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Fortress Four was built in September 2005, within two months of the initial outbreak, but the background to this monumental moment in Malton history is far-reaching and incredible.

Many survivors speculate that the outbreak of the virus was connected to Necrotech Industries, because of their extensive activity in Malton since the Millenium. The Fortress has reams of evidence that suggests otherwise. This evidence suggests that Necrotech were, in fact, brought to Malton to investigate several inexplicable cases of zombification in and around Quarlesbank prior to the inital outbreak.

Lord Pitman is believed to be the individual responsible for the "Malton Incident", according to The Fortress. The demented Lord of Pitman Mansion in Quarlesbank had been experimenting with life and death, the occult, for the most part of his unusual life. His research is believed to have brought life to the virus that affects the higher brain functions and began to spread rapidly around Malton in 2005.

In the late nineties, Necrotech, upon discovering a real-life zombie sample in Barrville (possibly an escaped sample of Pitman's research) were given permission to set up a single NT lab in Malton to begin researching the anomily. The Blackmore Building in Ridleybank was the first NT centre to be constructed but soon after, hundreds of NT labs were being erected right around the city, which provoked suspicion. Necrotech maintained that their goal was "the fabrication of new cutting-edge pharmaceuticals meant to provide cures to cancers and other highly-infectious or deadly diseases" but it is now believed that they were simply covering up the early cases of infection, in order to quietly manufacture a cure to the virus before it spread widely.

It is believed that Lord Pitman may have used his influence, through funding and local persuasion, to infiltrate Necrotech's research and turn it to his own advantage.

Find out the truth for yourself.

Join The Fortress today to gain access to such official Malton material as, "The Origin of The Head" (4 part story, 2006), "The Pitman Enigma" (set of ingenuious puzzles and storyline, 2006), "The Origin of Fortress One" (Single story, 2007), "The Finding of Fortress Three" (20 part story, 2009) and "Pitman's Game" (Epic story, 2010/11)

These stories provide the real truth behind the Malton Incident and prove that the work of The Fortress is of the utmost importance and for the good of all mankind.

Join The Fortress to learn about Jensonson and Lord Pitman, the Shadow Wolves, the Pitman Enigma, the Judges of Malton, what happened to Conflict Trooper Shedd, the Society and reams of material that will expand and enhance your Malton experience far beyond you thought possible.

The Fortress is the only UD group to provide official Malton storyline with a beginning, a middle and most ominously, an end.



A secretive government outfit, known only as The Body, headed a year long investigation into the affairs of Lord Pitman which led to the raid on his home in Quarlesbank early in July 2005. The result was an unspeakable travesty. Hordes of mutated zombie corpses swarmed the shocked investigation team trapping them inside Pitman Mansion, spurred on by Lord Pitman himself. Everyone was brutally massacred before Pitman allowed himself to be taken too.

The Body was ripped to pieces by the unrelenting masses. Its members - all named after body parts that best represented their individual skill - were slaughtered like lambs. The Head fell first, and The Legs tried to run but tripped over The Feet. The Ears couldn't believe his eyes, but The Eyes had heard them coming and ran. The zombies feasted eagerly upon their screaming victims. Pitman was given The Finger by his minions and The Nads was painfully crushed by an eye-watering blow.

Of the fifty man team that had entered Pitman Mansion, only two survived. The Ears and The Eyes fled in separate directions in an attempt to escape the madness. However the disease had spread and they soon found that Malton had been quarantined, trapping them inside, alone and helpless.

For three long months, the Ears and the Eyes struggled to survive and believing themselves to be the last survivors of their organisation, all hope was lost. But one day they were reunited by a newcomer to Malton; a strange fellow that had sneaked through the military quarantine units bordering the City. He claimed to be the new Head. They formed an alliance and planned to build the Five Fortresses - strongholds of protection and command - before recruiting an army to enforce their beliefs. Malton needed to be cleared of the zombie infestation and innocents needed to be saved.

It was the will of the Fortress.


1 Sep 2005 : The construction of the historic Fortress Four in Central Malton begins.
20 Sep 2005 : Completion of Fortress Four. The Fortress stands tall.
26 Oct 2005 : Fortress 4 moves to Status Red - The RRF and Scourge converge on our district. Direct attack by 30+z's on the Fortress.
5 Nov 2005 : Fortress 4 recovers following Operation: Raging Bull.
16-22 Nov 2005 : Operation: Mean Streets is a great success in the suburb of Roftwood.
26 Nov 2005 : Fortress 4 becomes Status Clear for the first time as zombies are distracted by the Caiger Mall situation.
29 Nov 2005 : Anaconda completes Operation: Midnight Run - Ridleybank's Phone Mast is identified and installed.
30 Nov 2005 : Battlehawk leads Operation: Fallen Angel - Blomfield PD is protected for 24 hours. The Caiger Mall siege ends.
13-22 Dec 2005 : Anaconda leads Operation: Santa Felt My Presents - Eased the process of the return of the RRF.
25 Dec 2005 : The Fortress has a very happy Christmas at home!


2006 was an exciting time for the Fortress. The Head of the Body, the team that first infiltrated Pitman's organisation was revealed (full story, the Origin of the Head, available if you join the Fortress) and his role and importance to the Fortress became a subject of continuing and ongoing debate. Fragments of a body, entombed in the walls of Fortress Four also lead some Fortress members into the depths of the Pitman Enigma (available if you join the Fortress) and a quest to determine the nature of the Head and the role of the Shadow Wolves.

Meanwhile Fortress 4 was betrayed and its doors left open to the oncoming zombie hordes. After the confusion of the evacuation Fortress 2 was revealed and became the base for the retaking of Fortress 4.


14 Jan 2006 : Fortress 4 moves to Status Red - prolonged, increasing zombie assault
17 Jan 2006 : Fortress 4 is evacuated - The group betrayed; scatters...
20 Jan 2006 : The group journey to the mysterious Fortress Two - The Clinic - to recuperate.
26 Jan - 15 Feb 2006 : Operation: Goodfellas, Operation: Casino and Operation: Heat - strong offensive in east Malton.
21 Feb 2006 : The "Origin of the Head" story is completed. The Head of The Fortress is finally announced.
23 Feb 2006 : Fortress 4 is re-staffed in addition to Fortress 2. Both Status Green.
9-21 Mar 2006 : The Fortress is recruited for Operation One - Crimson Tide - Gulsonside defence.
11-19 Apr 2006 : Operation: The Hills Have Eyes - Seamless assistance operation with the Black Berets.
28 Apr 2006 : Fortress 4 is wrecked by The RRF Shore Leave Party.
13 May 2006 : Fortress 4 remains at Status Red - the Undeadites are in town.
24 June 2006 : The Fortress becomes a DEM Strategic Partner
26 June 2006 : Operation Shepherd begins - The RRF is fought on their border and herded back into Ridleybank.
12 Jul 2006 : The Big Bash hits Fortress Four. The Fortress responds
20 July 2006 : The Pitman Enigma is released. A set of fiendishly devilish puzzles continuing The Fortress' historic and epic story.
17 Aug 2006 : The Big Bash hits Fortress Two. The site is evacuated as The Fortress moves its resources elsewhere.
30 Jul - 25 Aug 2006 : Fortress revolution quelled as the role of Shadow is defined. The group grows stronger.
20-22 Sep 2006 : The Fortress 1 Year Anniversary Party is a roaring success!
28 Sep 2006 : The Second Era of The Fortress begins. Power to the Council!
31 Dec 2006 : The Fortress enjoys a happy Christmas in Quarlesbank.


2007 was a time of consolidation and growth for The Fortress. The new Boot Camp for recruits completed its first mission. A fourth combat squad, Dark Watch was formed and ties will allied groups were formalised. In the midst of all this the elusive Fortress One was finally opened (full story available if you join the Fortress).


8 Jan 2007 : Fourth combat squad, Dark Watch, is launched. Fortress Base Commanders are assigned. New Fortress Careers.
10 Feb 2007 : The Fortress accepts that PK terrorists are more of a concern than zombie hordes at this time. PK Law tightened.
12 Mar 2007 : A welcome(!) return of zombies as Mall Tour 07 sweeps through Central Malton. The Fortress defends.
26 Mar 2007 : Boot Camp completes its first joint operation and removes a horde from within Club Cummings.
1 May 2007 : The Fortress Summer Tour is announced and begins. New Ranks are incorporated into the promotion hierarchy.
2 Jun 2007 : Team Battlehawk kill all 25 standing zeds at the Brennan Building in Shore Hills within 24 hours.
19 Jun 2007 : The Fortress receives its 250th forum member.
24 Jun 2007 : Recruitment operation, Ocean's 99, results in 20 new Boot Camp recruits.
4 Jul 2007 : Anaconda and Dark Watch complete Operation: Hang 'Em High. 30 days in Ridleybank and 99 recorded kills.
17 Aug 2007 : "The Lost Fortress" story is revealed. Fortress One is opened at last.
28 Aug 2007 : Fort Perryn benefits from a joint-Fortress offensive culminating in the third real-time attack at Colglough NT.
13-17 Sep 2007 : The FP7 Mass Chain Kill - 90 hours of consecutive killing. 119 zeds dropped at Nicholls Mall.
20 Sep 2007 : FP7 - The Fortress Party 2007 - goes swimingly. More AP wastage than an RRF outing.
12 Oct 2007 : Two Fortress combat squads taken out by a mass-zerger - The David-zerg is exposed. 1 man controlling 44 zeds.
28 Nov 2007 : The Fortress officially announces its complete Ally list for the first time.
25 Dec 2007 : Christmas is spent with the Big Bash around Fort Perryn. We survived it!


While the mega-horde of The Dead sweeps through Malton for the first time the Fortress continued to grow becoming the highest ranked survivor group in the city. Two of the Fortresses key members, Brigadier Tommy Crowbar and Miss Elainious got married becoming the first couple of the Fortress. 2008 also saw the brief but glorious story of Team Exacilbur. Then in the dark days of the close of the year The Fortress took on The Dead to reclaim central Malton.


13 Jan 2008 : Teams Dark Watch and Excalibur are opened. Fortress Commanders take up stations.
25 Feb 2008 : The Dead (of Dunnell Hills) wrecks havoc on Malton and all three Fortress bases are put on condition red.
15 Mar 2008 : Fortress United repairs the damage of "The Dead" one 'burb at a time.
29 Mar 2008 : Trusted Allies, the DEM, are exclusively introduced to the 15 Fortress ABA's (Achievement Based Awards).
14 May 2008 : The Fortress officially becomes the highest ranked survivor group in Malton.
20 May 2008 : Tommy Crowbar becomes the first Fortress Brigadier.
11-15 Jun 2008 : The 2008 Mass Chain Kill - 50 Fortress members kill 139 zeds for 95 hours at Nicholls Mall.
13 Aug 2008 : Excalibur officially closes with a historic retake of the Blackmore Building. 62AP building repair may be a game record.
16 Aug 2008 : 54 people attend the Marriage of Tommy Crowbar and Miss Elainious - the first Fortress Wedding
20 Sep 2008 : FP8 - The Fortress Party 2008 - is pulled off without a hitch. Special thanks to our hosts, the RRF.
30 Oct - 3 Nov 2008: Halloween 2008 is celebrated with a grand party at Pitman Mansion.
4 Dec 2008 : The Fortress unites once again as Malton has become universally "red". Central Malton is saved in a week.


After the successes of 2008, 2009 was a dark time for the Fortress. Within it, two competing philosophies "The Shadows" and "The Society" clashed. Fortress Three arose from the battle of wills at the instigation of The Society (full story available if you join the Fortress) and became the first Fortress which wasn't planned and revealed by the Head. Matters were patched up but the balance of power within The Fortress would never be the same.


22 Jan 2009 : The ABA Kings are announced. Top ABA achievers of 2008. Five crowned "Kings".
15-17 Feb 2009 : Cold Cell Valentine's Massacre '09 - The greatest ever Chain Kill eclipses the legendary '07 Hawk's. 63 zeds dropped.
5 Mar 2009 : The epic 20 part "Finding of Fortress Three" story is completed. The Fortress continues to evolve.
8-10 May 2009 : The Caiger Mall Chain Kill - Teams' Anaconda and Battlehawk clear the horde of 50 at Caiger Mall.
20 Sep 2009 : FP9 - Fortress 24 hour Street Party - 100% fun, 0% casualties.
22 Oct 2009 : Triple figure membership again - The Fortress becomes the first UD group to place an in-game advert.
13 Dec 2009 - Jan 2010 : The Fortress saves christmas. Mass joint operation to restore Malton while partying!


2010 was a year of turmoil and revelation within The Fortress though no member will speak of the events that occurred in anything but the vaguest of terms. Was there a second Escape attempt? Did the judges roam at large through Malton? Is it true that the Head made a terrible bargain with forces beyond Malton's walls? (story available if you join the Fortress). A confused group stumbled out from the events of the year hoping for better in 2011.


29 Jan 2010 : All four Fortresses are declared 'Green' for the very first time following the Hawks reclaiming Fort Perryn.
4 Mar 2010 : The Fortress forum welcomes its 1000th member! :)
6 Mar 2010 : TFN Wikizine becomes a monthly mag for Fortress news. Always an exceptional read!
14 Mar 2010 : Et Tu Brute raises the profile of our regular Mafia role-play games.
27 Apr - 4 May 2010 : The Chimera Chain Kill. 209 zeds fall at Fort Perryn in 155 hours - a record breaking chain!
27 May 2010 : The Fortress Philosophy forum is opened. Everyone can actively participate in our fantastic mystique.
1 Jul 2010 : Pitman's Game, the latest Fortress Writers Guild project, is released throughout the year to Fortress members.
Sep 2010 - The Fortress releases its new Enhanced Allied Response team (FEAR)
20 Sep 2010 : FP10 - The Fortress heads north by north...east for its annual celebrations.
31 Dec 2010 : Two Fortress survivors survive a whole year without zombie death, beating the Vigilance Challenge!



Mar-Apr 2011 : The Dead reawakens to wreak absolute havoc on the streets of Malton, turning everywhere red.
May-June 2011 : The Fortress steps up against the immense threat of The Dead. Survivors increase from 14% to 40% in two months of intense operations.
20 Sep 2011 : Fortress Party in zombie controlled Fort Perryn's Infirmary. A miraculous 24 hour resistance against a 100+ mega-horde - One break in! No deaths!
31 Oct 2011 : Happy Halloween? Not quite! An open-door party in the home of The Dead. More groans than Jensonson's joke night but another classic party!

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