Whetcombe Park (West Grayside)

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Whetcombe Park

West Grayside [58, 89]

Colbourne Boulevard Creedy Way Police Department wasteland
the Bailie Arms Whetcombe Park Bythesea Auto Repair
(Wyke Hills)
the Cosway Hotel
(Wyke Hills)
the Saffyn Museum
(Wyke Hills)

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Whetcombe Park (West Grayside)


A weed-infested plot of land that hosts a sink-hole of a lake and dozens of tree-stumps. During the summer, water drains into the man-made lake to provide a drinking source, if one possesses the right purifying equipment. Migrating fowl are attracted to Whetcombe's water supply, providing an additional source of food to survivors. The contour of the shore and the high-growing weeds make Whetcombe a successful dining place for the undead, too: between lurking just below the water-line and laying below the weed-line, one must tread very carefully here if one wants to survive.

During the winter, the lake freezes over. Because most of the trees have been chopped down in this area to provide heat during the cold months, snow whips through this open block at cheek-burning speeds and drifts quite high in lee-areas. Survivors should beware when chopping firewood that some drifts are caused by dormant undead.


Despite the explosion and fire that destroyed much of the neighbourhood southwest of Whetcombe Park, the park itself escaped much damage during the early days of the zombie outbreak. Since then, however, survivors have come to rely upon it more and more often as the infrastructure of the city breaks down. Because of it's strategical placement between a hospital, police department, and several fuel stashes, Whetcombe Park has also been the location of several military supply drops, mainly for food and medication re-supply. It's location near the West Greyside burrios means that it has been staunchly defended by the poor local survivors who have ganged together in defense of the more militarized groups who often roll through, issuing orders and attempting to steam roll the local pockets of culture that have sprouted in the face of the zombie siege.

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