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Sid Civvie.jpg
Sid James Jr

Urban Dead ID: Sid James Jr
Current Level: 39
Class: Scientist
Joined: Nov. 18th, 2008
Current Status: Alive
Affiliation: CAPD
Location: Foulkes Village

US Customs and Border Protection officers.jpg CAPD
This User/Group Supports CAPD.

Cacti small.png South West Alliance
This user or group is a member of the South West Alliance.

Medalofhonor.jpg Big Shiny Medal
Michaleson has given Sid James a big shiny medal for beating him. .

Ccribbon22 burntparadise.png CAPD Payback Tour
Sid won a shiny whistle. Toot!

Antarctic service ribbon.gif CAPD Payback Tour
Sid has a silver tongue.
RIP.jpg Firulais ~ Rest In Pieces
This user or group killed Firulais or one of his many alts and then laid him down by the fire.

Oranges.jpg Operation: Vitamin C
This user or group participated in Operation: Vitamin C.

Wittle wabit.jpg Operation: Roadkill
This user or group got squashed. defending the Cheeke Building.