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Below is a list of survivor players participating in the 2012 5th of November Blackmore Siege. The list has been painstakingly parsed, formated, checked, double checked and triple checked. It includes all survivors present at Blackmore from the beginning of the siege until it's sad, sad end. This list excludes Death Cultist and PKer players. It has been formatted to work with most of the major contacts organizing scripts. Enjoy, and please use the force responsibly.
~ The Black(more) List / Order 66 Kill List ~

Every pro-survivor character that was at the great Blackmore Building clusterfuck, November 2012. To be used in a plain text format with udtool, udwidget and the DSS highlighter. Feel free to change the colour. If you add this list to the very top of your text file when using udwidget, the chosen colour will override any other colours you may already have for any of these characters, whilst retaining your existing labels/comments.


Andy Bauer,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
Arokk,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
babyshambler,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
Big Herm,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
Bloatedsack,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
Bob Dwayne,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
Charles Whipplebotum,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service - 'Revived' the idea of everyone dying at Blackmore on November 5th
Dennis Gauquin,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Fire Department
Doctor Feelwell,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
Dr Philip,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Forensics Unit
Firehound450,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Fire Department
Fridge zombie,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
FROSTING,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
jeremiah sterling,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
Jerome FartKnocker,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Marshals
Johnny Twotoes,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Police Department - 'Revived' the idea of everyone dying at Blackmore on November 5th
Khun Ying Prae,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
Lone Outlaw,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
lorac,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
memers,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
Nurse Fox,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Fire Department
Nurse Naughtyness,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
PhIox,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Police Department
RaiNoTsuba,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Fire Department
RennisZotorman,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service - Poor DEM grunt that did all the legwork to invite lots of survivors to their inevitable death
Robbie McGregor,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Fire Department - DEM 'leader' whose abject lack of leadership got everyone killed. Also responsible for 'the Speech', an infamously vapid slice of stale survivor hubris. Make sure it comes back to haunt him.
SN0RKIE,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
Snip3rElit3,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
Str1deR,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
Telline,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Civil Defense Unit
TombTrash,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Emergency Medical Service
Travis Vercetty,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Police Department - Travis Vercetty said "So zeds, you failed badly on 5th, hm? Take your angry towards us now! Better late than never. Our duty is done here." (53 minutes ago)
zenburg,The_Blackmore_List,DEM - Malton Police Department

Antropos,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
bobb606,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Chuck Norris381,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
clanc43,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
cpl johanson,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
daaad123,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Dedric Stormshadow,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
dip4,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Doctor Roczo,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Faharo,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
fireboy97,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
FlattopAvenger,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Fluffs420,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Kevin Langham,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Lt Alfred,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Mac knife,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Marco Ferreira,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Medora Callan,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Nick Self,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Old Jack Burton,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Reisen Udongein,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Reksu K,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Remizar,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Richard McAWESOME,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
ScumbagSteve,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Sentar,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Sgt Martinez,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Shadowblaze5,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Spartan91,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Survior454,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
Syrius H Kumquat,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps
tisler,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps - tisler said "remember the 5th of november fucker!" (37 minutes ago)
Toshiro Aki,The_Blackmore_List,Army Control Corps

Benaldo138,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Big JD,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
bluedude588,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Dan Hades,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Felix Ashfield,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Finny McGee,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Freeshad,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Gakul,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar - Gakul said "Yeehaw! Remember winka you ugly zedheads. Knights Templar forever!" (exactly 1 hour ago)
GoingMad,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Jericho Draugr,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Knut Staake,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Melikeshoot,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Metal Lica,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
MinisculeCatastrophe,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Mmmm Tasty,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Nodame777,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Patau Edwards,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
PossumFlash,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Ralpmet,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
RestlessYeti,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Roddy Winters,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
sazjnk,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar - sazjnk said "we won you zombie bastards! burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!" (18 minutes ago)
SK200,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Stan The Chopper,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Sterling Singer,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Wayson,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar
Yisselda Icebytch,The_Blackmore_List,Knights Templar

Ahmad Bradshaw,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
babydufus,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
Damien Laplant,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
DEADLY043,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
Eddie the Cop,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
jits dhaliwal,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
Little Pita,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
Logan Scott,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
Mark Zuckerburgh,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
Qwin Redling,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
Realnow,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department
Surfcop,The_Blackmore_List,Dunell Hills Police Department - Surfcop said "HAHA The fifth of November is over. We win." (7 hours and 15 minutes ago)

Abe Brown,The_Blackmore_List,The Fortress
Daniel181,The_Blackmore_List,The Fortress
danny lee,The_Blackmore_List,The Fortress
David Fishel,The_Blackmore_List,The Fortress
Miss Elainious,The_Blackmore_List,The Fortress
Schoony,The_Blackmore_List,The Fortress
Tyrstan,The_Blackmore_List,The Fortress

Det Briscoe,The_Blackmore_List,Malton Rangers
Erneg yvvas,The_Blackmore_List,Malton Rangers
jakesnake345,The_Blackmore_List,Malton Rangers
JethLM,The_Blackmore_List,Malton Rangers
Marcel Swann,The_Blackmore_List,Malton Rangers
Martin van Nostren,The_Blackmore_List,Malton Rangers

Aldous Gritham,The_Blackmore_List,none
Eyes of Stars,The_Blackmore_List,none
Foster Reed,The_Blackmore_List,none
Gary The Grinch,The_Blackmore_List,none - Gary The Grinch said "I'm here for a delivery of X-mas lights. Here's some free red x-mas lights on the house. if no one destroys them I'll put the other colors up as well." (34 seconds ago) - A zombie tore a set of Christmas lights down. (28 seconds ago)
Mummy Dearest,The_Blackmore_List,none
postie bob,The_Blackmore_List,none
snowballnhell 666,The_Blackmore_List,none - snowballnhell 666 said "i am out of pistol ammo help" (47 seconds ago)

Albert Schwan,The_Blackmore_List,The Big Prick
Andorinios Psycho,The_Blackmore_List,WSL
Bruce McInnerverse,The_Blackmore_List,Axes High
Capt'n Midnight,The_Blackmore_List,Chidley Row Fire Crew
Che Guerrilla,The_Blackmore_List,The Revenants
Clary Zedrin,The_Blackmore_List,Skynet Defense Network
Codename 'V,The_Blackmore_List,Remember, Remember 5th November
DanceDanceRevolution,The_Blackmore_List,The Kilt Store
Danger Lightfoot,The_Blackmore_List,The Burchell Arms Regulars
Dani Do,The_Blackmore_List,The Burchell Arms Regulars
Det Marlowe,The_Blackmore_List,DSS Red Zone Support
Doc Groucho,The_Blackmore_List,reddit_survivors
Dominica Bekker,The_Blackmore_List,Fort Perryn Defense Force - Dominica Bekker said "Remember remeber the fith.... god dammit it's the sixth... well FUCK IT ALL!" (7 minutes ago)
Dr Mycroft Chris,The_Blackmore_List,NecroWatch
Hardcore Rockabilly,The_Blackmore_List,Axes High - Hardcore Rockabilly said "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems there's a friggin horde of zombies up in this bitch." (4 minutes ago)
Haverkraut,The_Blackmore_List,havercroft dudes - Haverkraut began to rebuild the barricades, using an empty medical cabinet. (25 minutes ago) WITH MORE THAN FIFTY ZOMBIES INSIDE :'D
Herman Cain,The_Blackmore_List,GOP ex-frontrunners
Hotlips Houlihan,The_Blackmore_List,The Gingermen Men
Information Minister,The_Blackmore_List,Channel 4 News Team
Leon Silverblood,The_Blackmore_List,Skynet Defense Network
Meat Pillar,The_Blackmore_List,The Big Prick
Mental Angel,The_Blackmore_List,MPSAF: Metropolitan Police Special Assault Force
nobody2012,The_Blackmore_List,st ferreols doctors
Nurse Vengabean,The_Blackmore_List,Supporting the 5th :) - Nurse Vengabean said "LSD50 it's the annual event 5th November, it's what we do" (1 hour and 28 minutes ago) (What, die in hilariously humiliating circumstances? Oh wait, that is exactly what you do.)
Scio Fireman,The_Blackmore_List,Squadron1111
scoutfelix,The_Blackmore_List,Skynet Defense Network
the local vicar,The_Blackmore_List,Craske Building International Playboys
Weeaboo,The_Blackmore_List,Blackmore Bastard Brigade
Yoshinaka,The_Blackmore_List,Blackmore Bastard Brigade
Zee Chum,The_Blackmore_List,Dual Nature

~ Remember, remember, the failure of November... ~