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General Information

The Pennville Internal Communication Link (or P.I.C.L.) is a radio channel that serves the survivors in the suburb Pennville. It was created on the 3rd of June by Robin Robinson. All Pennville Police Departments, Fire Stations, Hospitals and all other safehouses are asked to tune their radio transmitters to 27.80 Mhz. Also, all of the survivors who possess portable radio's and who would like to be continuously updated on the current situation in the suburb are recommended to do so.


Useless Chatter

  • Personal Note: Please note that, as a rather new player, I'm not wanting to offend some senior players or groups in the area of Pennville, I just want to try and create a good communication link across the suburb.
  • This is Cineraryone of the Pennville Freedom Movement. Thanks for the hook up with the radio communications here in Pennville. We will update our frequency in our safehouse today. I am a senior player but I am not offended at all. This is a big help.
  • I'm Niilomaan from group GCM. I think that this little channel of ours (as Pennville United [would be a nice name for an organisation?]) might do our defence some good. But please, learn to use that "Show preview" -button. History of this page is a mess.
  • I'm asheets from the Combat Revive Eligible Society. We met at Joachim Mall in Penny Heights. I hope you don't mind, but I cleaned up your updates chronology a bit. Would you care to set up an alliance between our groups?
    You wanna build up an alliance with a radio channel? Hehheh... Funny. --Niilomaan GRR! 11:33, 11 August 2006 (BST)
    Whatever... I'm trying to contact Robin and her group. asheetsCRES 18 Aug 06
    Funny. I only notice it now, but... I'm not a freaking girl! :p That's Mr. Robin for you. ^^ Robin Robinson 01:15, 15 September 2006 (BST)


This is a list of currently known P.I.C.L. transmitters in the area of Pennville and the north border of Whittenside. Feel free to update it.

As P.I.C.L. grows, there'll be a transmitter tracker map placed on this page.