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About Christie

Christie O'Malley is my dedicated PKer character, and the alt through whom I've engaged the Malton metagame the most. She ran with the CGR from 2008-2011, patrolling the Pitneybank area and killing any CDF, DEM, bounty hunters, and zergs she ran into. There might have also been some involvement with organizing the Malton Uprising.

She has a weakness for loquacious kill speeches, lost causes, and calling organizations oppressive and fascist.

She currently tags along with The Flowers of Decay, usually killing the odd character or two that looks like they might belong to some sort of possibly militaristic or authoritarian group. Though in reality, there's probably no groups in Malton anymore that are large or powerful or uniform enough to actually merit an organized resistance.

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Obligatory Templates

CGR.jpg Welcome to the Resistance!
Creedy Guerrilla Raiders.
Where everybody's an insurgent.
DiseasedRose.jpg Bearing a Sickly Rose
Christie is a member of

The Flowers of Decay.

UprisingFistICO.png For the People!
Christie is part of the Malton Uprising