Weatherhead Park

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Weatherhead Park

Pegton [88, 57]

St. Martin's Church St. Elisabeth's Hospital Shum Plaza
a cemetery Weatherhead Park Lakey Way
the Downes Building a carpark Guttridge Drive

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Weatherhead Park


Even the Blair Witch feared to enter.

Not really a park as such but a pristine wilderness, featuring black pools, silent clearings, secluded grottoes and possibly a few killer rednecks.


The Weatherhead was once part of the Bloboles' happy hunting grounds, and out of both respect and fear of the unknown it has remained practically untouched since the tribe was forced to abandon it and adopt a sedentary lifestyle.

Known as Kili-Watta-Watta in KiBlobole, the English translation is an attempt to convey the Blobole belief that this area was where the world's weather originates from, and the park is in fact subject to rapid changes in weather: many hikers have set off to explore its depths in sunny weather, only to be swallowed up forever in thick fogs, or battered to death by hailstones of Biblical proportions.

The impenetrable nature of the park has also given rise to local legends of 'the last of the Blobole', a hybrid tribe of Blobole warriors and redneck outcasts, who interbred (or in-bred) to produce a snaggle-toothed, ginger-headed breed of super-survivalists who live in the backwoods, subsisting on unwary visitors and making traditional handicrafts and snacks from their skin, entrails and hair. Whether or not these legends are true is pretty much moot, since the very-definitely-real zombies do most of these things anyway.