of the High Lords. It is nicknamed the "double-edged sword," as it inevitably means the individual who receives it will be under particular scrutiny from his superiors from that point on. He can expect to be assigned by jealous superiors to the most horrific battlefronts in order to pass on his wisdom and courage first hand.

One awarded per operation, awarded at the discretion of Command to the most valuable soldier during an operation

Merit of the High Lords.PNG


Agency Specific Merits

These are awarded by the Agency or, in the case of Space Marines or Sisters of Battle, the specific order to its members.

Black Templars

The Black Sword

A greatsword of enameled silver surmounted on a gold Imperial Eagle, this is bestowed only upon those who have served valiantly as the Emperor's Champion during an operation. This merit is a sign of being in the presence of a truly formidable, respected, and devout warrior.

One awarded per operation to the Battle Brother chosen to serve as Emperor's Champion

Black Sword.PNG