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Blood Red Monk.jpg
May Saint Anger smile upon your death.
Hail Cobra!

I am NoxNictis.
I am a member of Cobra and a follower of Saint Anger.
I kill people and I do it quite well.
I also make pretty nice templates.

Spirit Skull.gif Trick-or-Treat
NoxNictis trick-or-treated at Dowdney Mall, Nov 1st 2009.
Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
NoxNictis has PKed 160 people.
600px-Cobra.svg.png Cobra
NoxNictis is a member of Cobra. Hail!
Saint Anger.jpg Saint Anger 'Round My Neck
NoxNictis believes Saint Anger should get some respect.
Deutsch.png Jawohl!
NoxNictis speaks German almost competently.
Firefox.png Firefox User
This user uses Firefox.
600px-Cobra.svg.png Cobra / RDD Alliance RDDInsignia copy.png
Yeah, Malton just got fucked by the 80s.