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Fortress Teams and Units

The Fortress is organised into a strike team and a defence force. Recruits are allocated to the strike team after graduation from boot camp.

Fortress Strike Team

Travelling throughout Malton, the Fortress Strike Team helps survivors wherever it is needed, reclaiming resource buildings, clearing revive queues and helping with sieges. Wherever survivors are out-numbered and beleaguered, the Fortress Strike Team can be found.

Fortress Defence Force

Once the four fortresses were proudly maintained providing safe havens across Malton. With reduced resources these have been combined into one, a single remaining Fortress acting as a haven and respite to the survivors of the city and protected by the Fortress Defence Force. These soldiers have transferred from teh Strike Team because the single focus better fits their life-style than that of a roaming combat squad.

Decommissioned Teams and Units


Anaconda had a solid and noble history and led the way in innovation and standards. Arguably the team spawned more Fortress leaders and Legends than any other.

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The Hawks believed there was more to Urban Dead than strict AP utilization and detailed reporting. Battlehawk injected fun and humour into its daily business whilst simultaneously taking the task of protecting Malton very seriously. It was this combination of fun and work that made Battlehawk so successful for so long.

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Cold Cell

The Cell remained mysterious and unique throughout the ages. They unassumingly performed truly remarkable feats with a sense of (sometimes surreal) humour and fun. The Cell produced many Malton miracles and was recognised as a true heavyweight contender.

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Dark Watch

Dark Watch’s early identity was formed by its determination to prove early doubters wrong, following a faltering start. Soon Dark Watchers were confident and assured that they were a leading combat team of The Fortress with a rich history and unique identity.

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Fortress One

Fortress One was a high profile location and, as such, was constantly under threat from local and roaming hordes. Therefore Fortress Defence often took place around the building, rather than within it. Constantly challenging - often beyond the resources available to oppose the threat - this Fortress was a dangerous and busy place, popular with both survivors and zombies.

Fortress Two

Fortress Two was located in a reasonably quiet suburb with good facilities and gave personnel an easy-going time away from the zed filled burbs. Known for fun and humor, PK's and mall slaughters, F2 had its moments that could challenge even the best combat team.

Fortress Three

Fortress Three was nicknamed the Society and as such it was constructed in a bustling suburb filled with unique and charismatic personalities. It buzzed with energy and frequently avoided the troublesome roaming hordes. F3 was our centre of social activity and Ambassadorial meetings. It was a rare welcome haven in Malton.

Fortress Four

Fortress Four stood proudly as the original Fortress of Malton blatantly in the deadly "hell-mouth" that is Central Malton. The constant threat from, primarily, Ridleybank and the Mall Tours provided a never ending torrent of deadly action.

The Assault Squadron

The Assault Squadron was a flexible team with not internal command structure, answerable only to The Head. It's purpose was to "annihilate zombies like a plague of locusts".

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Team Edgecrusher

Team Edgecrusher was a combat team with minimal internal hierarchy that operated independently of the Fortress forums.

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Team Excalibur

Team Excalibur was a combat team with a strong roleplaying focus that produced and wrote up stories alongside their day to day operations.

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Team Federation

Little is known about Team Federation that ran under Travis Mk1 for 150 days in 2006.

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