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Archived Journals Jan/Feb/Mar 2006

March End of Month Review

Impressive Figure
06/04/06 - File: March End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

The Fortress has evolved to a whole new level. March saw the creation of the Fortress Council, the astonishing productivity of the Boot Camp, the announcement of official Ambassadors, the introduction of the Assault Squadron; the forum gained it's 80th member, the group continues to push up the stats page, two Fortresses are now successfully run - the changes are various and impressive.

The Fortress now boasts 90 members on its records.

Next month, we will be tightening our ship and confirming our active members. We expect an impressive figure and another excellent month from The Fortress. Ears out!

Operation One - Crimson Tide

Three-way intrusion
21/03/06 - File: Operation One - Crimson Tide

Filed by Jensonson

The Fortress is now open for hire. In February we awaited our first call and with The Fortress' wide range of contacts, it shortly arrived. Gulsonside was a suburb in turmoil. Humans were dying daily; buildings were loosely barricaded or open and the hordes were partying. Then The Fortress came into town with a three-way intrusion plan that hit to maximum effect. By the middle of march Gulsonside was looking extremely habitable, partly due to an excellent secondary mission in Wray Heights. The Fortress left Gulsonside in very good shape and ready to protect itself again.

February End of Month Review

Major Shift
28/02/06 - File: February End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

This month has seen The Fortress addressing fresh situations and challenges. We were faced with PKers, internal disagreement and politics, but have come through it stronger than ever. Now 71 members on the books including our new Drill Sergeant for the UD newbies!

The Fortress continues to rise; up to number 9 in the survivor group charts, and the 13th largest of all groups. With the recruitment campaign about to pick up, and a host of alliegences forming, we expect a major shift in March.

The biggest news of all though is The Head is finally revealed as none other than Jensonson. And The Fortress is able to fight the war in two suburbs now. Apparently, big changes are in store for March!

Operation Triple Bill

Hardcore Equipment
15/02/06 - File: Operation Triple Bill

Filed by Jensonson

Operation's Goodfellas, Casino and Heat saw a determined and rigourous defence of Crowbank, Gulsonside and Osmondville against The Minions of The Apocalypse. The combat teams worked on a rota system, the first time the tactic was used, and this was very effective. Fortress home defence and restocking of hardcore equipment was followed by zombie attack prevention in a continual cycle for the best part of three weeks. There were some set backs due to the organization of the enemy, but The Fortress' work, combined with other survivor groups in the area, was essential to the survival of the eastern suburbs.

January End of Month Review

Impressive figures
31/01/06 - File: January End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

The move from Fortress Four to Fortress Two was seamless, and we actually managed to GAIN numbers during the process - showing once again the strength of quality, as well as quantity, that makes The Fortress continue to succeed. The Wiki-site passed the 5000 hits mark and our members passed 50.

The Fortress Files now contain 58 active members. We welcome new combat team, Federation - led by Commander Travis Mk1, and the loyalty factor sees a growing number of our officers with high ranks.

This months stat proves the quality of The Fortress personnel. If we take the members of our combat squads and find their average character level - excluding zombie skills - we'd find the average strength of a Fortress cadet! The figure is 13.5 - Impressive!

Finally, this month saw The Fortress pushing into the Top 10 of Malton's survivor groups on the official UD Stats. Keep on Staying Vigilant!

Fortress Warming Party

Special Brew
24/01/06 - File: Fortress Warming Party

Filed by The Ears

Fortress Two opened its doors and fifty or more battle-hardened warriors, and eager rookies burst in. A Fortress-warming party was soon suggested and it was certainly a weekend to remember. A karaoke contest, guessing games and lots of drunken embarrassment! There were revelations too. Whose momma is AngelWitch? What's going on between Roci and Fet? And just don't mention Trong Tran's brother! ...and did Skull Kid really add his special brew into the punch??? ...urgh!

Fortress Two is open for business, but now the party is over and the work begins...

The Fortress Finest: Fishel

Push his way up
23/01/06 - File: The Fortress Finest: Fishel
Can you feel Fishel?

Filed by Commander Jensonson

Fishel's route up the command structure has been a rocky and eventful ride. Initially signed up as a high level human survivor with a unique understanding of the dark minds of the enemy, Fishel soon proved invaluable with his excellent reporting and z-slaughtering skills.

The Fortress stood back in amazement as z after z fell to Fishel's arsenal. During Operation: Raging Bull no-one killed as many as did Fishel. It was a massacre, and the zombies paid. But then in mid-November, Fishel became one of them. He was defeated and joined the zombie hordes, seemingly battling with his own mind and humanity but once again, it was the survivor that won the battle - and Fishel returned to The Fortress after two days in his own personal hell.

The return to humanity seemed to spur on his hatred of the zombies and also turned him into one of the Fortress' finest recruits. From that day, he began to push his way up the rankings, becoming Battalion Ranger in mid-December, before beating the 1000XP mark later that month. Fishel became an excellent recruiter for The Fortress and helped, along with Conflict Trooper Carrll, to create the Fortress Forum. It wasn't long before Fishel fulfilled his dream and took command of Team Cold Cell.

As Commander, Fishel continued to learn his role and improve his quality as a z-slayer. Team Cold Cell are one of the more agressive combat teams, in line with Fishel's own philosophy. It goes something like this...if the z breathes, you shoot first...then keep on shooting until your guns run out of ammo.

A Hellish New Year

Masses Swelled
19/01/06 - File: A Hellish New Year

Filed by Commander Jensonson

It was a happy and peaceful new year in Fortress Four - almost impossible to believe that there was a war going on with the zombies around them. It was almost as if The Fortress had finally achieved their goal, and brought peace to the City of Malton.

But things were about to change. Commander Fishel's, Team Cold Cell were defeated at the defence of Nichols Mall This was swiftly followed by a tragedy at a nearby auto-repair, and Team Battlehawk were also badly damaged.

The Fortress upped their status level as z's started to appear from out the woodwork. It was soon clear that there was going to be an attack. However, the suddenness of the attack was to take even the Vigilant Fortress by surprise! Buildings started to systematically fall, and the zombie masses swelled. All teams were withdrawn to Fortress Four as status hit red, and then the siege began! The first attack was sudden and vicious, and brought about a large number of casualties, and The Fortress shook - for the first time in its existence. Everyone pulled together and the result was impressive as day after day, the hordes were repelled. Operation: Backdraft was put into action, a secretive tactic to confuse and deceive the zombie army. The tactic was a complete success and The Fortress prepared for the counter offensive.

While The Fortress battled heroically, the rest of the suburb, and surrounding areas, began to gain a foothold as a large focus of z's were pulled into the centre of the hurricane. The nearby mall emptied of z's, many other surrounding buildings managed to re-barricade, and people were revivified. The Fortress continued to diligently hang on.

But then we were deceived by one of our own members (for the purpose of this page, referred to as Judas B). The operational tactic was revealed and an attempt was made to assassinate the heart of The Fortress. However, Judas B was found out in minutes and an extremely impressive and efficient operation was put into effect to evacuate Fortress Four. Seventy-five percent of the troops were saved and swift operations, such as Operation: Double Deception (no further details to be disclosed), were put into action.

However, the order was given to evacuate Fortress Four, and its members made an impressive escape (although some died on the perilous journey) away from their home but to a safe location. The future of The Fortress was uncertain...

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