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Welcome to my user page. It has been changed a little bit to copy all those people who have navigation and seperate sections for certain information. I'm also a little bit of a neat freak so I think it looks alot neater than it did previously.

A little bit about me, I'm from Newcastle, England which makes me a Geordie. I am mad about football, or Soccer as it's called in some parts. Also I'm 21 years of age and I work for a company called Sage.

I've been playing Urban Dead since late January and I found out about it from a website called HLFallout which was a site dedicated to Half Life 2. My first charcter, HLF CGO was so we could identify who was also from that website although alot of people got bored, I stuck with it.

Conspire.PNG UD Mod Conspiracy
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I've got my eye on you.....

Anyway, enough waffle, here are my characters in UD.

Active Urban Dead Characters

I currently run 2 characters in the world of UD. One is very much pro survivor although more interesting in getting drunk and serving drinks to zombies wheras the other is a Pker.

el pils

  • Group - Upper Left Corner
  • Class - Civilian
  • Level - 41
  • XP - 5129
  • Joined - 24/01/2006 13:25:02
  • Died - 48 Times
  • First Died - Unknown

Special Agent Mulder

Inactive Urban Dead Characters

This is my semi-retired character from Urban Dead, which is actually the first character that I created in the game. He was left to rot as a zombie for a long time and then I picked him up and maxed him out, became a PKer for a little bit, mainly against TZH but after I returned from a holiday he was used sparingly. I may use him now an then for random things....


  • Group - none
  • Class - Civilian
  • Level - 41
  • XP - 2118
  • Joined - 24/01/2006 13:06:44
  • Died - 145 Times


I am not responsible for any actions taken by myself when intoxicated with alcohol which tends to be alot of the time.