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This is a policy to provide better defense for User talk:Kevan.


While Kevan is technically a normal user (apart from being the root admin), he can't be reasonably expected to put that much time into the wiki to enforce his interests on the usual channels, such as by using A/A to enforce his talk page rules.

Furthermore, Kevan's talk page isn't just widely watch-listed, but is also virtually the only channel to contact the game's creator. To keep it effective, it's important to keep it clean from spam, harassment and off-topic comments, and to discourage posting either of that on it.


UDWiki:Specific Case Editing Guidelines should be expanded to contain the following under the User: and User talk: pages header:

===[[User talk: Kevan]]===

User talk: Kevan is a special case, as it is virtually the only effective channel to contact the game's creator.

The rules on top of that talk page generally discourage the following actions:

  • Reporting bugs. (Go to Bug Reports instead.)
  • Asking questions about the wiki itself. (Go to Wiki Questions instead.)
  • Discussing game balance or the future of the game. (Go to one of the discussion forums or General Discussion instead.)
  • Making extended responses to someone else's posts. (Do so on the talk page of the respective user instead.)
  • Putting spam and harassment on it, such as by repeatedly asking for the same thing or making off-topic comments. (Simply don't.)

They are generally to be avoided, unless Kevan's swift and/or personal attention is really needed. (See for instance this example of reporting a really severe bug.)

Inappropriate content may be moved to the right parts of the wiki or deleted by any user.

In case of serious and/or repeated breach of those rules, they may be directly and globally enforced by Vandal Banning. Unlike other user talk pages, they don't need to be individually enforced by Arbitration first.

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