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Clock.png Inactive Group
Central Medical Service are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 08:15, 30 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Group Details
Abbreviation: CMS
Group Numbers: 20 +.
Leadership: Ricisimo Commander In-Chief
Goals: To Retake Malton via Special Operations.
Recruitment Policy: Currently Recruiting.
Contact: Our forum.
Radio Frequency 27.09MHz


We are a group of determined survivors, who aim to reach and protect stranded survivors, while providing them with much needed medical treatment. To achieve this goal, we utilize three Devisions - deploying them strategically across various locations in Malton. We are currently operating withing the suburbs of East Grayside, Scarletwood and Danversbank.

Recruiting Now!
All levels are welcome, and all survivor classes. However, we are especially in need of medics and doctors. Don't worry if you're new to the game, our moderators will guide you along. To join, simply create an account on our forums and post your in-game name, as well as your desired role, in the 'Recruits' area.

Leaders Required!
We are currently seeking more members to fill leading positions at the Central Medical Service. It doesn't matter if you're not a very high level, but you will need a thorough understanding of the game, and should be actively involved in our forum.

Roles in the Central Medical Service

There are three main areas for you to choose from, each defining what role you will play in the central medical service. These are 1st, 2nd and 3rd Squads, which are broken up into small teams of around four members - allowing you to get to know other members much more easily, and we find this is a great way for new players to learn the game.

1st Assault Squad This is our elite combat squad, who generally act as our eyes and ears, and are responsible for securing locations. If you choose to join this devision, it will be your responsibility to;

  • Protect hospitals of the Central Medical Service, and their surrounding area.
  • Secure and hold new locations, such as aid posts.
  • Participate in special operations, such as reinforcing a sieged mall.

2nd Medic Squad This is our mobile force which comprises of medics, often lightly armed, and works closely with 1st Assault Squad. Medics are arranged into teams, and are responsible for the running of any aid posts we establish. The routine of a medic usually involves rushing from building to building, while carrying a few first aid kits to heal any survivors they come across.If you choose to join this devision, it will be your responsibility to;

  • Provide mobile treatment to 1st Squad.
  • To help any injured survivors you find.
  • To establish aid posts in unsecured territory.

3rd Training Squad This force is composed of new players, and is designed to help them learn the mechanics of urban dead. Members below level 7 are assigned to 3rd Squad by default. Once they reach level 7, they may choose which squad they wish to progress to. We have many experienced members involved in the day-to-day running of 3rd, and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you join 3rd squad, it will be your responsibility to;

  • Ask any questions you may have.
  • Participate in missions to support 1st & 2nd.
  • Have fun!

Our Policy We do

  • Provide medical support to survivors wherever possible.
  • Respect the sacred ground policy
  • Prioritize treatment to groups/members registered as our allies.

We do not

  • Attack other survivors, generators or radio transmitters.
  • Conduct random revives.
  • Over-barricade resource buildings unless they are at risk of being destroyed.

Other Policies we support


We are happy to add any survivor group to our list of allies. Please contact us via the forum to inform us that you wish to be included, and we'll register you. Alternatively, you can inform us of your proposal on our talk page. Once you have registered, feel free to copy our template onto your page;
{{Central Medical Service}}

CMS.jpg Minicmsbanner.jpg
This group/member is allied with the Central Medical Service

Our Ally List
Evil Avatar
Phoenix Security Services

News February 7th

  • The Central Medical Service is established.
  • Edward General Hospital is now under management of the CMS.

February 8th

  • Staff maintain a foothold in Edward General despite a strong zombie presence.
  • The CMS recruitment drive begins.

February 9th

  • Edward General Hospital is left in ruins by zombies - staff attempt to establish an aid post nearby
  • Our brand new forum goes live!

February 10th

  • We now have a Central Medical Service toolbar available to download.

February 13th

  • The Central Medical Service deploys in East Grayside.