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Inspector of Police Ariedartin
Joined: 2007-11-26 20:57:15
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Rank: Inspector of Police
Character Class: Cop
Favorite Equipment: Radio receiver
Favorite Weapon: Shotgun
Backup Weapon: Pistol
Current Status: Alive
Location: Fort Perryn
Current Level: 41
Kills: Unknown
Revives: Unknown
Deaths: Unknown
Group: Independent
Journal: No journal

Ariedartin is an officer hailing from an unknown and distant country's police department.

Current Profile Description

An elite foreign S.T.A.R. agent dispatched to manage the threat in Malton from within. He carries only a Sphnix S3000 pistol and a HEYM drilling, but a large backpack full of pistol and shotgun ammunition, assorted tools, and communication devices.



Ariedartin hailed from a family with a illustrious history of civil service, centered around law enforcement and public administration.

Prior to the Malton outbreak, Ariedartin was an Inspector of Police in his country's Special Tactics and Rescue law enforcement unit. He had extensive training and experience in taking down hardened criminals, terrorists, and assassins. Once, during a siege of the country's capital city, he led a small force of elite S.T.A.R. officers against a far more numerous and better-equipped infantry battalion. Their superior training and familiarity in close-quarter combat could brought out bear in the confines of modern warfare, and their eventual victory was key in decimating the attacking force before it could effectively withdraw. His actions in this brief war earned him much respect amongst his peers and furthered the reputation of his family.


Just as news of the outbreak reached the ears of the country's officials, Ariedartin was due to leave the police force and advance to a position in the foreign ministry. Recognising the severe threat that this outbreak posed to the the rest of the world, Ariedartin volunteered to be part of a detachment to be sent and dispersed around Malton to help suppress and contain it. He and his team underwent education and training on this mysterious outbreak and the city for many, many months.

Thus, decked out in body armour and carrying his trusty Sphinx S3000 pistol, he was sent by helicopter onto the rooftop helipad of the Halberry Boulevard Police Department, one of the nearest to the city outskirts and safest for landing, as well as being in a relatively safe suburb where he could move out from.

In Malton

As part of his first actions, Ariedartin salvaged police equipment from the station - at least two radios and a couple of additional pistols, and then moved to Fort Creedy, temporarily basing himself there while listening to the airwaves and acquainting himself with the city. Later on, he visited Giddings Mall for a brief resupply, before moving on to a nearby police department. While there, he learnt of a Survivor Security Zone near the city centre, and decided to add pistols and shotguns to his arsenal before moving out. Now, he enforces border control in the East of the SSZ, based primarily in the Chanter Alley Police Department. He also conducts frequent patrols between this eastern front and Hildebrand Mall, resupplying from the Mall while there. Despising this never-ending routine of being hounded every waking hour, he dreams of the day someone finds a miraculous cure, and allow him to return to his family and country.

Hit List

The following is a list of survivors who Ariedartin has decided to take special note of, because of certain actions against him in the past. It is advised that the following persons take extreme caution, should they be so unfortunate as to encounter Ariedartin again in the future.

  1. Vebran[1] - Attacked and killed Ariedartin as he stood swaying at a designated revive point.
  2. Cletus Kasady[2] - Attacked and player-killed Ariedartin just after Ariedartin had finally made it into shelter following two failed attempts at finding an enterable building (after both of which he had been promptly set upon by zombies). Unfortunately for him, Ariedartin considers this to be rather annoying.
  3. Legna1[3] - Attacked and killed Ariedartin while he was waiting at a revive location. He is believed to be pleading to be taught all about Malton's revive policies.
  4. lulizx9[4] - Attacked and killed Ariedartin at a clearly demarcated revive point while waiting for a syringe. Troubling.


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