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A Rotted Zombie and (now retired as a) PKer, Urgggggggh has returned to his Zambah roots and joined the Ridleybank Resistance Front so is no longer a member of the RDD, best clan in the universe. This retirement is cordial and Psychout has stepped into his rightful place in the clan so the murdering will continue...

Also plays as Stan Satan of the Mayhem Attack Squad in Lockettside and has an alt in the Decepticons, but I'm not telling the Autobots who that is as they'll have to work it out for themselves...

And has now returned to Doc Mindbender, just in time to support Annabells coup and remove the dicks that turned the place into hello kitty. Hail Cobra!


Joined: 23-09-2008
Character Details: UD Profile
Character Class: BARHAH!!!
Current Status: ZAMBAH!!!!
Level: 43+4000
Affiliation: Ridleybank Resistance Front
Location: Ridleybank
Favorite Equipment: Manbagz!
Favorite Weapon: Claws
Backup Weapon: Teeth
Kills: hundreds
Deaths: Loads
Shutdowns: Only in dark buildings
Been Revived: Too many times
Revived Others: NEVAR! times

My (un)life in templates...

RDDInsignia copy.png RDD: Evil is made of awesome!
The RDD is currently trashing Millen Hills
Urgggggggh.jpg Urgggggggh!
Urgggggggh is eating bra!nz in Randallbank

Skull1 small.gif Death Cultist
Kill me. I double dare you motherfucker!
Bludgeon.PNG The Mayhem Attack Squad
The Mayhem Attack Squad is murdering mallrats in Lockettside.

To be continued...

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