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COMBAT REVIVE (Group) are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 11:29, 18 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

C.O.M.B.A.T. R.E.V.I.V.E.

The Coalition for Organized Medical Benevolence And Tactical Resource Evaluation, Verification, Investigation, Validation and Emphasis (or COMBAT REVIVE) is a group dedicated to using the single greatest one-off weapon in Malton -- the combat revive -- to extinguish the zombie menace once and for all.
Mad Science Means Never Having To Say
"What's The Worst Thing That Could Happen?"

Combat Revive


(COMBAT REVIVE is a thematic dedicated reviver group that functions strongly on the use of Revivification Syringes instead of normal weapons.)
Membership Policy: Public, No Restrictions
Membership: Survivors, Revivers
Recruitment: Beerhah or Barhah.
Contact: Talk Page
Link: This Page

But Aren't Combat Revives a Bad Thing?

No, they aren't.

The Beautiful Power of the Combat Revive

Quite simply, the combat revive is the single most powerful weapon in all of Malton. COMBAT REVIVE is dedicated to using this weapon to its fullest potential. In addition to clearing revive points with suicide revive and DIRT:NAP techniques, COMBAT REVIVE also boosts the local population by reviving pretty much any zombie they can find, friendly or no.

Additionally, by working at powered Necrotech facilities throughout Malton, COMBAT REVIVE ensures that any zombie break-in is dealt with through the swift and brutal method of a single combat revive. Members troop around Malton with a generator and armed to the hilt with revivification syringes, ready to free Malton of the undead menace.


The membership of COMBAT REVIVE is highly conspiratorial. They work as one seamless unit to ensure that all possible zombies in a given area are provided with the life they so desperately deserve. Rumors abound about how the COMBAT REVIVE group got together or that they are, in fact, the alts of an already existing group in game. None of these rumors have been confirmed, however.

Those interested in becoming a member of COMBAT REVIVE need only sign up at one of our forums 1. 2..


The wretched dead.


None. Everyone wants life.

Effectiveness of Tactics

While COMBAT REVIVE has somewhat of a reputation for messing around, the success of their tactics cannot be doubted. For nearly a month COMBAT REVIVE held off a horde of 30-50 zombies at the Dury Building in Dunell Hills. When the local population strenuously objected to COMBAT REVIVE's tactics, they left and Dury fell the next day.

When COMBAT REVIVE attempted to turn the Blackmore Building in Ridleybank into a rotter revive, other survivors exploited the lack of zombies to rebarricade the building and launch yet another Quixotic attempt to "re-take" Ridleybank.

Currently, COMBAT REVIVE is working to refine their tactics further. We strongly believe that there are enough dual-natured players who would benefit from a combat revive to offset the minor nuisance of the death cultist. As long as the survivor population of the suburb that COMBAT REVIVE is working in rises, then there will be enough survivors to recover the area and deal with any PK'ers.


Rotter Revive

Through the decay of time and and the damage of bullets to the brain, many of Maltons citizens have problems getting the revives they so desperately need. Some of Maltons finest have risen to the challenge of giving these poor souls life. Revive points exist for our less fortunate fellows in several places throughout the city, but often serve only a few of those in need due to their locations. There are some who are afraid to venture to the more difficult places in Malton to spread life. We in COMBAT REVIVE do not feel that fear. This is why we have traveled to central Malton.

To this end we are in the process of opening new mobile Revive Points for Rotters. Please wait patiently, no biting, and NO BARRICADING. Also, do not mess with the generators, they are there for everyones benefit. Thank you for your cooperation.


From The Urban Dead Wiki

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to come here. This is essentially a reviver group based largely on the use of revives as a method to combat zombie hordes. In the future various lists maintained on both Beerhah and Barhah It will probably be updated periodically, so check back once and a while to see if anything has been added.

Hopefully you will find something here helpful. Enjoy.