Hambargar Halparz

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Hambargar Halparz are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 12:49, 4 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Hambargar Halparz
Group Numbers: 15+
Leadership: The Gloved One
Goals: Synchronized Dancing, Hambargarz
Recruitment Policy: http://www.barhah.com/viewforum.php?f=100
Contact: the 1980's/RPG.net forums


Rumour has it that that this pack are led by a curiously familiar looking zombie clad in red leather wearing a single white glove, known as 'The Gloved One'. It is rumoured, based only on the insane ramblings of resurrected former Halparz, that this so called zombie messiah uses his undead charisma, superstar status and memories of his former skills to co-ordinate his zombie gang into a synchronized, nay, choreographed pack of undead hunters.

Stupid Names Die First

Although the Halparz exhibit the typical organised zombie pattern of eating more experienced survivors (especially those with the dreaded Head Shot skill) first, they also seem to have a preference for targets with absurd or annoying names. Any survivor found with a name consisting of a nonsensical arrangement of letters and numbers is attacked with exceptional ferocity.

Characters with suspiciously similar names found to be working together are also singled out for attack.

Ugly Description Policy

Recently, the Halparz seem to have begun targeting survivors whose appearances displease them somehow. Conspicuous targets include survivor characters with trenchcoats, swords or other anachronistic gear, prominent but not disfiguring scars, wind-blown hair, stylish leather clothing, sunglasses and other staples of the traditional heroic image.

Incoherent Communication

The Hambargharh Halparz seem to be a little more inclined to shout at their victims and fellow zombies than most walking corpses. Of course, they are just as incomprehensible as other zombies, but a few phrases can be deciphered:

'Hambargharh! Grab man ham! Mmm... hambarghar...' is their feeding call, used to signal that fresh meat is on the menu. This phrase also gives the group its name.

'Halparz! Grab bang-bang man! Grab arm, harm man!' tells the group that a zombie hunter has been seen and calls upon the zombies to kill them.

'Ram, gang, ram! Bam, bam, BAM!' seems to be a call to destroy barricades.

Slow and Horrible Death

The Halparz are also becoming known for the gruesome manner in which they like to kill their victims. Rather than just tear a survivor apart, these zombies will bite them to ensure that they are infected with what they call 'dance fever', then claw and bite them so that they are barely alive, unable to move without dying of infection, before abandoning the poor human to be eaten by other zombies. This is believed to be an attempt to encourage newly raised zombies, who are often reluctant to feast on the flesh of the living, although it might also be intended to provide an easy food source for the fresher members of the group.


The Paradox Fortress

During September 2005, the Halparz repeatedly attacked Woodroffe Mall in Tollyton, fighting against the Paradox group. Although the zombies managed to breach the barricades of the mall quite frequently, the defenders were always able to drive them off and rebuild.

The Crowbank Tour

Beginning around the end of September, the Halparz took their act on the road in Crowbank. Under the direction of the Gloved One, junior members of the group have been practicing their moves and learning exciting new skills.

By mid October most of Crowbank had been cleared of survivors, although it is believed that a few hardy individuals managed to survive in the West and South of the suburb.

Triumphant Return to Tollyton

At the request of the Undying Scourge, the Halparz crossed the border back into Tollyton in late October. While the Scourge attacked the barricades of Woodroffe Mall, the Halparz slaughtered survivors hiding in the suburb's only Necrotech building, as well as clearing out other buildings south of the mall. Some Halparz moved north to join in the final destruction of the mall. All humans who did not retreat were devoured.

Following the sack of Woodroffe Mall, many of the Undying Scourge zombies moved off to participate in the battle for Giddings Mall in Pitneybank. The Halparz remained in Tollyton, continuing to feed off groups of survivors based in the suburb's remaining safehouses.

Katana and Trenchcoats

The Halparz have recently picked up a new trick. Perhaps it's a move from 80's fashion to 90's, perhaps protective camouflage or, just maybe, they've begun to collect them strictly to keep them out of bad descriptions, the Halparz are beginning to collect Katana and Trenchcoats from survivors that they bring down. Considering the numbers of each found around Malton, one wonders how long until their brittle undead legs give way.

Blood on the Dancefloor

After a long tour in Tollyton and Wray Heights, the dance troupe returns to its first success in a sequel "Blood on the Dancefloor" tour of Crowbank. This new thirteen-stop tour of Crowbank promises more than just music and dancing. "It's a literary, literal masterpiece... one that I'm proud of given my Undead heritage" according to PR managers for the Gloved One.

Osmondville Tour

Following the realization that the meat supply of their home suburb of Crowbank was nearly exhausted, the Halparz have shambled off to Osmondville, in order to eat fresh new brains and allow Crowbank to lie fallow and restore its soil.

Peruvian Boomslang Revival Tour

A year has passed since the sound of the Synchronized Shuffle was last heard in Crowbank. Many thought the time of the Halparz had passed. But then... what was that noise? A rhythmic beat, a sound? Someone powered up a dance club and an old track hit the decks, music throbbing into the cold dark streets. All over Crowbank, long dead feet started twitching and tapping to that 80's synth-drum beat. And slowly, shuffling and clapping, the dead got their groove back. Look out Crowbank, the Halparz are home.


Since the Halpar's revival in April, 2007, many harman groups have come to Crowbank to scream in adoration as they place their necks under Halpar fangs. Tater Red Krewe, the Department of Emergency Management, the People's Republic of Crowbank, and the U.S. Army Infantry have all come to surrender their brainz to the Halparz' bottomeless appetites. After several weeks of pitched fighting, no end is yet in sight.