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C8H10N4O2 are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 08:04, 30 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Abbreviation: CAFF
Group Numbers: small
Leadership: N/A
Goals: Bra!nz with our morning cuppa
Recruitment Policy: Zombies Only
Contact: Our Talk Page
Good to the last drop!

Introduction & History

We are a zombie attack squad who believe that good meta-game communication/coordination makes even small groups very lethal. First cutting our rotting teeth in Stanbury Village and Shackleville we finally found ourselves staying in Tollyton. We wake each morning (around 13:00 GMT) following the sweet sound of feeding groans and check on a few choice locations. Coordinating through IM, we are able to breakin to 1-3 buildings and eat 1-3 survivers daily. We leverage each others strengths: those with memories of their previous life or others who can sniff out the weak and help the younger zombies grow and mature.

News & Updates

August 16th Found Woodroffe Mall wide open. Ate 3 survivors with some left over. Ruined NE and SE corners.
August 13th Cleared Conolly Row Fire Station of 6 survivors and ransacked.
July 31st Joined the mob attacking Woodroffe Mall. Good eats inside!

Places & Faces

Sears Auto Repair

St. Joachim's Hospital
St. Oswald's Church
the Rayfield Building
Woodroffe Mall
Sherren Building
Friend Plaza Police Department
the Bowle Museum (Shackleville)
warehouse at (63,65)
Conolly Row Fire Station
Wakley Building
St Boniface's Hospital


Lauren Aitken
42 zombles
Arax Smith
Alan Kemp
The Drome
Ebling Mis


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