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Who am I ?

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Yet another proud supporter of the Malton Zombie Recycling Program

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Survive. Revive. Thrive.
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  • Discovered the game in August 2008, tried it with 2 "fake" account (Named "Fabzil" and "Ilovebigunz").
  • Bored of that way of playing, I'm gonna do something else. The aim is to move from suburb to suburb and broadcast a message every time I'm in a new one. Of course, all suburbs must be covered...
  • Alright, coming back in the game in April 2010 ! I'm kinda bored about keeping all of this up-to-date... I must be getting old ^^ Anyway, I'm attending to Escape Malton !

Blood Brother

My brother in real life :

--GoLookAndKill CFT25 November 2008 (UTC) : I just get in touch of him the last days, and he told me that someday he got zombified, and when he wope up back as a human, he felt strange, but stranger than usual, like something was change with himself, like, he's not really a human now... That hurts me to hear that, but, still, he's alive. Plus I've met lot of people here that felt the same for much more time and they're all quit good, except for the ones that go psycho and kill everyone they can...


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