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Red Produce

Other Departments
The Morgue
Ministry of Misinformation

Best Attack
130 kills

Total Casualties
336 dead

Wouldn't you like to know!

♥ Neutral Point of View ♠

Red Rum's strikers are almost certainly their most visible department, as it focuses on gathering Rummers together to inflict horrifying casualties within a short time span.

Currently Non-Operational

♣ End Neutral Point of View ♦

Department History

Red Rum's striker department was formed to create a bloody finale for our operatic activities against the 3rd Waye. Though they had been fending off individual attacks, misinformation and several Rummers acting as normal survivors, they fell within minutes of our coordinated arrival. Several Rummers were mere minutes late and were left without targets, such was the speed of the brutality. In awe at the previously-unharnessed power, Red Rum's first true department was born.

Department Aims

Our aims are pretty damn simple- attack, and cause mass casualties. Warnings are often given before an attack, though they tend to be somewhat cryptic in nature.

Past Events

Buckley Mall Bash

Whilst enjoying their time in Wyke Hills, after being "invited" by a certain very trenchy survivor that led a certain very trenchy group, some Red Rum members decided to make their presence known to the survivors of the area. Needless to say, some residents didn't exactly appreciate our help in trying to force the "TAR Martial Law" that was being enforced, but alas, some survivors are insufferable.

Kills: 21 Screenshots: [1] [2] [3]

Malton Pub & Club Crawl

After witnessing the underage drinking and debauchery characteristic of the social breakdown of Malton after the zombie infestation, a group of upright, moral Rummers took it upon themselves to cleanse the establishments of corruption and restore order. Over a ten day period, Arms and Clubs in Rolt Heights, Pescodside, Dulston, and Rhodenbank were systematically visited and wiped clean of all traces of debasement and immorality. Survivors everywhere heaped praises upon them for their righteous work.

Kills: 40

The Ides Of March

Another multi-group attack with much of the PKA, we turned our attentions on Ackland to celebrate the betrayal and death of Caesar. Though the Mall did not fall on that fateful day, the attack heavily destabilized the surrounding region.

Kills: 76 (Post encumbrance)

St. Valentine's Massacre

An unprecedented success, blowing all previous attempts out of the water. Red Rum's leadership masterminded an attack involving 14 separate PKer groups under the banner of St. Valentine's Cherubs to destroy Bale Mall. By the end of the day hundreds lay dead or dying, and the brutalized Mall fell to a small band of zombies. Red Rum had a massive effect on this attack, causing a similar number of casualties to all other groups combined- virtually wiping out everyone left standing.

Kills: 130

Lumber Mall Festivities

In what was Red Rum's first multi-group strike, Lumber Mall was visited with some early Christmas gifts. We spent a few minutes giving them out with help from their new friends in the AMSC, resulting in a very merry night indeed.

Kills: 28

Joachim Mall Attack

The Joachim Assault was, despite short notice, a wonderful success. Three corners of the mall were utterly cleared, and heavy casualties inflicted on the fourth.

Kills: 55

Giddings Mall Massacre

Now infamous throughout the community, this was a joy to behold. It was noted by most major groups- from the DEM "the horror" to Shacknews Zombie Horde, who were deeply impressed by the coordination and body counts.

Kills: 58 Screenshot: here

The Shickell Arms Assault (the 3rd Waye)

The original strike inspiring this department of Red Rum was the Shickell Arms Assault- a culmination of weeks of misinformation, entertainment and tempting kills. The strike lasted mere minutes, but wiped out the building's 19 inhabitants and left the denizens of Red Rum thirsty for more...


Department Leader Profile

Current Leader

The Dancing Banana (aka "Red Produce") is the current leader of the Strikers. Since coming to fame during the Rolt Heights War, his strange and, one might say, eccentric demeanor has become a well known trademark. He enjoys ice cream, chocolate syrup, and cherries in his spare time, but never all at once, lest others become too enticed by the spectacle.

Past Leader(s)

Karloth Vois (aka "the Red Tape") lead the strikers, and did so since their creation as a specific department of Red Rum until his retirement. He spent much of his time researching future targets, and mightily enjoys "prepping" Malls for striker excursions.

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