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Wagon.jpg Bandwagon
This user has jumped on
the template bandwagon.
Fire.jpg Let's Abuse Flagboxes!
This user or group abuses or excessively uses flagboxes.
Canadianflag-sm.jpg Canadian
This user is Canadian.
Cake.jpg Happy Birthday
This user was born on December 22nd
Smiley.png It's a Joke, OK?
This user supports the use of humor, even when other people don't get it.
Gun.jpg Military
This user is in the Military and is probably off trying to control the zombie outbreak.
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
Miracle max.jpg This user is capable of Miracles
Just don't rush them...
Viking1.jpg Moses McGee is a Viking
They kick Pirate and Ninja ass with ease (all together or one at a time)
Penguin-slap.gif WARNING!
This user or group knows how to lay the smack down.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Noob.gif I'm Smarter
This user is smarter than you.
Firefox.png Firefox User
This user uses Firefox.
Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.
Hoard.jpg HOARD
This user recognizes the difference between a horde and a hoard.
Cheese.jpg Mmmm, cheese…
Moses really, really likes cheese.
Leftswordguy.gif An Adventurer is Me!
Moses plays The Kingdom of Loathing
This user supports bringing the World Cup back to Malton.
Zergling.gif Alt user
This user has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.