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Joined: Oct 7, 2006
Character class: Military (Combat Engineering)
Favorite equipment: feet
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: cagey
Character group: Independent Nation of Owsleybank
Character stats: Level 8
Journal: none for TastesLikePork

"This badly rattled raw recruit picked the wrong week to give up weed. His dirty combat engineer's uniform has a new INO owl badge and a toolbelt."

Well, I may taste like pork, but I don't intend to give any zeds a chance to find out. Right now, the best offence is my RLaMF defence.

"man, of all the days to run out of Zom-B-Gone."

Applying for Independent Nation of Owsleybank membership. All hail the secret masters! Oh no wait, that's INWO. Studying Combat Engineering at Malton U.

map forum

Can you believe "TastesLikeChicken" was already used?

Zombie alt & ex-girlfriend DimZumPork in Pitneybank has befriended The Revenant. She keeps leaving messages on my pager. They say true love never dies...

  1. "Oct 17. Got the scientist StormChild and his nasty syringes, as part of the siege of Shadwick Walk Police Dept. Thanks to Floodlamp and BoiledFrog for opening the darned door!"
  2. Oct 20. M Ischaos got me?
  3. "Oct 22. Killthegoons @ MLFD, chewy"
  4. Same day, Falconer456, in Paynterton, needs salt
  5. "Oct 24. Attacked by Monkey Banana Raffle and killed by Pan-somebody of the Mongolian Horde. A minor setback. Woke up, followed BF and enjoyed Global Zombee as a light breakfast.
  6. "Oct 25. Caught up with old and tasty friend Monkey Banana Raffle @ the Milligan Museum. Thanks BoiledFrog." - And then downed by AboveTheLaw, of Malton PD.
  7. Nov 1. Joined Omnipotente in a post-Halloween snack on majorzombiekun.
  8. Nov 3. Snacking in Cudworth Lane FD rudely interrupted by bokmeow of Sanshu no Jinki.
  9. Nov 4. Snacking on experiment41, shot down by Emannuel Froga. Headshots, what a pain, eh?
  10. Nov 11. Nearly, nearly got to the brains of Eakin before overexerting myself. He had only 2 HP left. At least I lost him to some other zombie, rather than let him get away.
  11. Nov 12. A few nibbles on Aang1 allow me to perfect my Ankle-Grab technique!
  12. Nov 14. Hazelyn makes a nourishing meal, and struggles at the Farmer building improve my Death Grip but get me killed for the 34th time.
  13. Nov 17. "mmm mmm Pendragon. I also make some new friends in the Revenant."
  14. Nov 24. Unable to move in Fort Creedy - not because of headshots, but because I'm ABSOLUTELY STUFFED! Up two levels in three days! Now I have to go to the gym and work off these extra pounds!
  15. Dec 19. Giddings has fallen - Shacknews uber alles, baby! Munchies at Morrish!
  16. Dec 20. Took down M Ischaos in a warehouse north of Giddings! Two months later, revenge is sweet!
  17. Feb 13. Was dumped out of the mall and froze. Thawed a month later and made it down to a ransacked fort; kept the z-ball rolling by cracking open the Hunter Building for all and sundry. Combat-syringed by a veteran Doofie.