The Rush Building

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The Rush Building
Soccerfan667 (talk) 07:11, 6 August 2021 (UTC)
The Rush Building

Shearbank [54,29]

Sage Avenue The Eford Motel The Nisbet Building
Abandoned Factory The Rush Building The Fitkin Hotel
Luckraft Cinema
Worcester Library
Rumble Crescent

Basic Info:

Outside view of the Rush Building Six months after detonation.


Windows lined with scratched black tint, the only light can be seen flickering from the top of the building where eye witnesses once accounted that black helicopters use to land there. All the entrances and exits have cement barricades placed in front and mostly inaccessible. Only the back of the building, the truck docks, and the main entrance at the front appear to be accessible and severely damaged as if by explosives.

Barricade Policy

According to the Shearbank Barricade Plan, the Rush Building should be kept Extremely Heavily Barricaded at all times.

Current Status

Former Umbrella Corporation Umbrella Corp.gif Headquarters in Shearbank.


Umbrella forces claimed the building in early January, 2008 and fortified it in preparation for the arrival of several semis which, completely occupy the truck dock area and haven't left since their arrival. The various logos on the semi trucks suggest that they were used in order to move supplies and technology from Molebank. It was speculated, since these semis were spotted sitting in the Stickling Mall parking lot for two months, that Umbrella was running operations out of the Stickling Mall. This building served as their headquarters for over a year.

Scout Report #121

My self and young Robert we're out doing our shift in south Shearbank, we were taking a body away from a our temporary HQ, As we were crossing the street I was nearly knocked down by a big Black SUV, we dropped the body and jumped back onto the side walk and watched as a convoy of at least 5-6 Black SUV's sped down the road in the Rush Building Direction. Intrigued, I and Robert started running down the back streets, We approached the back of the Rush building, where there was a lot of noise coming from the loading bay, we unhitched a ladder from a fire escape and propped it against the 8-9 foot wall, Robert held the Ladder and I climbed on top of it, I looked over the wall cautious of where my hands were due to the new barbed wire atop the wall.

Inside the encased Loading bay I could see the six SUVs and a few random black lorries parked at the back of the buildings bay, I could see that security had been increased, there were alot of men in black military styled suits and motorbike helmets. My Attention we caught when they all stood to attention a few men in black suits with black sunglasses moved forward to the third SUV. The door opened and a man, early 30s in an Air Force uniform stepped out. He himself had his cap on and down low and was wearing sunglasses. I noted that on his shoulder where the flag of his country should have been he had the Umbrella Logo. I didn't see anything else as we had to leave quickly after that. All I can say is that something is going on at the Rush building and it should be watched!

Audio Recording #159

Unknown Voice: *static interference* ...we managed to break in... *static interference* ...C4 took the shutter out with ease... *static interference* ...loading bay secured, one casualty... *static interference* ...everything is gone, (pause) affirmative... *static interference* ...first, second, third and fourth floors secured... *static interference* ...four casualties sir and no trace of it either, copy? *static interference* systems found still functioning... *static interference* ...tapped for wire trace, can't be sure if all systems have been disabled. *static interference* ...terminating... END AUDIO