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Zombie Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a zombie strategy.
Abbreviation: X:00
Group Numbers: Unknown / Variable
Leadership: none / dispersed (Founded by --Swiers 03:05, 20 January 2007 (UTC)
Goals: X:00 exists to allow zombies to find other zombies who wish to make an attack at a particular time using "scent death" and other in-game techniques.
Recruitment Policy: Any and all zombies are invited to make use of X:00 tactics and groups. Putting the GMT time you wish to attack (such as 18:00) in your group membership on your character's profile is all that is required.
Contact: X:00 User Registration

X:00- It's Time to Kill

X:00 is not a group in the traditional sense. It's a tactic for using the "Group:" field on your profile page to tell other zombies when you'll attack a building. To use this tactic, enter your attack time (in GMT 24 hour clock terms) in your profile as your group membership.

Simple, eh? That's what X:00 is - it's time to kill.


Zombies need to co-ordinate attacks on barricades if they want to be most effective. By making your attack time known to other zombies, you can co-ordinate attacks with them. X:00 encourages members to do this through a variety of means, one (and an important one) of which is using your attack time as your group name. X:00 users have taken to calling these attack times "shifts", because whatever "job" you are working on, the attack time is when you "punch in".

Other zombie organizations and zombie groups tend to use metagaming to coordinate their attacks- X:00 aims to develop methods whereby no (or minimal) metagaming is needed to allow coordinated zombie attacks. The end goal of X:00 is to produce a population of highly effective feral zombies, both by teaching ferals to use X:00 tactics and by making X:00 tactics effective enough that ferals benefit as a side effect of X:00 attacks.


For example, a zombie player who wanted to use his zombie to attack at 18:00 GMT would list 18:00 as his group membership. This has several benefits:

  • Any zombie who views your profile can tell when you will next be logging on to attack, and can save their AP's until then if they wish to work with you. This allows you to "broadcast" your attack intentions.
  • "Scent Death" can be used by zombies to find members of their group. Even if you don't know those other group members, this has obvious benefits if the "group" in question consists of people who wish to attack at the same time you do!

Some people may wish to remove this information from their profile when not actively logged in. They might wish to promote another group; a member of The Ridleybank Resistance Front who uses X:00 tactics would perhaps only list their attack time when "on the clock", and display The Ridleybank Resistance Front at other times. Other X:00 users might wish to switch to X:00 when not logged in, to promote the tactic more directly. This might also be useful to prevent survivors from knowing when you will attack, but could also prevent other X:00 users from getting info they need.


I bumped into Xyu on IRC and talked to him about X:00 and Mall Tour '07. He seemed pretty interested in the X:00 idea, so now there's gonna be a Mall Tour '07/X:00 page. Mall sieges are very different from what I'd envisioned X:00 being used for, but I think that "rattle of jaw" propaganda outside the mall, combined with properly written character descriptions and group names, could be quite effective at motivating ferals to make coordinated attacks. There are so many ferals at the tour stops that if even 5% of them joined a given X:00 group, it would show up on the stats page! This should be a pretty interesting project, though I'm not 100% sure how to pursue it.

Current X:00 Activities and Guidelines

Per the above news, X:00 is encouraging all players with an interest in this tactic to join the Mall Tour '07. Go to Mall Tour '07/X:00 to check out situation-specific uses of X:00 tactics on the mall tour.

OK, I guess the work at the mall is really starting to pay off- 0:00 membership is now at 17 (and climbing) on the stats page, and I smell three others in the square with me. So, here's my pointers for maximixing X:00 use:

  • X:00 tactics currently focus on getting as many zombies to attack at one universal time (GMT hour) as possible. To that end, it is best to limit X:00 attacks to just a few times per day. Figure out which of the four principle attack groups and go with that one, if at all possible.
  • Set your profile up X:00 style. That is, change your group name to 0:00 or one of the other 4 "pilot groups" from the registration page, and change your description to explain that you attack at "X:00" and put a link to this page in it." The bit about your description seems important, and I suggest keeping it VERY simple, with a lot of line breaks. Check out rot1's profile for an example.
  • Find yourself a big-ass pack of zombies. If its one with a meta-game (like a message board) that's even better.
  • Say stuff like "Grab mah zambah nam. Wanna gangbang? Ahm ganna ram baragagz. Z mah zambah gang nam? "
  • Go to the groups message board and post a bit of info about what your doing, why, etc. Try to figure out how you can use X:00 tactics to help the mob achieve its goals- they may already have attack times they want to promote, and you can use your profile description and / or group name to promote those in a way they had not considered trying.

This stuff seems to be working REALLY well with the Mall Tour at Strickling; I regularly get to jabber at over 100 zombies. Only 50 at a time hear you, but I space out mu talking to reach new zombies, and move around. And the response seems pretty good- I've seen new 0:00 members springing up around Strickling like crazy, and the 0:00 group had 17 members last time I checked the statboard- that's six in ONE DAY, making it one of the fastest growing groups on the page!

X:00 Tactics

  • Changing your zombie description to include details about your attack times and X:00. That way, anybody who views your profile will be much more likely to understand the purpose of "X:00" as your group membership. This is such a simple idea, I'm pissed I didn't think of it sooner. Here's an example of such a profile:

Preacher of the o'clocalypse.jpg

  • Talking to other zombies in game. If you talk, people can view your profile and add you to their contacts. Saying "Grab mah zamabah gab" should encourage others to click the link in your speech text if they are paying any attention. Other actions may create the same effect, but talking promotes profile viewing. Some zombies also use the "gesture at self" option to encourage others to "look at me" (view their profile) but this is not universally understood.
  • Learning Zamgrh. Zamgrh is the source of enlightening phrases such as "Grab ma zambah gab," "Mah zambah gang az harbgaar," and "Harman banana gangbang!" It can also be used for more sophisticated organization. "Zagz ar grag zambah brazzarz! Ganna zmazh zah bangbangbarn -ZZA-, ganna harm harmanz. Gah arra ah bangbangbarn! means, "Six o'clock zombies! We're going to attack the Police Department S-S-E of here, we will eat humans. Go over to the Police Department." X:00 zombies should familiarize themselves with the Zombie Lexicon, and also feel free to add terms of their own that seem appropriate.
  • Logging on early enough to locate others in your group, and stand up so they can locate you. X:00 was originally conceived specifically for the purpose of allowing zombies to use "scent death" to locate others who planned to make attacks at the same time, via the update of January 19 2007 that allows zombies to use Scent Death to "locate nearby members of their own group." Logging on 15 minutes before your attack time will give you time to do this; simply stand up outside and hit "scent death"; you will instantly know where the nearest X:00 user(s) with the same attack time in their profile are located! Then you can shamble over to join them, and attack at that location, or another you arrange through in-game communication. It is important that your zombie be standing before the declared attack time, because "Scent Death" won't pick up zombies who are laying down. No sleeping while on the clock!
  • Adding X:00 users (or at least those in your specific group) to your contacts. You can't generally view a zombie's profile just by walking into the same location and clicking on the zombies name, because you can't see the name. If the zombie is in your contact list, you CAN view their profile this way, but more importantly you can tell whether the zombies around you are in your group. This is very easy if you color code your contacts; by making X:00 users in your group green, you'd know that if several other zombies in your location were green, you could expect a good impact when your attack time came around. The X:00 User Registration page exists to promote the sharing of character profiles for this purpose. This is requires some metagaming, but not nearly as much as other methods of coordinating attacks would.
  • Leaving feedback on the Talk:X:00 page. X:00 is an ongoing experiment, and X:00 members are encouraged to develop new in-game tactics for locating and coordinating attacks with other zombies. Let other X:00 users know what you find out. Please do NOT leave metagame info like attack locations; the point of X:00 is to have fun with IN GAME zombie behavior and organization.

Scent Death information

X:00 was originally conceived specifically for the purpose of allowing zombies to use "scent death" to locate others who planned to make attacks at the same time, via the update of January 19 2007 that allows zombies to use Scent Death to "locate nearby members of their own group." As such, data about the specifics of this ability could greatly aid the use of this tactic. Leave any thoughts or information you gather on the talk:X:00 page. Questions to be investigated include:

  • What is the maximum range at which members of your group can be detected?
  • What happens if two or more members are present in different locations, but the same distance away?
  • Is any preference given to "detecting" larger collections of group members vs single group members, if both are at the same distance? What if the larger collection is slightly further away?
  • Can members be detected if they are inside buildings? If larger groupings are preferentially detected, do members in one block but not all inside / outside count as one larger grouping?
  • Does the detection of group members include those who have been killed, or only standing zombies?
    • Only standing zombies. I found this out with one of my Alts. --Ev933n / Talk PPGC
    • Thanks to Ev933n for this info; the tactics / guidelines have been updated to reflect this. --Swiers X:00 18:40, 4 February 2007 (UTC)

Propaganda Slogans

Some words to use in propaganda.
Its time to kill.
Punch In!
Its about time!
O'clockalypse Now!

Zombie Oratory

Some phrases that work well for those with a slight case of death (rattle, that is).
Z mah zambah gang nam? B mah zambah gang nam!
Grab mah zambah gab.
!z ganna b agz ar grag ana m!na na. Ganna ram barragagz!
Ram barragagz a mah gang nam. Z mah gang nam?

X:00 Radio

Zombies who have radios can (indeed, must) listen to whatever is broadcast on the station the radio is tuned to. The 28.24 MHz band is officially reserved as "X:00 Radio". Any and all X:00 participants are urged (when alive) to pick up a radio and tune it to the 28.24 MHz frequency. We may not be broadcasting much anytime soon, but it's there if we need it, and we should encourage other groups who can provide information useful to zombies, death cultists, and PKers to use this frequency. Broadcasting on this band does NOT require the "radio operation" skill, so go ahead and use it next time you get revived! So put 28 (the public access band) 24 (as in 24 hours in a day) on your radio!


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