The Bayford Building

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The Bayford Building
EthrDemon (talk) 21:56, 28 May 2020 (UTC)
The Bayford Building

Molebank [10,41]

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The Cother Museum The Bayford Building Tasker Park
Caff Road School The Pankhurst Building Wadden Boulevard

Basic Info:


A large derelict building, that used to be connected to the Pankhurst Building via a walkway on the second floor, but that has collapsed.


Pre-Malton Incident

The Bayford building stands on the place where several small houses used to stand, and was built in the early 90s as office and storage space for NecroTech employees. It was named after William Bayford, who was the first office manager of the administrative facilities located in the building.

In 1997, it was decided to directly connect the building to the Pankhurst Building nextdoors through a large steel and glass walkway, to create a more efficient way of transport for people and documents. Construction of the walkway on the second floor was finished by the end of the year.

In 1999, The Bayford Building became the location of a brutal standoff between detectives of Scotland Yard and notorious confidence man, Steven "Sleight" Booth. Booth had been swindling the pensions of old ladies across the country for years before he was finally located operating in the suburbs outside Malton. Evading initial capture, he engaged in a high-speed chase and eventually holed himself up in the Bayford building, initiating a standoff with detectives. After 14 hours, he was granted a phone call to his mistress, after which he jumped out the window of the fifteenth floor to his death.

The event was broadcast on live television and became a rallying cry for family groups across Malton to restrict the broadcast of violent news during primetime on TV. The "Booth Act", forcing local TV stations to operate on a 60-second delay while broadcasting live news, was set into law by local council in 2001.

Post Malton Incident

During the initial outbreak of the first few zombies, which were kept in the Pankhurst building, this walkway proved to be the downfall of many a NecroTech employee, when the escaped test subjects used it to get to the Bayford Building, slaughter all present and spread over western Malton through the frontdoors...

Nowadays, the building is derelict and often found ruined, serving as host to both alive and (un)dead visitors.

  • July 6, 2011 - The building is reported to be in ruins.
  • August 12, 2011 - According to local survivors, the building is under attack. No further details are known. Later that same day, the building is overrun and ruined.
  • September 18, 2011 - Survivors have reclaimed the Bayford Building.
  • February 24, 2012 - Not much is known about the building of the period between September '11 and February '12, but by the end of the month, it is reported the complex is still being held by survivors.
  • July 15, 2012 - An officer reports the building to be safe, but unlit.
  • February 28, 2013 - An MFD Firefighter reports the Bayford Building to be safe.

The current status of this building can be found at the top of the page.

AquaBarricade.jpg Barricading policy

The Bayford Building is to be kept Extremely Heavily Barricaded at all times.
If you're looking for an entry point and don't want to waste any AP, take a look at the Molebank Barricade Plan.
If you're looking for nearby Revive Points, take a look at the list.
Note:This advice is according to the local barricading plan, and may vary from the UBP or locally developped plans.
For more info on barricade plans, click here or take a look at this location's suburb page.

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