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Rip Purr runs around the city of Malton with his brothers DogSoldier and Sworn2Justice. They were all born and raised in West Becktown and though they may travel the full expanse of the city, W. Becks is where their collective heart shall always be. The brothers are all firmly Survivalist, bound by a blood oath to protect and serve the citizens of Malton and rid the world of the zombie menace (using a lower case z on purpose...zeds don't deserve capitals!)


DogSoldier's Peppardville Campaign

Mission: Barricade and clear Peppardville bit by bit. Due to the fact that my actions may draw unwanted zombie attention if published on the actual suburb pages, I'm using this page for recording campaign efforts. Dates: 9 November - Ongoing

  • Made my way into Edgecombe to get away from my brothers as movements with their Malton Rangers and DEM had them getting too close to me for comfort. They're always sneaking around, trying to steal my glory. Found a nice spot in Edgecombe, set up a perimeter that includes an FD, PD, RP, phone tower and NT. It's a classic Awesome Central style setup. Yesterday and the day before I made sure the area was secure and added local resistance to my contact list. This little base is a launching pad for cade strafing into Peppardville, a suburb sitting at red. Today was the first day of actions in Peppardville, and despite my plan to snowflaccade ten blocks, I found efforts immediately hampered by a zombie assailing a sleeping survivor at my first stop. Emptied a clip and a shotgun on the zed, dumped the body, but cades were at EH so moved up. Ruined building, so I fell down, had to scurry indoors only to find 2 zeds. Emptied all my clips, plus a reload and finished one zed off with an axe. This left me with enough AP to return to my safehouse in Edgecombe. I'll check on the survivor tomorrow, as he seemed in need of first aid. Not a great start, but one man against a whole red suburb was never going to be easy. --13:21, 10 November 2010 (UTC)

Revive Tactics Written by Rip Purr

Nowadays I seem to focus mostly on revivification. As such, I've tried to add to the literature on such practices to better our understanding of survivor support. Read the following to get educated!

Locations Written by Rip Purr

I like to have a giggle and write the histories of certain locations I've spent considerable time in.

Bounty Hunting!
Bounty Hunter.jpg

I've decided that, with all of my players survivour-maxed, I will begin hunting bounty. It's tough, it's cool, it makes me seem dangerous and it's fun. I have a list, and here is where I will mark with an X those I have dispensed awesome justice upon. Know that when I kill you PKer, I take a screenshot, and that screenshot is the RPing equivalent of a scalp torn bloody and raggged from your skull. So here's who gots killed.


Click here to view the bloody rags of your enemies nailed to a wall

Justice Inc

These boys are all members of the extremely butt stompingly awesome group known as Justice INC, or JI if you're mumma never taught you to read good. Since we were little turds no bigger than a werewolf's teet, we knew we were destined to fight ugly in all its forms. When that ugly took shape as undead puss bags and Z Day tore our home of West Becktown apart...well sir, we got mad. Now we've loaded up our boomsticks, put our fire axes to the whet stone and mister, you better be ready if you a zed, 'cause as Jimi H said, 'I'm comin-a getcha!'. So here's to stompin' the candy arses of those zed mofos into the ground until they're peanut butter paste!

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