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Wiki Monitors Monitors
Abbreviation: WMM
Group Numbers: Exclusive
Leadership: None
Goals: To keep Wiki Monitors Fair and Balanced
Recruitment Policy: See Guidelines
Contact: Talk:Wiki_Monitors_Monitors


Wiki monitors monitors.jpg

We monitor the Wiki Monitors to make sure things are Fair and Balanced. Who are we, really? We are the Project UnWelcome to the Wiki Monitors' Project Welcome.


Membership is open to all those who wish to keep tabs on the Wiki Monitors, to make sure what they are reporting is without prejudice and as Joe Friday would say, "just the facts."

Members are free to list their names below in reverse alphabetical order (If you don't know your ABC's forwards and backwards, how can you expect to keep things Fair and Balanced?)


Our goal is simple, to make sure the Wiki Monitors follow their own criteria, rules and regulations, and not become some self-enforced wiki militia rather than a source of injustice, all the while having a good time! Because thats what the wiki is all about, am I right? HIGHFIVE!


As Sir Issac Newton's Third Law of Motion, To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, this page was a necessity. Checks and Balances keep the wiki free of corruption. We are on a mission from God!



Want to show your desire to keep things on the up and up? Then this is the template for you!

Wiki monitors fair and balanced.jpg Wiki Monitors Monitors member
This user is keeping things Fair and Balanced



Wanna pimp out your siggy with the cool WMM Letters? Simple!

  1. Go to the Preferences page. Whut Whut!
  2. Check the box labeled "Raw signatures" (it's the cool way to begin your journey to creating a wicked awesome siggy!)
  3. In the box-like thing, "Your nickname (for signatures)", where you enter junk put the following (replacing Your name with your user name):
    [[User:Your Name|]] <sup>[[WMM]]</sup>
  4. Press Save Preferences. Diggity Diggity!
  5. Dance Emot.gif because you are one step closer to being Fair and Balanced!

Case Files

Here we shall examine the findings, rulings, examinations, Quandaries, and Logarithms as a mean to check their work. Also we shall be critiquing their work using scientific method, and socratic method to establish is basis for fact. We will also be examining the roster of the Monitors to make sure they are up to their own self standards. It's all good! Now who wants some PIE?!

Would you like to make an addition to the Case Files?

  1. Cut a hole in the box.... wait.. wrong directions.

Okay, if it's a regulations related thingy, put in the in the puddin. If it's a roster related whooha, check the junk under da Scmoshter! Simple? Goody Goody!

May 8 2008

Crips and Bloods Sign Formal Treaty

The Wiki Monitors Monitors find it oddly suspicious that Funt Solo has yet to write about the current conspiracy involving the moderators sysops and the vote striking scandal. Is Funt keeping this on the down low because he is siding with the goons and doesn't want the public to know his affliations? No, we here at WMM believe that Funt is actually working WITH the sysops and thusly does believe their actions to be credible! How is one of the wiki's top mod conspirators and against-the-grainers supposed to fight the man when he is siding with the man! For shame sir! For Shame......