Joyner Boulevard Police Department

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Joyner Boulevard Police Department
This police station is barricaded with zero zombies outside.
--ZombGG (talk) 15:24, 6 April 2020 (UTC)
Joyner Boulevard Police Department

Roftwood [62,54]

Naylor Walk the Truell Museum Piegsa Way
Lovebridge Way Joyner Boulevard Police Department a carpark
the Amis Building Cake Walk a factory

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


General Information

The Joyner Boulevard Police Department (62, 54) is a police department found in the northwest quadrant of the suburb of Roftwood.

It is also the primary headquarters of the Survivor Security Zone.


In mid-December 2005 when the massive zombie attack on Roftwood began the Joyner Boulevard Police Department was one of the first buildings in the suburb that fell along with the rest of the northwest quadrant. In late-December 2005 and early January 2006 the Joyner Boulevard Police Department was a major battle zone and the building was constantly switching hands between the survivors and the zombies.

The reason the Joyner Boulevard Police Department attracted so many zombies is because it is close to the center of Roftwood, allowing easy access to other key buildings, and also very close to the Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village, which has been attacked and overrun by zombies in that same time and was the place from which most of the zombies came to attack Roftwood.

Additional Information

Searchable Items

Firearms, Ammunition (Pistol clips & Shotgun shells), Flak jackets and Flare guns can be found when searching this building.


This building should be kept accessible so players will be able to easily enter and loot it for supplies, therefore this building shouldn't be barricaded more then Very Strongly (VSB) unless it's under assault.


Tagging this building grants 2 XP.

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