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Malton College of Medicine
Malton College of Medicine
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Malton College of Medicine FAQ's

FAQs for prospective students

Who can join?

MCM is a pro-survivor group, and will welcome anyone who genuinely fits that description. Zombies engaged in attacking MCM, and survivors who kill a faculty member or student (especially on the MCM campus), are not eligible. People who have been used to playing as a zombies but want to try life among the living are welcome, as long as they are not members of a death cult. Would-be retired PKers will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. MCM reserves the right to expel griefers.

But I want to shoot things! Can I still join?

Of course! Life in Malton is hazardous, and hospital security is often called on to eject unruly zombie visitors. MCM staff and students often carry guns, and it's helpful to have scouts who can secure buildings along the routes of the medic runs. Maintenance personnel are vital too: MCM takes an active role in devising and enforcing local barricade plans.

What do I do to join?

1. Before you decide to join, you should come to spend some time with us in-game and see if you like the way we do things. You can find us at St George's Hospital in Greentown [33,21].
2. Next, register on the MCM forums, then make a formal request to join on the 'Want to join?' thread.
3. Think of the following few weeks as a freshman orientation period; you should stay around the college campus to help out and join in the fun. This is a time when you can get to know existing members of MCM and they can get to know you. How long that takes depends on how active you are, so being demonstrative and talkative is encouraged!

What do I do after enrolling?

1. Ask questions! Heal the wounded, cure the infected, revive the dead, and defend the MCM grounds.
2. Medical students with Free Running and Diagnosis are encouraged to go on our medic runs.
3. Put 'Malton College of Medicine Applicant' in your group designation or profile.

FAQs for non-students

What qualifications do you people possess to open an institution of higher learning in Malton?

Um, we're alive in a zombie apocalypse?

Why the role playing? Isn't that just a waste of AP?

If a faculty member spends just one AP talking in order to save another survivors a day's worth of AP, that's a net gain of 99 AP. Haven't survivors as a whole benefited that way? New survivors aren't dumb, they're just uninformed. Often they have questions but don't know who to ask or where to go. The MCM faculty is just a collection of people who like helping new survivors and who enjoy each other's company.

But seriously, why the role playing? Why not just give out the information in a straightforward lecture?

We do give lectures, and very good ones. But we make even our lectures as humorous as we can. After all, if all we did was drone on, that would be sooooo boring. Didn't you get enough of that in school?

Where's your forum?

MCM's forum is here.

You don't award real degrees! It's not realistic! Duh!

I'll bet you can't actually carry three generators, seven shotguns, and jump from rooftop to rooftop, either. One word: zombies!.

If you have any further questions, please do ask on the discussion page.

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