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Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service
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The Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service

Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service
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Abbreviation: UBCS
Group Numbers: 12 (MIA's marked with "*")
Acting Commander: None
Goals: Rescue survivors and clear zones of hostiles
Recruitment policy: Talk to Airheadoh when reached level 5 and must have free running.


Head to the The Rush Building in Shearbank. Survive until further notice. Keep an eye out here for updates.


know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.94 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: not to be revealed

Command Squad

Leader: burning star IV* //Second In Command: RayHanley* //Third In Command: DarkX

Command Squad Objectives: Make sure the all the other squads and members are doing their objectives and making sure that the U.B.C.S. is really there when they are needed. The members of the command squad are also the leaders of the other squads and responsible for other important actions.

Alpha Squad

Leader: LanCooper* //Second In Command: DogBastian*

Alpha Squad Objective: Rescue survivors and extract them to the nearest safe zone.

Other Members of Alpha: Khalrak*

Echo Squad

Leader: Airheadoh //Second In Command: Ginovaef*

Echo Squad Objective: Scout out zones for survivors and hostiles.

Other Members of Echo: testerrr* , Krigell*

Bravo Squad

Leader: JoeSpears* //Second In Command: CastorTroy538*

Beta Squad Objective: Clear zones of hostile in order to declare an area safe.

Other Members of Bravo:

Other Members



Updates and Other Info

Other Info

  • Radio Channel: 27.94 MHz
  • Coverage
    • Osmondville: 2 Blocks
  • UBCS BLacklist:

If anyone knows the location of the players below, please report to a UBCS member. All UBCS members are to add them to their contacts list if they come across them. Please make their color in red so you can spot them easier.

    • Eric McClair
      • Status: kill on sight
      • Urban Dead profile: [1]
      • Repeated murders on UBCS soldiers.


  • With ALL of Command Squad currently inactive, Airheadoh of Echo Squad is taking control of the UBCS as Acting Commander until further notice.
  • URGENT MESSAGE: All UBCS personnel that are still active report to the Rush Building in Shearbank or contact Airheadoh as soon as possible
  • The UBCS is now under re-organization. Also preparing to work with the Umbrella Corporation in the future.
  • The UBCS now has a new HQ located in Spragge Towers in Osmondville. All are welcome to come join us. We are now recruiting members as long as you have lvl 5 and free running.
  • All surviving members should tune their radios to 27.94 MHz and pay attention to broadcasts of further information.
  • We are in the need of members, especially medics. We are also looking for more allies.


  • All UBCS Members please register at the Umbrella Corporation Forums and report to the UBCS Squad discussions thread. - 14th Mar, 2008
  • To all UBCS members. including CastorTroy538, Emarie, Ginovaef, please add RayHanley to your contacts to recieve order by text message. - 13th Mar, 2008
  • Airheadoh is now in charge of the regroup. Follow him to Joachim Mall and guard the location until further orders are given. - 8th Mar, 2008
  • To all UBCS Members: Head to the Joachim Mall. Survive until further notice. Keep an eye out here for updates. - 8th Feb, 2008

Formerly UBCS Controlled Area

This area was our former HQ. As all members except for Airheadoh have gone missing, the base of Operations is the Rush Building in Shearbank. This is the Official Umbrella Corporation's HQ, but they are allowing us to operate here.

HQ: Spragge Towers [87,77]

  • Note: There is a secret location where is used for high rank members to gather if HQ is taken over or the suburb is in serious danger.(Currently no secret location is set up)

Mpd.png PK Reporting
This User or Group supports PK Reporting. Don't let Player Killers get away with murder. Report them on the Rogues Gallery.


Our base of operations is the The Rush Building in Shearbank. To join contact Airheadoh or email Airheadoh at (also email your stats)

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