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Our orders in Malton
Get rid of those fucking idiots and their pink forum!!

The Original Cobra Forum

- [Main Cobra Wiki page]

Contact our staff:
- Annabell Leigh
- Jim Lockwood

COBRA accepts applicants for membership who:

  • Are willing to partake in player killing.
  • Are willing and able to communicate outside of Urban Dead.
  • Are willing to have a good time, all the time.
  • Are not extras from Jem or My Little Pony.

If you think you qualify, leave us a message here or here

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Extensive Enterprises

Extensive enterprises Logo.png

This global company based out of the twin Enterprise Towers in Enterprise City existed primarily to serve Cobra's administrative needs with Tomax and Xamot as the corporation's CEOs. Currently the Crimson Twins have revamped Extensive Enterprises into Cobra's WIKI LAW division.

Extensive Enterprises.jpg

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Yeah, My Little Pony just got fucked by the 80s.