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New Zombham Armah
Abbreviation: NZA
Group Numbers: 10 million dead...and growing! Well, 6
Leadership: a zombie01
Goals: To establish a new zombah homeland in Zombham
Recruitment Policy: Shambling and Stinky

The New Zombham Armah was formed in August of 2007 in Malton for the purpose of creating a second zombie homeland in the New Arkham suburb.

A New Horde Arises, Shambles Towards Z Day

New Arkham was a tough 'burb to grow up in. No police departments to make you feel safe, no malls to keep you busy. Just the tough streets that got even tougher after the outbreak. The humans still standing huddled into their safe houses, forsaking their former brethren. And then rose a zombie01, name lost in the chaotic early days, merely one more face in the oozing, shambling crowd.

One day a rattle of hope appeared. Other zombies were rattling about a homeland. A place where poor zomblings could sway at night without fear of headshots. A place called...Ridleybank. With that new knowledge came a glimmer in bloodshot eyes, a concept - Brnhr. A zombie01 rattled to his new brothers, his brnhrs of creating a second homeland. They would reclaim New Arkham for brnhrs everywhere. And with a pounding at the barricades of the Mitchener Building the founding of New Zombham had begun.

Our Mission

Choosing for ourselves the Mitchener Building in New Zombham as our HQ the New Zombham Armah will work to secure New Zombham (New Arkham) for future zombie kind. We also lay territorial claim to the Greater Zombham areas of Old Zombham (Old Arkham) and Shambles Village (Foulkes Village).

One safe homeland for zombie kind is not enough. We swear our unlife to the young zomblings that they may have yet another area to call home. We are dedicated to the goals of Unlife, Intestines, and Pursuit of Barhah!

Current Activities

While we were not finished with our somewhat small efforts in Ruddlebank the calling of The Second Big Bash has lead us to march towards Barhahville to join in the festivities.

Current Orders : The Second Big Bash is now in Tapton. Members are encouraged to head to that suburb and destroy any buildings found to be in violation of Malton's no barricade policy. Secondary Orders: For those of you still in the homeland there is currently a siege of the Wreford Building going on in New Zombham.

Recent Actions : Participating in The Second Big Bash in Barrville, Galbraith Hills, Stanbury Village, Shackleville, Kemperstank, and Tapton.


October 2007 - The call of The Second Big Bash is too alluring and the New Zombham Armah commits to helping out in whatever way it can.

September 2007 - Destruction of buildings in northeast Zombham followed by a push into southwest Ruddlebank and the destruction of 7 buildings there before heading for The Second Big Bash.

August 2007 - Armah formed, initial capture of the Mitchener Building in New Zombham as base of operations. Destruction of all NT buildings in New Zombham, followed by general destruction of southeast New Zombham.

The War Against Harmanity

Our efforts to date in the war against harmanity:

  • Harmanz Killed: 65
  • Harmanz Infected: 67
  • Harmanz Dragged Out For the Zomblings: 31
  • Barricades Smashed Open: 55
  • Buildings Ransacked: 40
  • Buildings Ruined: 36
  • Generators Smashed: 18
  • Radio Transmitters Smashed: 4
  • It should be noted that we only count things when our members actually land the final blow. For example if we take a barricade from EHB to loosely and someone else knocks it open we do not count this is in our tally.

Members should report their efforts directly to --A zombie01 19:05, 19 August 2007 (BST)

Joining the New Zombham Armah

Our membership is open to all who hunger for harman flesh and wish to hear the cries of OMGZombahsrun! If you are interested in joining in our great cause for Zombah kind email us at or contact Munchie McBrains at


The New Zombham Armah does not allow the use of spying. We will not accept any information gleaned from non-Zombie sources. We also only allow the use of one character per player. Players with alts in other groups are welcome to join our efforts so long as only one character is pursuing the goals of the New Zombham Armah.

Da Membahs List

Currently Confirmed Members: 6

a zombie01 (Level 20 - Profile), morris dees (Level 13 - Profile), Eaton Urbrainz (Level 13 - Profile),

Butts McDoogle (Level 10 - Profile), Warrior Swan (Level 24 - Profile), Abe Foxman (Level 14 - Profile)

ZJLovesYou.jpg Blessed by Zombie Jesus
The New Zombham Armah has the blessing of Zombie Jesus. Do you?
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