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This page is intended to help one learn how to use and understand the language of zamgrh. For immediate translations, use the dictionary.

Zombie Language & Codes

There are 4 different complex methods by which zombies communicate using Death Rattle: Zombese, Zombish, Zomban, and Zamgrh. The former three refer to codes that can be translated, while the latter is a zombie attempt at language. These serve several important functions including coordination with other zombies and limited communication with survivors. The term "zombese" is sometimes incorrectly used to refer to all in-game zombie sounds.

Zombies may also communicate at a basic level using Flailing Gesture, gesturing at particular zombies and then in a direction to convey a message of movement, or using symbolic gestures, such as gesturing towards the sky as an indication of revivification, or at the ground to indicate brain rot.

Outside of the metagaming aspect, many zombie players also choose to convey information through their description, such as "zombie holds a sign saying ....". The key then is to get people to view the profile by speaking to them. This is often used as a "cheap and dirty" way of getting information fast, avoiding the limits of Death Rattle.

Pre Death Rattle Zombie Expressions

Before learning Death Rattle, zombies are very limited in their ability to communicate. All they have is a small list of noises they can make. But even these can hold meaning to those who are paying attention.

Graagh. - This emote is so basic that there is no real meaning.

Graaaagh! - This is an exclamatory. Usually indicates the zombie wants to attack, or when he has been angered. For example, it may be used as a response to a taunt from a survivor.

Grrrh. - Another vague emote with no accepted purpose.

Grh. - A casual greeting between zombies.

Mrh? - Easily the most common word for zombies to say. It carries a variety of meanings, but the most common of these is, by far, a request to be revived. Whenever a survivor is slain and wishes to return to life, they typically shamble over to the nearest revive point and Start spamming Mrh?. Hence the term Mrh Cow. However, Mrh could also refer to life in general, or used as a questioning adverb, such as when, why, how, and so on.

Brnhr. - Indicates that the zombie is giving permission to be killed, either to help other zombies get the last few XP needed to level up, regain full health, or to avoid a headshot. Basically, it means, "Eat me".

The Death Rattle Lexicon

Death Rattle is a skill zombies can buy which enables them to speak. However, zombie speech is limited to the letters a, b, g, h, m, n, r, and z as well as a few punctuation characters. Several zombie groups developed complex codes such as Zombese, Zomban, and Zombish in which combinations of characters translate directly to English. Zamgrh is a lexicographic attempt at forming a zombie language without code. The following is a listing of all the known phrases heard from zombies using zamgrh and their meaning.

Also see the Zamgrh - English dictionary.


These are direct orders to all other zombies within earshot.

Ambarga - A very specific order, which is to create a "embargo" by Ransacking all the areas in which a survivor could find a Fuel Can so that any survivors will not be able to efficiently find fuel to power generators and take advantage of the search bonuses.

Bah-b!gh mah zambah. - Literally 'Bad bite my zombie'. The zombie is asking nearby zombies to infect it, likely so it can parachute later.

Mangang ranzag - Maintain Ransack; Refers to zombies staying inside a ransacked building so that survivors cannot repair it. It may be used to order the occupation of a specific building if in the form Mangang ranzag ahn <building name>.

Gang! - Getting everybody's attention for an order. Addressing the entire mob.

Grab arm, harm man! - A signal to attack humans.

  • Harm bang-bang man! - A signal to kill all zombie hunters in a room.
  • Harm bag-man! - A signal to kill all medical players in the area.
  • Grab h!m!! - A simple signal to drag a survivor out into the street.
  • Grab zam, anh brang zam haarh! - A more complex signal to drag survivors. Literally translates to 'Grab them, and bring them here!'

Grab mah zambah gab - A request that the listener should click ("grab") on the link to the profile link provided with the spoken death rattle phrase. Non-garbled info can be conveyed in the user's profile as part of the zombies description or group membership, but zombie profiles are not generally available to be clicked on; saying "Grab mah zambah gab" both makes your profile viewable, and encourages others to view it.

Grahn - "Groan" This is an order to groan for more zombies, or "nah grahn" for selfish zombies to shut up and eat.

Hag - Literally, "hug." Zombies are known to be affectionate from time to time. Survivors should be warned that hugging with zombies can not only lead to disease, but to brains being eaten.

Harm zaan - "Harm soon" This is an order to wait at the current location so a horde can assemble.

Ranzag - An order to ransack skill in the building or surrounding area.

Zgram! - Scram! Occasionally barked at babah zambahz who are annoying their zgaarah brazzahz. An indicator that the scarier zombie would like the youngling to quickly depart.

Zmazh anh grab - Smash and grab. Smash: the barricades, generator, radio, humans until they are near death. Grab: Humans, and drag them out into the street. A common tactic for more experienced zombies to aid younger brothers and sisters.

Zmazh Barragazh - There are many variants of this all meaning "Smash Barricades", instructing zombies to start a full scale attack on a building's fortifications.

Zzzzhhhh!!!! - "Shhhhhh!" Sometimes uttered upon entering a library or by noise abatement societies.

Agz ah Grag

A new sophisticated means of communication has been observed amongst feral zombies. Agz ah Grag (pronounced X:00 or x o'clock by the living), is the phrase used by ferals to indicate a desire for coordinating an attack via this system.


B!g - Big.

Graan - Green, usually in reference to a suburb's danger level. "Mah zambahz ham zabarb am graan!"

Nab!g - Small, literally not big.

Nah graan - Literally, "not green". Used for all colors except green, but is most often associated with a red danger level in a suburb.


Arh - Or.

Az - As.

Bgaz - Because.

Haahabarh - But.


Words used to convey the meaning of objects, locations, or people with strategic importance.

Anagram - Since most zombies feel uncomfortable with proper grammar and vocabulary usage, they typically slur the word 'anagram' to refer to graffiti. That's right folks, zombies are literate.

Armah baz - Army base, either Fort Creedy or Fort Perryn.

Armah manz - Army men, could refer either to actual soldiers or any survivor within a military base.

Baag - Book.

Baagbarn - Library, literally book-building.

Baba - Father. Some zombies will refer to older, more experienced zombies by this.

Bag - Bag; corpus

Baganz - Pagans

Bag man - Reference to the medical profession (and the archetype's "doctor's bag") commonly refers to revivers.

Bang-bang - Guns, often part of larger words referring to various types of survivor/building (see below).

Bang-bang haz - Police station. Literally, "gun house".

Bang-bang man - A zombie hunter with the headshot skill.

Barbaga zaarz - BBQ sauce

Barhah - A complicated concept. Can imply holiness, but also used with regard to many religious holidays (e.g. BARHAHmas) - see Barhah.

Barhahraz - heaven (Barhah-kingdom)

Barn - Building. Also used as a suffix to many words to describe individual buildings (such as Barhahbarn, Bagmanbarn)

Barragahz/Barragazh - Barricades. There are a few regional variations on this (usually concerning the H).

Barrm - form

Bazaarh - A mall. From "bazaar", a word meaning marketplace.

Bra!nbag - A human's head or hat. Essentially everything which might contain brains.

Bra!nbarn - university (brain-building)

Bra!nzbarn - restaurant (food-building)

Bra!nz - Brains; generically food. Sometimes, a zombie will refer to survivors as bra!nz, ignoring the rest of the body as unimportant.

B!mb bra!nbag - Pimp hat. The ultimate Malton fashion accessory.

Gab - language, text, words, etc. A very common root word for anything regarding communication. Rather than the human equivalent, it does not imply that the speech is unimportant or casual.

Gaggarh - gagger, a cannabis cigarette

Ganarazharh - Generator; metaphorically power

Gangbang - Death or killing, usually refers to killing large amounts of survivors. More crudely, can be interpreted as "gangbang" or "orgy" (of killing/feeding).

Ganz - Guns. Also known as "bang-bangz".

Gahzazambah - Zombie linguist.

Gharraghah! - Similar to the interjection "Eureka". Used when a zombie hatches an excellent idea.

Grarrah - glory

Grazzaz - glasses

Habganna - will or desire. Literally "have gonna", or more intuitively, "gonna have".

Hangang z!ngz - Paintings, or more literally, "hanging things". Used broadly to refer to any decorations.

Harmanz - Survivors, although many zombies view this word as being closer to the English "groceries".

Hazbah/Bagman Haz - A hospital. The latter translates as "Bagman House", with a Bagman being a medic or doctor.

HB - Hit points. As in "Harm mah, zambah brazzaz! Ah haz nah HB. Ah razzah zambahz harm mah, zan nah bang bang man." ("Harm me, zombie brothers! I have three hit points. I'd rather zombies harm me, than the headshotting zombie hunters." - An extended version of brnhr.)

Mahb - The MOB, or sometimes a horde in general, although gang is more common. When used to mean horde, it implies not just a large gathering of zombies, but an organized group.

Manzhan - A mansion.

Maranara - Marinara. Alternative to BBQ sauce, and better for dipping.

Marzan - Malton

Mrh-Gaaz - A derisive term for zombies waiting at revive points. (See Mrh Cows)

MrhBarn - NecroTech Building

Mrh man - NecroTech Man.

Namm - name

Nahm-nah - cookie, for any and all zombies who want a treat here and there

Rabrarah - Library.

Ragargarh - recorder

Rahzaba Zarmarba - Radio Transmitter.

Raz - kingdom

RNA Grabbah - DNA Extractor.

Rzz - Ressurection.

Zambahz - Zombies.

Zarh!ngh - Syringe.

Zgaarm - Storm


Auxiliary Verbs

Ganna - future tense auxiliary: Mah zambah ganna grab harmanz 'I am going to attack people.'

Haz - past tense auxiliary: Mah zambah haz grab harmanz 'I attacked people'

B - past tense auxiliary: Mah zambah b rannan. 'I was running.'

Regular Verbs

Barg - To eat. Presumably taken from harmanbargarz.

Brang - To bring, take, or carry.

Bzz - To buzz.

Gab - To speak. A very common root word.

Gah - Go/Walk/Say.

Grab - To attack; to read; to look at; to judge. This term also has a pejorative overtone of sex or rape, as in the phrase "Azzgrabbar."

Grabgrab - To analyze.

Hab - To help.

Habganna - To want.

Haz - To have.

Mabban - To move.

Mrh? - To live.

Na-mabban - To be still.

Rabhabh - To revive.

Ram - To smash, attack (generically).

Ranz - To run (participle, rannan)

Razzan - To listen; to overhear.

Z!ng - To sing.

Zanz - To dance or celebrate. Often done by lighthearted zombies after destroying a building, most often a club.

Zhangh - To stab, or more literally, "to shank".

Zmazh To smash (relating more specifically to barricades), but used elsewhere.


Ahn - to/ in

Ahn-na-ahn - between

Ahnna - into

Arahn - around

Grh - with : Mah zambah barg Amarah Ragazzah grh barbaga zaarz 'My zombie ate Emeril Lagasse with BBQ sauce'

Na-ahnna - away from (not into)

Za - to : Mah zambah ganna razzan za zambaz gab. 'My zombie will listen to zombies speak.'


G!a - who; that; which (probably from the Spanish que)

H!n - him

Mah Zambah - I, myself.

Zhar - her


This has been invented as a system to communicate direction and number of block, useful for those who with Scent Trail to communicate those who know the system. (Example "AHN -A-, ZAZ -N-" means 'one East, six North')


-N- - North

-A- - East

-R- - West

-Z- - South

also consider these English sound-alikes:

Narh - North

Az - East

Raz - West

Zah - South

Narh-Az - Northeast

Narh-Raz - Northwest

Zah-Az - Southeast

Zah-Raz - Southwest


!, !!, !!! one, two, and three; roman numerals, with ! = I

ANA - one

ZMA - two

ZHRAA -three

HAAR - four

RAAH - five

ZAZ - six

ZABAN - seven

AAGHZ - eight

NAHN - nine

ZHAN - ten

HANGARG - hundred

HARZANZ - thousand

M!RRH!AN - million (occasionally marrarahn)

HRA!R - more than 4


Zombies tend to be a musical bunch. Human survivors report hearing strains of Kumbayah(Ghambarhah) and other ditties amongst the less decayed zombies. Please refer to The Zombie Song Lyrics Page.

Group Expressions

Groups of zombies will often develop rallying cries. Many have been categorized, and can be found here.


Zombies have feelings too, and this is how they express them.

Ahm nahm nahm - Apparently the undead have a fondness for LOLcats too.

ARRRRH!!! - Anger, frustration, being a pirate.

Harh harh harh, BAHAHAHAHA, Grahahaha, and many other variations - Laughter.

BARHAH! - Sometimes used as an attack signal or rallying cry, barhah is often used as an exclamatory. Barhah also has an abstract spiritual meaning for some zombies, meaning, loosely, "the spirit of the horde". Barhah is the reason and the means by which one unlives. This is exemplified by a quote from RRF leader Petrojsko's speech after the RRF's defeat at Caiger Mall: "The harmanz have shown us that they indeed can taste some small part of the Barhah that makes us great. In this, we can even claim a small victory"

Harrah! - Hurry!

Harmanz, ambraz Barhah! - Humans, embrace Barhah! Used by fundamentalists and propagandists to encourage humans to embrace their new (or impending) state of undeath and become true zombies, instead of mindless Mrh? cows.

Hanh zah nahm ah Ghaan! - In the name of Kane! Apparently, some zombies are former members of the Brotherhood of Nod. It would be more correctly said as "Ahn Ghaanz nahm," however this could be a dialectical representation.

Habbah Zangzgabang! - Happy Thanksgiving! Zombies are known to enjoy this New World holiday by feasting on harmanz with granbarah zaarz (cranberry sauce).

Hab a habbah harrahaan - Have a Happy Halloween Our favorite time of the year, so we've got a rattle to suit.

Mah zombah gonna ram h!n banana ahnna h!n rabahz Zaghana- translate it and you'll understand.

Marrah Barhahmaz an marrah Barhannagah - Seasonal greetings given by zombies visiting your safehouse. It is an invitation to join in the winter holiday festivities. WARNING: Zombie festivities often include the celebratory consumption of human flesh.

Habbah Granzah is expected to be the equivalent of Happy Kwanzaa.
Marrah ghrazmaz an hra habbah na haarh! - Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Bah-hambag - A show of dislike for holidays or holiday cheer, especially Christmas. Often accompanied by smashing seasonal decorations.

Nah brabram - No problem. Ram zah barragaz? Nah brabram!

Zangz - Thanks! The standard zombie word meant to express appreciation. Sometimes used in coordinance with 'Nah Brabram'

Zarrah - "Sorry." Considered the polite thing to say if you (accidentally or otherwise) take a bite out of your fellow zed.

Suburb Names

Gagarzzaahn G!nz!nzaahn Garzbang Raz Bahnbanana Az Bahnbanana Rambarg H!hhz Ghanzarbanana Arrzaahn Rhazrh!nbang Guzgan
Rahbanana Gahgzbanana Gaggambgan Zhaggrbang Ragagan M!rran H!hhz Ra!nz H!hhz Bazhangan Rahg Haagz Bazgagzaagh
Baggazgan Brh!hhagz Ghagrh!gan Garzahh Haagz -!zanbah Braahg H!hhz Zhaarbang Hahnrah Haagz Zangrb!rrh G!bzangan Dann!ngbanana
Ganarh H!hhz Raz Bagzaahn Az Bagzaahn Rh!gzman H!hhz G!ghrhbang Ragzhzaahn Ranzraabang Hahgan Zbragrh!ngbang Banghargan
Ahzrahbang Marhbang Rag!nzbanana Habrahgrahb Barhahb!rrh Ragrabang B!mbang B!bbarb!rrh B!gnahbang Zgarrh!ngzaahn
Grh!gg Haagz Raganbang Harm!hh Haagz Zharh H!hhz Gaabrab H!hhz Zganbara B!hhagz Rahzbanana Aghzgambh Barhah-Raz Ganganzaagh
Graaghgan Marn!nggan Narh Brh!ghb!rrh Braagzb!rrh Magragz Haagz Zhaggrb!rrh Garrh!gan Graabang B!nzaahn Hahbanbang
N!gzbang Rh!ghbanana Zah Brh!ghb!rrh Graanzaahn Gabgan Gamzgarhbang Rah Haagz Gahzanzaagh Azmanb!rrh B!nnah Haagz
Bahgz Brh!hhagz Rhagrbang Raggahhzaagh Garzaagh G!ngh Haagz Raz Grahzaagh Az Grahzaagh Zgarhagbanana B!nnb!rrh Rh!rarbang
Nah Argham Arrh Argham Zb!zarh H!hhz Arramzbrh!hh Bagganb!rrh Rh!gh H!hhz Harramzaahn Gamgarzbang Agganzaagh M!rzaahn

Building Types

Building names begin with a root word for what the building is related to followed by barn, the word for building. Thus, the literal translation would be root word-building, although each refers to a specific type of building.

Zamgrh English Root (Zamgrh) Root (English)
Garhbarn Auto Repair Shop Garh Car
Ghazhbarn Bank Ghazh Cash
Barn Barn -- --
B!g-Brazzah-Barn Big Brother House B!g-Brazzah Big brother
Barn Building -- --
G-zazbarn Church G-zaz Jesus
Z!namabarn Cinema Z!nama Cinema
Zahnzbarn Club Zahnz Dance
Zzzzbarn Dormitory Zzzz Sleep
Ganarazharhbarn Factory Ganarazharh Generator
Barnbarn Farmhouse Barn Barn
Agzbarn Fire Station Agz Axe
Armahbarn Fort Armah Army
Bagbarn Hospital Bag Medical Bag
Zahrhbarn Hotel Zahrh Tour
Garbahzbarn Junkyard Garbahz Garbage
B!gbarn Large Building B!g Big
Baagbarn Library Baag Book
Marrh Mall -- --
Manzhanbarn Mansion Manzhan Mansion
Zgabzahbarn Museum Zgabzah Sculpture
Mrhbarn Necrotech building Mrh Life
Nabarn Open Land Na No
Bang-bangbarn Police Station Bang-bang Firearm
Abzarbbarn Pub Abzarb To drink
Ra!rbarn Railway Station Ra!r Rail
Bra!nbarn School Bra!n Brain
Nagbarn Stables Nag Horse
H!ghbarn Tower H!gh High
Baghzbarn Warehouse Baghz Box


At least a few zombie players have taken the time to occasionally rattle off multiple lines of seeming gibberish that, when viewed by somebody who latter sees the entire speech, will form a picture. The Minions of the Apocalypse pioneered this zombie art form, and it is unknown if it has spread outside that group.


One of the most useful bits of information a zombie could communicate is the TIME at which a group should "ram an zmazh barragagz". Strangely, there so far seems to be no lexicon for this, or even much effort to communicate such info. X:00 group / tactics center around the concept of in game co-ordination of attack times, and may lead to development / use of such a lexicon. For now, here are some attempts at suggested phrases.

Zmazh barragagz !n an haar. - "Smash the barricades in an hour". This means the zombie hopes to incite a barricade attack one hour from the time stamp given with the spoken expression.

Zmazh barragagz !n!!! haar. "Smash the barricades in three hours". This means the zombie hopes to incite a barricade attack three hours from the time stamp given with the spoken expression.

Zmazh barragagz !n hab haar. - "Smash the barricades in half hour". This means the zombie hopes to incite a barricade attack 30 minutes from the time stamp given with the spoken expression.


Any words that fit in none of the previous categories, often silly expressions with no important meaning.

Aaah mah gaz - Oh my god. An expression of shock amongst the undead that they've been imitating from witnessing survivor usage while in their presence. Typically used in the presence of headshotters, or a large group of harmanz. an angry zombie says, "Hrah harh! Harman zaz, 'aaah mah gaz, ZAHMBAHZ!! Ran, RAN!' Zahmbahz brang gangbang, hraaah!"

Abba - A disturbing number of zombies seem to enjoy this group and its music.

Abragababra - A magic intonation, often uttered before attempting to smash down a heavily barricaded building. (See The Zombie Song Lyric Page entry)

Aga!n - Again.

Agrabah - The central location in the popular Disney film Aladdin. Agrabah's ruler is the Sultan The kingdom is constantly being rescued by its most famous residents Aladdin, Genie, Abu, Carpet, Iago and its very own Princess Jasmine.

Ahbgrag - Literally an upgrade, most often used to describe a change to the game.

Ahm rrahrh rrhnrrh... - Apparently it means 'I'm really lonely'. At least that's what the zombie who uttered it said when asked. Possibly a play off of the ol' zombie song "Zah Rahnrrh, ah zah rahnrrh".

Aman - "Amen". Used to indicate a prayer is completed, usually to Zombie Jesus, or "Zambah G-zaz".

Ammmm - Ummmm. Used when a thought oozes it's way through a decaying brain, but the zombie isn't sure what it is yet.

Anazarh - Another. "Argh! Annazarh bang bang man az haarh!"

Angrah - "Angry". As in "Mah zambah am an angrah zambah." Being angry or not rarely alters a zombie's propensity for violence (which is generally high), yet this word sees significant use when a zombie's plans go awry.

Argham - Arkham. Can refer to either the Old or New variety.

Arghazzm - This one's rather obvious (Hint: It's Orgasm).

Arzhahm! - Awesome! An expression of the great wave of pleasure or satisfaction.

Az - As.

Azgaban - The third novel of J.K. Rowling's esteemed series is only just reaching Malton, for obvious reasons. You can find it at your local Baagbarn. The Zombese translation of the first book in the series, tentatively titled 'Harrah Baggah ahn za Zarzaraz Banana', is still pending.

Azz - Ass. Often used with "ram", "gangbang", or "gramma".

Azzbag - Cushion or seat. "Grab an azzbag" is said before a Broadway Zombies performance to tell the audience that it is time to sit down and enjoy the show.

Azzbangarh - (See Azzgrabbarz)

Azzgraahn - Assclown. Some revivers are annoyed when zombies chat with others while waiting at revive points, and call them names. Zombies think this is funny and taunt, "Harh Harh Harh! Mah zambah am ah azzgraahn!"

Azzgrabbarz - Zombie culture isn't unnecessarily fond of homosexuality, however, ramming bananaz in living harmanz azz is typically considered an invitation to the realm of Barhah. With the roles reversed, it's considered a heinous crime for a necrophiliac to dare attempt to molest a zombie.

Baamarang - Boomerang. Beyond the weapon that returns, it may be advanced military tactics for zombies, essentially meaning "let's leave and come back when humans have repopulated."

Babah - Baby. A low-level player. Mostly refers to zambahz. Zambahz use the Feeding Drag skill to help nourish their babah brazzahz an zazzahz.

Bah bah bah, Barbrah Ahn! - It seems that some zombies have an appreciation of the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann, as survivors have heard this phrase several times recently. (see The Zombie Song Lyric Page entry)

Bahamaz - The Bahamas. A favorite vacation destination for zombies.

Bahrang... - Boring. Often uttered by those waiting for a revive with no humans in sight.

Bam-mahbam - Suicide. A compound word formed of the parts bam and mah.

Banana - There are many uses for this word, almost all of which are obscene. However, followers of Barhah consider the banana to be the holiest of fruits.

Bananarama - The act by which a zombie rams a banana is at least one orifice of a survivor.

Bananabra!n - Crazy, stupid, or silly. Serves as a generic insult of one's intelligence, much as retard does in English.

Bang arh Bra!nz - The zombie equivalent of the phrase Trick or treat. It's often heard around Halloween.

Bang-mahbang - Masturbation. A compound word formed of the parts bang and mah. Not to be confused with Bam-mahbam.

Barbaga zaarz - Barbecue sauce! Even in the afterlife, zombies enjoy a topping for their foods other than human blood.

Barbara - They're coming to get you, Barbara!

Barbarh!an - A barbarian. Could mean a human who results to what may be considered savage acts, such as combat revival, or a survivor who prefers the fire axe as a weapon.

Barg - Derived from bargarh. Serves as a generic root word for eating. It can be used as the verb "to eat" or in a compound word such as hambargarz. It can also be used to mean a feast or banquet.

Barga!n - Bargain; Basically any harman inside a mall, especially one who dies shortly after the phase is used.

Barggrh - Compound word formed by barg (to eat) and grh (speech). This is the corresponding word for "feeding groan". Barggrharz becomes the imperative form.

Bargh - Barge. As in, entering a safehouse.

Bazzang - A general expression of defiance or joy. It is similar to the expressions "can't touch this" or "come and get it".

Brabag - Breast. Not a zombies ultimate goal, but always a welcome addition to one's day.

Braaghbagh Maangan - Brokeback Mountain. (See Azzgrabbarz)

Bragga - Bridge(game) some zombies prefer to spend their time keeping the few active brain cells they have in shape.

Bra!nz - Brains, sometimes food in general, and rarely survivors, when a zombie forgets the slightly less tasty parts.

Bran - Like brains but harder to digest. The food of choice for some elderly zombies.

Brang - Bring. "Zahmbahz, harmanz brang bargarz!"

Brazzahz - Literally brothers, but used to mean any fellow zombie, because zombies love each other on the same level as family. "Mah zahmbah brazzahz!" See also "zazzahz"

Gabba gabba BANG - The sound of a mouthy harman tripping over his own shotgun and shooting himself in the face.

Gabbann - God-damn. Sacreligious invective, used as an interjection or as an adjective to indicate that the speaker dislikes something, as in: "Grab zha Gabbann bang bang man!"

Gangbang - Just like the English gangbang. Means rape or complete victory, almost always while in a group.

Garbahz - Meaning garbage, is sometimes used to refer to the Caiger Mall Survivors, also DARIS.

Ghargarh Mahh - Caiger Mall.

Grab - Often used in a sexual manner, though with zombies now dragging wounded survivors out into the streets, this word has also been given new meaning. (See: Orders)

Gramma - Grandma, short for Grandmother. Sometimes used as a show of respect towards elderly, female zombies, much like papa or granba.

Grammar - Not to be confused with "gramma." Apparently a peculiarly large number of zombies are former high school English teachers.

Granba - Grandpa or Grandfather. "Zambahz grab granba nah gramma!"

Habbabaghamaz - "Hippopotamus". A zombie favorite at the zoo, possibly because the animal smells worse than the zombie.

Habbagambaz - "Hippocampus". One of the tastiest parts of brains, according to some zombie connoseurs.

Habbah hangrah - Happy hungry! The zombie version of 'bon appetit!' Growing usage as eat/eaten.

Haghz rh zambahz! - Precedes a "hug" (claw swipe) of greeting among friendly zambahz within certain RRF strike teams.

Harrararah - Hallelujah. As in, "Grarrah, grarrah harrararah"

Ham - Some zombies enjoy ham; may also be used to mean "him", as in "Bangbang man! Grab ham!" May also mean "home", as in "Harmanz barraghagz mah ham agan! Azzgrabarz!"

Hambagh Rar!b - Combat Revive. Not a popular tactic among barhah fundamentalists.

Hammarh - Hammer, alternative for zmazh. "Hammarh zah barragaz!"

Haarh - Here. "Bang bang manz haarh!"

Harmanbargarh - This is the rattle equivalent of "brains". The literal translation is meant to be "human hamburgers".

Harn - Phone, cell phone, radio transmitter, bullhorn. Literally "horn."

Hazzah - A typical zombie cheer for victory.

Harrarh - Horror. "Zah harrarh, zah harrarh!"

Mah Barhah brangz zah zambahz zaa zah bazaar- "My Barhah brings all the zombies to the mall" Used as a song or taunt.

Mah naggahz! - Relatively rare. Seemingly used when a zombie is attempting to rap.

Mahgang gaar - "Mating Call", specifically referring to a gang of Mrh Cows frantically mooing at a NT.

Mamba - When a zombie tears down the barricades to a club and finds themselves on the dancefloor, they typically have a preference of mamba dancing. Next to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller,' of course.

Marh b!mb hazz! - "More pimp hats." Some zombies like to encourage survivors to don stylish headwear.

Manbag - A handbag for men. After the apocalypse, most men don't care if they look girly if a piece of equipment is helpful to them.

Manbagz - Not to be confused with "manbag", manbagz are a common zombie expression for the male genitalia. It is often paired with banana or grab.

Mangah - Munch, as in "Zahmbahz mangah harman branz!"

Manham - See: "Azz"

Marharhahar - mother"fricker"

Marh - More, as in "Aaah mah gaz! Marh bang bang manz!".

Marrh Zahrh - Title of the Mall Tour official singalong song.

Mazzagrh - Massacre. "Harmanz mazzagrh mah brazzahz! Nah Am angrah!"

MG Hammarh - Often accompanied with a cry of "Ghahn zaghz zahz! (Can't touch this)"; translates directly to the great MC Hammer.

Mmm... - "Yum" or "Yummy" as in, "Harmanz branz arh mmm..."

Nahg - Need, as in "Mah zambah nahgz marh bra!nz!". Usage can be with or without a pluralizing 'z'. Some zombies shun use of this word, preferring "maz hab" or, "must have" in place of "need".

Naz - Nice. "Mah zambah am an naz zambah. Mah zambah am ganna hag harman." ("I am a nice zombie. I am going to hug you.")

N!ngah - Ninja. With zombies, it refers to particularly stealthy or "znaagah" zombies. With survivors, it seems to refer to "trenchcoaters".

Rabah - Lover. As in mah zambah rabah.

Rabbah - Rabbi. Not to be confused with rabah (see above)

Rabaz/Raghaz - to kick up a fuss (ruckus)

Rabazaman - revolution

Ragh - Right. Can be used as an affirmative, or as a negative, "nah ragh". Rarely used as a direction, as zombies prefer cardinal directions. This preference may be due to zombies not having a word for "left".

Ragnaragh - Zombie Ragnarok. The battle at the end of the zombie world where all zombies fight bravely and meet their destiny.

Rah nah - 'Right Now'. Can also be used to mean 'today', to counter 'zahmarrah'.

Rahg 'n Rahr - Rock and Roll

Ram - Self explanatory. Often used when giving an order to attack barricades, or harman azz.

Ram Ram - An invitation by a zombie for a survivor to say "Who's there?", to which the zombie will reply by making a joke or humorous statement about eating the survivor. The practice is similar to making knock-knock jokes.

Razz!a - raid, crackdown, round-up

Rh!bz - One of the tastiest parts of the harmanz.

Rrrrh Mrh - Revive Me

Zaghana - A rather crude term for a female reproductive organ. Commonly heard outside Nichols and Tynte Malls by zombies of the RRF.

Zagz-Another crude term for sexual intercourse

Zahah - Uh-huh.

Zahmarrah - Tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll eat ya, tomorrow!

Zahnz - "Dance". Often seen as a command or a challenge to other zambahz, followed by flailing gesture dance moves. A favorite pastime of the RRF Gore Corps, especially while at revive points. (See Dance Routine)

Zahz - Says, as in Mah zambah zahz nah.

Zambargah - Zombarchy, i.e. a government of zombies. It should be noted that attempts to discuss politics with a zombie will most likely end in your brain being eaten.

Zamrhm - Poetry. Unknown as to whether this refers to all poetry or just zombie poetry.

Zang Song.

Z!ng - To sing. Zombies tend to attempt this more than survivors, who see more success. Go figure.

Zargar - Zerger. Generally exclaimed when a zombie sees two similarly named characters next to each other in the room description or a known zerger. Will most likely be followed by the accused being taunted and eaten (See: Zargar Bargarz), and then a cheer (See: Hazzah).

Zargar Bargarz - Zerger burgers. The result of two similarly named characters being discovered by a horde of zombies, along with a generous addition of toppings.

Zazzah - Literally sister, but used to mean any female zombie, because zombies love each other on the same level as family. It seems that even zombies have a concept of political correctness, and are often heard referring to their "zambah brazzahz ahn zazzahz".

Zbah - Spy.

Zbam - Spam.

Zgaarah - Scary.

Zhaar - Share. When they needn't the XP, zombies often selflessly donate a dying survivors to the babahz.

Zhabbang - Shopping. Often a reference to a mall assault, and less often with needed "zhabbang bagz".

Zhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!! - A zombie's cry of anguish. Typically accompanied with arms raised to the sky and head tilted back. Also seen as Ghhhaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!!!!

Zharam - Serum. The contents of a revivification syringe.

Zharazahra - Territory. zombies are very particular about who comes on their turf. Expect lots of ramming, bananas, and azz, not necessarily in that order if they "grab" you on it.

Zmargazbarg - Smorgasbord. A feast in which harmanz are the main course. Usually uttered in delight after breaking into a safe house filled with babah (newbie) harmanz. Note the appropriate usage of the suffix "Barg."

Zmazh - Smash. Alternative for ram, and hammarh. Used less for barricades and more for survivors or even establishments. Zmazh Marzan!

Znaagah - Sneaky. "Znaagah harmanz barragagz zah haz an ranz."

Zzzz - Sleeping or swaying. May be used as a way of saying (s)he's about to run out of Action Points.

Verb Conjugation

Given the limits of the Zombie vocabulary, most verbs maintain a single form throughout all tenses and numbers of persons. Detail concerning the time and performer or recipient of an action can therefore often be discovered only by careful attention to context. The chart below gives an example of this tendency of the language of the walking dead.

Typical Death Rattle Verb Conjugation
Verb Tense Conjugation Death Rattle Example Translation
Past Simple haz + verb "Ah haz ran ahn Ragrabang." "I went to Ridleybank."
Present verb "Ah ran ahn Ragrabang." "I go to Ridleybank."
Future Simple ganna + verb "Mah zambah ganna ran ahn Ragrabang." "I will go to Ridleybank."

Treatise on Zombie Grammar

Enterprising linguists here in Malton have produced a body of work, a treatise on Zombie Grammar, which can be found here: Zamgrh. For the more enterprising students of Zombese, this will prove an invaluable tool.

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