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Durable Intense Revive Tactic: Necrotechnician Ascendancy Protocol

The DIRT:NAP is non-stop (Durable) and maximized (Intense) revives (Revive) delivered in a planned manner (Tactic). It allows a revive team (Necrotechnician) to enter and prevail (Ascendancy) in carrying out their assigned mission (Protocol).


Necrotechnicians going into "gray zones" and "red zones" face great risk of being killed, and generally must spend about half their AP trying (not always with success) to stay alive by moving to and from a safe house, building barricades, and other functions. They may be supported by an "escort" that provides the safe house, but that simply shifts the AP expenditure to another character. Additionally, they are often shut off from access to vital resources. DIRT:NAP provides tactics and protocol to avoid this danger, while maximizing the number of revives you carry out and minimizing interruptions caused by your untimely death, or that of teammates.


Carrying out this protocol has some minimal requirements, and Necrotechnicians should ensure they meet these requirements before attempting it. Failure to meet the requirements may result in sub-optimal revive rates, excessive resource (syringe) consumption, and potential extended periods of post-mortality-activity for the Necrotechnician and the revive targets.

  • Necrotechnician must work with other Necrotechncian(s) who can revive them, preferably ones following the same protocol.
  • Necrotechnician must have a large supply of syringes and the ability to use them to revive people. You will not be searching for syringes during the protocol, or learning new skills. This Protocol is, in fact, intended for Ascendancy in areas where searching for syringes is not possible. 20 syringes is a reasonable minimum before this Protocol allows full benefits. More is better; collect and keep a large stock when in safe areas.
  • It is very helpful (though not required) to have information about targets to be revived, so as to minimize time spent scanning zombies, wastage of needles, or accidental revives of those suffering from aggravated antisocial personality disorder.
  • Necrotechnician may want to be prepared for the reconstruction of the area you are working in once the protocol is completed. The Construction and Free Running skills are very useful here. It is handy (but far from required) if the team can provide a generator and fuel to power up NT Buildings once the area is safe.
  • Necrotechnician must be willing to die. You will die (and be revived) every day if you follow this protocol. It is strongly suggested that you have Lurching Gait and Ankle Grab skills (or the XPs to buy them) before implementing this protocol. Other post-mortal talents may also prove useful for secondary tasks.


Executing DIRT:NAP is simple. Walk up to a revive point. Perform as many revives as you can (Typically five; this will put you at negative AP). Never leave the revive point. You will almost certainly get killed.

But you can stand up again for 1AP. And you have buddies doing the same thing you are; they will revive you. And when they do, you lay down and take a nice long safe nap until you have 50AP, then you stand up again and do another five revives (which will result in negative AP) with at least one usually being on a teammate who is doing the DIRT:NAP.

This requires some (but minimal) meta game communication. First, it is vital that somebody be there to revive you at some point not too long after you stand up as a zombie. Initially this is likely a newly arriving teammate, or somebody not following the Protocol (perhaps a teammate providing support for the area's newly revived locals). After the first round of the protocol, the teammembers following DIRT:NAP should be able to stand up and revive each other as needed, as well as providing a "reserve pool" of revives for any team support members that were intending to stay alive, but failed to do so.

This may seem wasteful, but in most red zones, it is in fact quite difficult to perform 5 revives without being killed. And those 5 revives often take several days to accomplish. DIRT:NAP allows you to do a "net" four revives every 26 hours, which is massively better than typical revive tech tactics would allow in the same setting.

It should be noted that, following this protocol, you actually bring more people to life per day than anybody can kill. A maxed zombie can average maybe 2 kills a day; you win by a large margin. A very well equipped PKer can maybe kill three a day, but can't keep it up for very long, while a maxed stock of syringes could last you 10 days, during which time you are still "winning" the "race for life".

Post Script

Since you will be spending some time dead, you may want to consider what you can do during that time.

One of the more important things to do is observe the revive point. This costs no AP (the info is there when you log in) but requires you be standing (as a zombie or survivor) to observe / hear. Other dead folks at the revive point may be asking for revives; save AP on scanning by adding them to your contact list. There may be zombies sucking up multiple revives, or killing people; this is also worth noting, so you do not revive them.

If for some reason you max out at 50AP and do not get revived, you might want to consider useful actions you can take as a zombie. Injuring or killing zombies with Brain Rot who clog up scans at the revive point is one decent option. Another good one is to listen for feeding groans, follow them to the break in, and damage or kill the zombies that are attacking the survivors, then step back outside the building. This may save survivor lives, and certainly helps survivors who wake up or come by later and try to clear out the building.


The idea for DIRT:NAP grew out of discussion with members of TNT07 who were performing Suicide-Revives in a manner that allowed one dead reviver to be revived by the next suicide-reviver. The idea seemed crazy at first, but a bit of analysis revealed that in many cases it is actually quite effective and even rather AP efficient when done properly.

DIRT:NAP is a trans-mortal tactic. Research into established tactics of this sort has revealed that all the basic elements of the DIRT:NAP had been sepereately recognized before, and the DIRT:NAP is in fact a combination of the tactics of Suicide-Revive, Lying Low, and Pay It Forward that produces benefits that could not be expected from any one of those tactics alone.

See also Emergency Medical Technician.