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Initials JL
Group Philosophe Knights
Profile Link
Goals Educate the ignorant, repair centres of learning, and find a grand piano.
Recruitment Policy Join the Philosophe Knights
Contact See here
Rank Scholar

  • Hair: Dark
  • Build: Slight
  • Sex: Female

JL was an accomplished classical musician, preparing for an encore performance of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2, when the zombie outbreak hit Malton. She now travels the city with well-worn copies of the Well Tempered Clavier and Chopin's Nocturnes in tow, hoping to one day find an undamaged piano hidden in the corner of some Malton home.

She fell in with the Philosophes while searching for a grand piano in the conservatory of Southall Mansion. Inspired DY's Culture Tour, she now combines her quest for a piano with a cultural pilgrimage of her own.

When not busy searching, she tends to distribute first aid kits in centres of learning and give short lectures newbie survival, the virtues of informed combat revives, and the stupidity of shooting zombies in the street. She also keeps a stack of needles on hand to revive her less pacifistic associates.

  • First Aid Kits Distributed in Centres of Learning: 70
  • Pianos Found: 0
  • Centres of Learning Repaired: 23

Philosophe Knights
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Culture Tour
A journey to every museum and library in Malton. In respectful homage to DY's pilgrimage.

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