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Unknown Date & Time

Death Rattle:

M zrmbrrh brrhrrh. Arh rrrh rrrh narrrh. Rh nrh mrh mrh-rh, rrn hrh grrrrrh hrrrh!


My zombie brothers. Accept your true nature. Do not me mrh-cows, join the glorious horde!

At Knill Road Revive Point, Barhahville, March 24th, 2007

Death Rattle:

Rh am hra zrmbrrh. Rh an rh rra barhah. Rh hrman. RrA BARHAH, rA HARMANZ!Brrhrrh, rh rmrrrh rrh, rrrh rh agarn hrh hrman! RGH Hrh rRrrrh HrMAN!Rn hrh rrnrh an rh hrm, rn hrh nrrrrh an mah hrm! Brrng rn hrh barrrarh, rrh hrh rrngrh, rnrh hra hrman.


I am a zombie. I want to spread barhah. Kill humans. SPREAD BARHAH, EAT HARMANZ! Brothers, I implore you, rise up against the humans! FIGHT THE OPPRESIVE HUMANS! Find the Scientists and kill them, find the necrotechs and smash them! Bring down the barricades, crush the syringes, infect all humans.


April 2007

April 11th, 2007 ~ A Cemetery, Barhahville

  • Well, I sent my alt into the KOA and joined DHD inyo one of the RRF's most dangerous group, the Gore Corps.
  • Currently headed up to the target, but it's all hush hush, if you know what I'm sayin'. Anyway, looks like not much hangin' out for this buzzah zambah, so if you want to get together, well, it might be hard.
  • I got about 200 XP built up for ... harman skillz. I know, horrible, but it is kind of needed for GC. Also, if you DO want to get in touch with me, I have an alt. named ZedHeadDead in Paynterton.

April 8th, 2007 ~ Punnett Cinema, Foulkes Village

  • Well, I shambled South West, all the way to Foulkes Village. I am currently breaking down barricades, helping the younger zambahs level up on some juicy brahnz.

April 3rd, 2007 ~ Woollacot Boulevard Fire Station, SavorCorpse

  • Ya, it has been a little while sine I last updated. RL getting in the way of Zambah time on UD (Although I am still addicted to zambah movies.)
  • Heading North, do not know where to. I'll probably head West after that. I search of somewhere to get some brahnz. Speaking of which, went into some open building earlier, and BAM, there was a nice tasty harman to eat, and boy was I hungry.

March 2007

March 27th, 2007 ~ Standing on the Knill Road revive point, Barhahville

  • Well, I got to level Twelve today. Re-deaded a few Mrh?-cows. One I have taken a disliking to (He re-deaded me, while I was giving my speech.) Anyway, I plan to head off to Quartly Library in Rotwood, to give a lecture to the Quartly Study Group about zombie psychology (Well, I plan to, but the whole dates and whatnot is not set. I also have to get a revive on my way up. Not that easy.)
  • I also have been appointed as a mod to The Regulator in the Knights of the Apocalypse's forum, which is pretty cool. We are currently making inter-group alliances, and setting up some seriously barhah tactics.

3/24/2007, 23:32 UTC ~ Standing on the Knill Road revive point, Barhahville

  • I was officially accepted into the KOA, and am a Death Knight. I have also decided to devote myself to preaching against Necrotech, Revive Points, and McZeds. As well as spreading the word of Barhah. I have also decided to become a proffesor in Zombology.
  • I also reached level eleven and bought Rend Flesh finally. Only nine more levels, and then I can ascend into glorious Brain Rotterdom, and finally become Barhah.

3/23/2007, 21:42 UTC ~ Outside the Start Arms, Barhahville

  • Well, I disbanded ZAM!, mostly due to the fact that the wiki was useless, and I found something better to join. I sent in my application to join the Knights of the Apocalypse. Should be a fun time, if I am accepted.
  • And 4 more XP and I'll be level 11!

3/14/2007, 23:18 UTC ~ Outside the legendary Blackmore Building, Ragrabang

  • I've decided to put up a special notice on ZAM! about how the HQ is going to be setup in the Start Arms in Barhahville. So if you need me, I SHALL BE THERE SOON!
  • Also, with my heading to Barhahville, I expect to get me some fighting in, because we all know how fighting in Ragrabang is. Also, there is a damned ZKer in the little group I'm standing in. Bastards.

3/14/2007, 17:11 UTC ~ Still hanging outside of The Dibbings Building, Ragrabang

  • Well, I think after I get some AP, I'm going to head over to Barhahville and get some XP. There really isn't much to fight here, I mean the tanning salon Ghetto Cow was attempting to set up was destroyed, I took down the last of the barricades and opened the door myself!.

3/13/2007, 16:21 UTC ~ Currently swingin' outside The Dibbings Building, Ragrabang

  • Well, the Dibbs has changed hands a few times, looks like it is gonna stay Zambah's for now.
  • Put in a suggestion. Was kinda pissed when I found out that Hand-to-Hand Combat doesn't do anything for me EVEN THOUGH zambahs fight with their hands. SO, I put it out there to see if it floats or gets blown out of the water.

3/13/2007, 14:47 UTC ~ Currently groovin' outside The Dibbings Building, Ragrabang

  • Well, the once EHB Dibbings Building is now opened like a fresh can of harmanz brahnz (mmm...)

Erhm, anyway, if you feel like a quick bite and a bit of fun, swarm over here. Sadly though, I am out of AP (Even though I did get a nible off of a guy named Nibiletz, how ironic.)

3/13/2007, 13:44 UTC ~ Currently swaying in the breeze outside of The Dibbings Building.... RAGRABANG! (w00t)

  • Anyway, I woke up being dead in Rotwood, with a Headshot to the brain, a gun shot to the stomach, and someone's axe stuck in my back. This close to Ragrabang, I wouldn't expect somthing like that to happen. Either way, just swayin' in the breeze with a horde of 37 other zambah brothers.
  • Also, a special 'Thank You' message to StevilEatBradSoon for killing me again, and lettting me come back zambah. Barhah to you friend, barhah.

3/12/2007, 16:28 UTC ~ Currently sitting in Henslowe Park, Rotwood

  • Crap. Someone revivified me.

Oh well, the Hand-to-Hand Combat skill should put my zombie hand attacks up to 65%, then add in the 10% base damage when I grab on, it should be a good 75%.... God I love being a zambah. Anyway, if you are in Rotwood and feel like helping me out, I would be extremelly grateful.

  • Anyway, I'm close to Ragrabang, but what freaks me out, is I DON'T SEE ANY OTHER ZAMBAHS! I only see me, and another revivified zambah brother right below me. Please, help!

3/11/2007, 213:47 UTC ~ Currently sitting outside a warehouse in Tollyton

  • I've decided to head Nar-Raz towards Ragrabang, the Cowdry Cinema didn't work out as I had planned, but oh well, more Harman Hambargarz to feast on the way there. Either way, can't wait to get up to The Reay Arms and have a nice round of brahnz with the locals. Although, I have heard harmanz are taking up residence in Ragrabang, so looks like a bit of a scrap.

3/09/2007, 22:51 UTC ~ Currently sitting inside the 'safe house' that is Cowdry Cinema, Whittenside

  • I've decided to stay in Whittenside a little longer. This Cowdry Cinema is a great ruse. It has Safe House written on the outside, and I closed the doors, so I am hoping to catch some rather nice harmanz to make harman hambargarz. Should be simple, with the Feral Undead still roaming about, safe houses are what newbies are going to be looking for. Habbah Hangrah!
  • I still am thinking about what I am going to do after the Feral Undead leave Whittenside. I dunno if I am going up to !Zanbah & Barhahville, or if I want to head Nar-Az, and start some fights. Either way, California here I come, back to where I started from...

3/09/2007, 20:10 UTC ~ Causing havoc near Banton Cinema, Whittenside

  • Thinking about heading back to Barhahville, up into !Zanbah territory, my home. Had to get out of Fort Perryn, siege is pretty much done, survivors are takin' it back, so I got out before I got killed. Thinking about buying Death Rattle at my next level up...
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