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Dr. Mycroft Chris

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Joining MEMS?

Here'e what you need to know...

1. First, familiarize yourself with MEMS

2. Go to the Seeking Medics thread on Brainstock. (NOTE: You will have to become a member of Brainstock to post your introduction.) Follow the instructions at the start of the thread. Tell 'em Dr. Chris sent ya' ( not that they'll remember me much...


The Malton Fire Department is expanding its medical team. If you are a Medic or Doctor, 
you are qualified to serve as an EMT or have the diagnosis or first aid skill we will 
also accept you, this will mean you are a full-fledged member of the DEM and part of 
Malton Fire Department, EMS section, although you will have a slightly different command structure

As a member of the medical team, you'll help protect and heal survivors in your suburb, 
as well as providing medical care to folks on the front lines of emergency service.

How Do I Join?
First, post here and let us know why you want to join and where you'd like to serve. 
You must include a link to your profile in your post.
Second, read the FAQ.
Third, add Malton Emergency Medical Service to your Urban Dead profile.
Fourth, add your UD profile link to your Brainstock signature file.

Questions? PM the mod, or post 'em here.

3. Once your request has been approved, you will have to report over at The Academy.

4. Once you have completed your training at the Academy, you will be assigned, per your request.

My Fruit Salad

MEMS logo.gif MEMS:Dr. Mycroft Chris's Ribbons
MEMS - Rank 1 Field Medicine Science Resident Surgeon
WeaponMaster HandSpecialist Fitness
Engineer Community Support Radio Operator Mallrat

Once you are accepted into MEMS, you can trick out your page with this snazzy template to display all your accommodations. Your friends will all be jealous! Get your own at...

Template:MEMS Ribbons


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