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Lord Pitman


As a young man he was like any other, keen to follow his friends in the latest fashions or pastimes. Unlike his peers though, he had an extremely high IQ; this led to him becoming a professor in the occult and obtaining the position of Curator of Coymer museum.

Soon after the first outbreaks of the zombie hordes, Lord Pitman attempted to help Necrotech come up with a solution to the growing problems of the living dead harrassing Quarlesbank. It was decided that Lord Pitman himself would attempt to control the local horde with his knowledge of VooDoo rituals, yet as he finally began controlling the horde he seemed to be corrupted by the very essence that he was seeking to control; twisting the once handsome lord into a living corpse.

Necrotech subsequently quarantined Pitman Mansion in a vain attempt to inprison the evil that had been spawned, but it escaped.

Recent stories have told that the Lord of Quarlesbank has disappeared from his ancestral home, the last survivor to see his corpse said, "It was shuffling south I think??". It is thought that the he may be on the hunt for his prodigy, his greatest experiment and leader of the now famous survivor group - The Fortress - Jensonson.

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