Battle for Hildebrand Mall

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Battle for Hildebrand Mall
Conflict Urban dead
Date July 20th
Place Hildebrand Mall
Result Zombie Victory
Zombies Survivors
Sonny Corleone, Petrosjko, Graull, etc. Unkown

300+ zombies; The Ridleybank Resistance Front and The Big Bash

300+ survivors

100 300+

This battle refers to the July, 2006 battle of Hildebrand Mall. Not Mall Tour.

Events Leading up to the Battle

Days before the battle, The Big Bash destroyed Ackland Mall and Nichols Mall; the latter with the help of The Ridleybank Resistance Front.

The Siege

The two major hordes made their way into the South-West and North-East Corners of the Mall. In under 30 hours the Mall was clean of human life.

Following Events

Big Bash and the RRF move on to Edgecombe and Peppardville.


The battle has created some controvery with survivors who argue that they didn't have a chance since a lot of them didn't know how to get on when the zombies did. Papa Sonny Corleone of the RRF apologizes for this and says, "Even if we did tell them not to attack it would have accomplished nothing since it would be like herding cats."