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History of ERIS

Exclave Republic of Independent Suburbs

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The Guardians of the Populat

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The Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs (DARIS) was founded on September 8th, 2005, and claimed the Shearbank suburb. We immediately issued a Declaration of Independence (see below), including a group objective to kill all survivors in Shearbank who did not belong to DARIS.

The Shearbank Liberation Army was formed to oppose DARIS, and in return was labeled a Class Z Threat (Reasons: Threatening to kill/killing DARIS members, spraypainting over warnings in Shearbank, etc). The CoL also became embroiled in an ongoing conflict with DARIS but managed to avoid open war. Some controversy exists over the issue of covert actions that the CoL or its members may have participated in.

Starting approximately September 21, DARIS was driven out of Shearbank by a large horde of zombies. This horde included the Undying Scourge, whose leader, Sniperwulf, believed the members of DARIS were responsible for obscene spamming in the old Urban Dead forum that lead to its closing by Pro-boards. After finding out that DARIS had nothing to do with it, Sniperwulf apologized for the accusations and attack. This coincided with ongoing human attacks by rival groups such as the SLA, though the importance of the human involvement is debatable. DARIS is generally considered to have dissolved after this event took place.

Afterward, many years later, after many failed attempts to revive DARIS, two men of fate came along. Their names were Jacen Brazeau and Savaer. These two men were both the founders of a small brotherhood of Cruor worshipers, but upon discovering some of the last remnants of a makeshift archive left by the long-deposed government of the Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs, the two decided to turn their lives around and work towards rebuilding the fallen giant.

Calling themselves "The Exclave" (due to their immediate claiming of a building outside of Shearbank), they worked to restore the government of DARIS. Finally, after some time in their Exclave in exile, the two departed for Shearbank. There they immediately launched an attack on the oppressive and deceitful radio broadcasters, Ranahan Public Radio (RPR), who were turning Shearbank into their own personal Kleptocratic Fiefdom. Soon after, the forces of the Exclave set up in southern Shearbank, basing themselves out of Borrer Street PD and the Thorne Arms. The Exclave soon began to work to help the people of shearbank survive against the brutal state of life in the suburb. Under the tenure of RPR's de facto rule over Shearbank, the once prosperous and relatively secure period in Shearbank began to crumble. Instead of fending off the RRF assaults on Shearbank, RPR simply spammed the airwaves with scathing attacks on The Exclave and random news. Alongside this, the RPR, as their criminal empire crumbled around them due to unrelenting, but preventable, zombie attacks, RPR wasted time and resources spraypainting southern Shearbank with anti-DARIS/Exclave propaganda, seeking to turn the people they themselves claimed to, but failed to, protect against The Exclave, which had actually been working to keep the people of Shearbank safe and alive, despite being horribly understaffed and harassed.

Eventually, in late July, another zombie attack came to the only recently cleansed Shearbank. RPR, even in the earliest days of the attack, fled Shearbank with their tails between their legs, abandoning the people to their fate. The Exclave, at its wit end, made one final, bloody stand to hold the presidential residence and the surrounding buildings, used as safehouses for the few remaining survivors, from the unending zombie tide. Finally, after most of the Exclave forces were forced to leave, in undead form, to get revives in other suburbs, the last surviving Exclave member in Shearbank, it's very president, Jacen Brazeau, held out for three more days against the zombies. Luckily, most survivors had evacuated by that time, so the President merely needed to worry about holding the residence, by then the last standing building. Finally, however, the President was forced to hold a discussion with his main military official, Savaer, to decide what should be done. They quickly came to agree that, in all likelihood, when the zombie invasion would end, RPR would merely return to restore its empire to ensure it would continue to get all of its kickbacks, and then likely seek to expel DARIS/The Exclave from Shearbank to ensure that they would not have to fight against the Legitimate government of Shearbank in the long term for control of the suburb. Alongside this, they came to the conclusion that this zombie assault could last a long time and, even if repulsed, could well be followed by constant future ones, totally hindering the Exclave's ability to restore the government properly. Therefore, after much thought, the President and Savaer decided that the Exclave was to move out of the suburb, to nearby Yagoton. They decided, in doing this, that while DARIS held the principles of the populat dear to it, the DARIS identity was ultimately too tied to Shearbank for it to be successful anywhere else. Because of this, while not dropping their claim to being successors of the old DARIS, the President reorganized DARIS/The Exclave into the Exclave Republic of Independent Suburbs (ERIS), still calling itself the Exclave semi-officially.

Upon arriving in Yagoton, the President met up with Savaer. There the two scouted out the area, eventually coming to the conclusion that the suburb was nonviable for their organization. Finally, after consulting suburb reports and group activities, the two decided that they would carry on the dreams of the populat to a relatively obscure suburb called Wykewood.

The two lead officials then traveled the long distance to Wykewood, with the hopes and dreams of the forefather's of DARIS and the Populat close behind them. In Wykewood it was hoped ERIS/The Exclave would finally establish a clear, fluid government to protect the neglected people of the forgotten suburb. However, upon arriving, the President and Colonel Savaer came to the brutal realization that the people of Malton, even the living, were all mutated. Though they too bore such mutations, they, unlike their fellow survivors, realized that allowing this abomination to continue to exist would be a threat to all of humanity. They also realized that while treatments could likely be made available to solve the mutations, the shear number of mutated individuals would prove too much for it to be effective. Therefore, in order to remedy this, the Exclave changed its goals to the destruction of all living non-citizens so that the remaining population of Malton once the outbreak would end would be small enough that all of their select group of citizens and a few other random survivor-mutants who had avoided death or managed to get revived after ERIS's planned destruction of all Necro-Tech installations would all be able to get treatments for their mutations, instead of being held under dangerous quarantine for years after while the old government outside of the quarantine would struggle to cure everyone.

Upon realizing this, the group dropped its claim to Wykewood alone and instead claimed all of Malton to be its territory. Afterward, the government immediately enacted its policy change, ordering all Exclave patrols to begin shooting the mutated survivor populace on sight. It was at this point, at last, that the old days of killing that Jacen and Savaer had lived through would at last serve Malton some good. The Exclave marched on, with its new mission to cleanse Malton's population.

However, as time went on, Jacen sought to find a new, faster means of acheiving his goals. Following the advice of an unknown individual on the Exclave radio frequency claiming to be broadcasting from outside the city, Jacen vanished without warning in early November 2010, leaving the office of President vacant. It is believed he left the city via helicopter, though his destination is unknown, and the exact intent behind his actions remains clouded. In the interim, Savaer took over the Exclave as Acting head, but would, on November 12th 2010, pass control to Damien Alner, who would become the new President. Damien himself proved to be different from Jacen, changing the policy of Exclave considerably. Whilst outsiders were still fair game, NecroTech stations were no longer outright targets due to the value of their data. Damien also encouraged an embracing of both one's living and dead nature, further deviating from the Brazeau administration's policies.
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