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Cannonball Run (CBR for short) is a game which operates within the world of Urban Dead. Hunters stalk their Prey in a mad dash across the infested streets of Malton.

Cannonball Run: The Game

From those that enter, one will be randomly selected to be the Prey. The Prey must begin from a known starting point, spray a Spray Target, and reach a known finish line within alotted time. If the Prey makes it, the Prey wins! To stop the Prey, the rest of the characters must chase after the Prey as Hunters. If a Hunter intercepts and acheives any amount of damage against the Prey, that Hunter wins the round, as long as a screenshot is obtained as proof.

The Round Announcement

Each round will be accompanied with a Round Announcement, which is released to the General Discussion forum within 24 hours after the Join Deadline for that round. This will contain:

  • Character name and profile link for the Prey
  • Character names and profile links for the Hunters
  • A reiteration of the round deadlines (start and finish), spray target location, and finishline location

Spray Target

Along the way, the Prey must tag one location declared in the Round Announcement. Prey will report the successful spray by screenshot, and this will be verified in-game by a referee. The Prey can decide whether to post this spray verification screenshot either in the general discussion forum or in their private Prey forum. Only the Prey will know for certain who the referees are, though it's probably just Larry and DrSmartz.

End of Round Announcement

This notice will declare:

  • The winner, and how and when the end of game took place

Game Registration Process: Who Can Join?

Players from anywhere in Malton can join before the game deadline to be included in the current round. Just visit the CBR Forum and post the character which will be participating including a link to their in game profile. Prey will be randomly selected, and that character, announced to all players in the Round Announcement, must arrive at the starting point before the Start date/time.

Game Forums:

UrbanDead:Cannonball Run Forums (bookmark this)

Once you are registered for the forum site, post your character name and link to your Urban Dead in game profile to the game registration thread. After the Round Announcement, you will be granted access to either the Prey forum or the Hunters forum to collude with your fellow henchmen/henchwomen. Each player will want to post their activities to their respective forums as this is how referees follow the action to verify objectives are met. To be clear, Prey may not see the Hunters' forum, and Hunters may not see the Prey forum. General Discussion is open to all.

Get Others to Join!

Spray or speak this URL to refer people to this Wiki page:

Upcoming Rounds

Round 1

Round 2


Winners of the Coveted Platinum So & So

None yet.

FUTURE Game Improvements

Remember, these rules are not implemented until otherwise noted:

  • Larger in-bounds area
  • More spray targets which must be either sprayed in a sequence, or the order of the Prey's choosing (TBD)
  • Multpile Prey players
  • Require Prey Kill vs. just damage
  • Other suggestions are welcome!

Created by DrSmartz and RealDave.

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